Jan. 8th, 2013

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So the blergs have finally seized me... it's been waiting to happen for a long time now.  In that light, I appear to have gone and made New Year's resolutions... I NEVER do that.  I mean, I've made half-hearted lists because that's supposed to be the Thing that you Do around NYE, but never actually resolved to do anything.  So, here follows my grand Plan for the next year, with Background and Explanations... I hope someone other than my mom still reads this, 'cause I'm going to need cheerleaders:

Operation: Get Cerys' Life and Head on Straight

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Item 1: Get Off My Butt and Back Into Shape
This is only partly because my butt jiggles like I need a second bra for my backside whenever I run... I'm actually still a skinny bitch (5'7", about 140lbs, with a bone structure that hides any "extra" weight quite well), but I miss being bendy, and it sucks how easily winded I am.  Basically, I hate it when I'm out of shape.  It makes me feel weak.  Also, it occurs to me that maybe one of the reasons I was able to keep myself pretty upbeat at school, even when I was averaging 5 hours of sleep a night and forgetting to eat from stress, MIGHT have had something to do with how even on my laziest weekday, I still put a mile or two under my boots, and generally spent a couple hours a day in the dance studio, as well.  Endorphins are amazing things.

I've already talked about getting back into fencing, but that's not just easier said than done, but also only once a week.  A friend of mine started a Facebook group called "Simply walk into Mordor," because his goal is the just-shy-of-1,800-miles-in-185-days that Frodo pulled off, and he would like company (there's talk of holding parties when his mile count reaches specific landmarks)... I'd love to get in on that, although having missed the start of the journey on January 3rd due to illness will make motivating myself to start a bit tricky, as does the snow and ice everywhere.  But yeah, I've been looking at GPS run/walk tracking apps for my phone (aside: I have a new phone!  It is smart!  My mom got it for me as a Xmas present!  I <3 it.), and hopefully I can get started walking or eventually running somewhat seriously soon.

Item 2: UNPACK
This is one of the ones I haven't been able to bust up into neat little considerations... I got the essentials (most of my clothes, my books, etc.) unpacked ages ago, but everything else... I've been living half out of boxes for a year, so now everything is so disorganized that I have no idea what is where or how to begin.  I really need to just spread everything out and go through it, but I can't do that because I have pet rabbits (imagine three fluffy termites the size of small corgis), and the only rooms it's safe to spread my belongings out without them being destroyed are the ones packed too full of boxes to do anything in.  I guess I should just pick a corner and start there, but that approach hasn't really worked so well thus far...  Any suggestions?

Item 3: Keep up with the simple cleaning
Another one I've been trying at all year without success... You'd think it wouldn't be hard to put dishes in the dishwasher when they're dirty, or put bottles and cans in the recycling when I'm done with them, or vacuum once a week, but shit still keeps piling up to the point where cleaning it up is not only a few hours worth of work, but gets in the way of other projects I should be doing.  I guess all I can do is keep trying...

Item 4: Become a Theatre Professional
This is the big one, the one that needs things that are actually out of my control, the one that nobody actually tells you how to do even when you spend nearly six years training to do it.  I made some progress on this one yesterday... tiny progress.  I finished revising my resume yesterday.  :)  And I dug up my sketchbook with most of my portfolio materials in it (still need to find my disc of Producers photos, and figure out how and where to get pictures of a bunch of UWEC productions).  And I ponied up the $75 for an Early Career USITT (United States Institute of Theatre Technology) membership.  The world may be with me making this fly... this year's USITT conference is in Milwaukee this March, I'll buy a ticket for that in the next couple days.  So I should be able to get some professional feedback on my resume and portfolio there, and do some networking.  I suck at networking, but if I'm lucky, some sort of career opportunity will show itself at the conference... so that's phase one of this goal, with a deadline two moths out: get myself together and prepared enough that I can maybe impress a few people, and if I can't find myself a job there, I should be able to make a few connections and have a better idea of where to go afterwards.  The biggest potential hiccup is that because the conference is mostly during the week, if I don't have a functional automatic transmission vehicle by then, I'll need to get a hotel room for at least three, probably four nights, and the hotels hosting this thing run $130-plus per night.  Which could be a problem if I can't find friends who want to bunk up with me.

Okay, there it is.  The State of the Cerys.  I've spent nearly all day on this damned post.  So I should just call it good, and go fold some laundry or something.  Here goes nothing...


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