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My search for a patch of internet to call my own is not going terribly well.  Also, my spellcheck seems to have decided I should be writing this in Russian.  Again.  ::fixes::

That's better.  As I was saying, there are not as many free portfolio-hosting sites out there as I was lead to believe.  At least not good ones.

Here is what I need to accommodate: Most of my work is building costumes from other people's designs, but some of that is little bits of work on multiple garments, others I built a full look for a character... so that's at least one page, preferably two.  Then I have crafts/leatherwork, which gets it's own page.  Stage makeup makes 4.  And then we have design work, which is three unrealized looks for Life Is A Dream (ie, sketched and swatched, but never built) and almost every costume that went onstage for The Producers (but no drawings, and research images far enough away from the finished product that I don't want to post them).  I'd love to have a sixth page for LARP/convention garb and my better Halloween creations, especially since I'm doing more and more stuff for other people, and a seventh page for non-costuming stuff wouldn't go amiss (although is not immediately necessary).

Here's what I've come up with so far... anybody have any thoughts?

Carbonmade appears to be the best reviewed, and it certainly looks like a friendly sort of site.  Downsides are that pretty much all you get is a photo album and a bio/contacts page (ie, minimal caption space), and a free account is capped at 5 galleries and 35 images.  I can make a 35-image cap work, but five galleries may be tough. 

Wix is my current frontrunner, mostly because the end result should come out looking like a real website.  Downsides are the little "created using Wix" thing in the corner of a free page, while relatively unobtrusive, is still pretty annoying, and I'm not sure how much freedom you have to add extra pages... I'm pretty sure you can pretty much do whatever, but I'm also pretty sure I won't know for certain until I actually start making a site. :/

I also just started looking into Porfoliobox, which may turn out to be the one I actually want... you can customize the shit out of it, and if I want I can eventually upgrade to a paid account with a for reals domain name for less than $6/month... frankly, it's nice enough that I feel like I need to do a LOT of digging to make sure there isn't some sort of horrible, horrible catch.

::sigh::  Really makes me wish I'd bought Dreamweaver and kept working on my web design-fu... if I had, I'd probably already have a polished website sitting on my hard drive, just waiting for some bandwidth...  Alternatively, I could just wish I'd become a photographer.  Or a painter.  Whatever other problems a non-theatre artists may have, they have got it MADE when it comes to entry-level portfolios.

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