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The spoon is not for food.  I need to borrow your eyeballs, and scooping is easier than plucking.  Pretty please?

The reason I need your eyeballs is because... the rough draft of my online portfolio is done!  And by rough, I do mean ROUGH.  Hence the need for eyes.

Specific things I'd like your input on (and problems I've already spotted):
  • I know I have too many photos up.  I need to both weed & organize what I've got posted, but I've been looking at this stuff too long to be good at deciding which ones to pull.
  • Lots of these photos need to be cropped & resized, especially the ones from Romeo & Juliet (because the things I designed & made for that show were abut the size of a paperback novel), but I don't want to put the time in on that until after I figure out with more certainty which photos I'm even using.
  • Should I use a different shot for the front page?  I feel like I should use something I designed at least part of, rather than just built, but the Magic Flute shot works so well as a background...
  • I plan to rescan some of the sketches/renderings, especially the watercolors for Life Is A Dream (you try fitting an 11x17 painting on a 9x12 scanner) - the LIAD rescans will include fabric swatches, as well.
  • Should I pony up the $70 (annual) for a premium account on this website?  I'd get my own domain name, more photo uploads (I'm at the limit, and that's AFTER a freebie 25 photo expansion), and a LOT more layout options.
  • Do I spend time making a personal projects gallery now, or focus on trying to get a hard-copy portfolio done in time for the conference?  I feel like a page for LARP and steampunk garb would be good, if only to show that I did do SOME costuming in 2012, but I don't know if it should be included in the main part of the portfolio, ergo maybe shouldn't be on the "in time for USITT" to-do list...
  • Should I work on expanding the about/bio section now, or save that for a post-conference project?
  • Speaking of About, should that be where I put my resume?  And will I be okay just putting it in as a downloadable .doc, or do I need to do a page for it?
  • Literally ANYTHING ELSE you spot as a potential issue.
I'm going to keep working on this off and on today... a lot of the photos I have up don't have captions yet, and they really should, and I need to clarify some stuff with people here and there before I call this thing finished (like, one of the designers I worked under has gotten married, and another may be doing work under an alias now, so I need to verify preferred names).  But mostly I'm going to make hotel reservations and sew things while letting this stew and hopefully gather suggestions from your eyeballs.  :P
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