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So, proving I am and always will be six years old, I got all excited when I learned that Reading Rainbow lived on as an app.  But I discovered something horrible this morning... It's not a smartphone app.  It's not even an Android or Windows tablet app (I don't have either of those, but may eventually).  It's an iPad app, and ONLY an iPad app.  DAMN YOU, APPLE TAX!  I don't judge people who prefer Apple products (they're great graphic design platforms, if nothing else), but between the arbitrary price hike, an excess of proprietary non-compatibility, and complete lack of transparency/tinkerabillity to their OS, I doubt I shall ever own an iAnything... Dammit.

Oh, well... if you own an iPad, and would like to be six years old (or, y'know, if you have pet kid wandering around your house ;P ), here is the link to the website.  Check it out:

I did things yesterday.  Mostly laundry, but since I had a large backlog of clothes I'd washed but not put away, that was some hours worth of project... it also cleared the way for some unpacking to be done in the bedroom - I have somewhere in the neighborhood of three or four plastic garbage bags full of fancy clothes and jackets I like too much to get rid of but never wear just sort of piled in a corner and blocking the way into the closet, and one similarly-sized bag of shoes to deal with.  (Downside of being a costumer by trade AND hobby: "won't wear it in real life" and "doesn't fit at all" cease to be valid reasons to dispose of clothes.  Because you never know when someone with size 6 feet will need a sweet pair of 1930s-looking shoes.)  So once I finish this entry, I'm going to go work on that some more.

Although I should set some sort of alarm so I stop at around 3 o'clock or so... I'm getting sick of prefab food, so I should actually cook dinner for once (also, I have an idea for a garlic herb buttermilk biscuit recipe percolating in my head), and some cleaning needs to be done in the kitchen before that happens.

I'm feeling a lot better today, and yesterday afternoon even though the morning was pretty blergy (getting started went sort of like THIS).  Mentally, anyways... getting up and actually doing things brought this cough back to full force, and a fever may have made a brief appearance yesterday, as well (I had to take a few breaks to lie down and play phone games while the DayQuil kicked in... seriously, fuck this cold.  Fuck this cold SO HARD).  But I think just letting stuff out and not trying to pretend that everything is okay anymore helped all on its own.  Pretending I don't have problems took a lot of energy that is better spent finding solutions.  So thank you, internet people, for being a sounding board.  Free internet hugs for everyone!

Also, my grandfather read my last post (I linked to it on Facebook), and promptly pointed out a family history of anemia on his side.  Which, given that that's the sort of thing that could be exacerbated by the change of diet and lack of sunlight (ie, vitamin D) brought on by my recent bought of employment, makes a lot of sense... certainly not the sole source of my problems, but it could be a major contributing factor to the persistent fatigue.  So I'm not sure if a broad-spectrum blood panel is in my near future to confirm (wouldn't be a bad idea), but adding a vitamin D supplement to my diet may be a place to start, and maaaaybe a weekly iron or B12 supplement, too.

One last thing before I go - do any of you know of a free (or at least very very cheap) portfolio design software?  For a traditional hard copy portfolio, not web-based (I would like to do an online portfolio eventually, just a book to whip out at interviews seems like a better starting point).  If I need to, I could probably make something workable with my current photo-editing software, but I'm hoping that there's an easier solution... ie, something designed for printable page layout, with customizable page sizes.  Any suggestions?

Okay, time to get stuff done.  Seriously, this button would help my productivity a lot...

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I'd forgotten about the whole anemia thing. I'm kind of borderline for that as well...Even a multivitamin would help. I find the gummy version MUCH easier to remember to take!


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