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God, being a grownup sucks.  At least I'm currently unemployed, so I can do this without disrupting my weekend.

Right now I'm poking around the internets to try and find decent Idiot Guide software... TurboTax has a free online version for simple Federal returns, and [personal profile] moss has been using their software for years, so I feel confident in them, but they hammer you with fees for State returns... I'm looking through the IRS' FreeFile list now, though, and I'm getting the impression that free federal + expensive state is sort of the norm with tax software...  So I think maybe the thing to do is either bite the bullet and pay for it, or find something that pulls payment out of your return (rather than charge directly) and use it to organize information then copy it over to state forms to file the hard way... 

Hmph.  Do any of you guys have any suggestions?  I'll probably update this post with my decisions and frustrations as I go...

UPDATE: Decided to just pay the $30 each for state filing with TurboTax.  I'll get El's tomorrow, but mine are done, and I think I've scored a WIN in the "First time doing my own taxes" column.  And I did it both legally and ethically!  I look forward to the IRS fairies visiting my bank account in the next couple weeks, because they will be materializing substantial monies there...


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