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So, for those of you who have used especially if you've found yourself in the enviable yet sticky situation of entering hard-copy family research into your tree... what the heck do you do when you reach the point where ancestors stop having surnames and start being "of Somewhere?" 

Also, I either need to stop transcribing RIGHT now and upgrade my membership before I continue inputting Granny's research, or roll with the weirdness and figure out how to enter an 11th-century saint into my lineage... O_o

The worst part is that it only gets weirder.  Her research into American ancestors (which go pre-colonial on several branches) is impeccable - she beat at their own game decades before they were even IN the game - so there's definitely enough evidence to conclude yeah, I probably can claim extremely distant matrilineal descent from medieval Scottish royalty, but... well, I haven't read that far ahead, but apparently after a while pharaohs, Greek deities, and other largely mythological figures start making appearances.  Also, it's a lineage to Adam, rather than a "keep researching until we run out of records," which I suspect will cause problems soon...
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Does DW-to-LJ crossposting even still work?  I guess we'll find out.

Things got super-busy in alternately awesome and stressful ways (sometimes both at the same time), and even when I had surplus time to futz on the internet, blog-type fandom seemed a very awkward thing to get back into... I mean, it's been a while, and it's one thing to post many months of my life all at once, but trying to piece together what my many anonymous vague acquaintances have been up to in this time is another entirely.  But here I am.  I missed y'all, and anyways blogging is much cheaper than therapy.  ;)

So... what have I been up to.  I suppose bullet-points are the best way to keep it brief...Behold! Bullet points! )
So...yeah.  That's pretty much my life right now.  Same old hobbies are same and old (with more time than previous spent on airsoft, and LARP than before), now with added homebrewing (more on that some other time - there be mead in progress right now!) and power tools, etcetera, etcetera.  Basically, my life is pretty awesome right now... but the couple of ways in which it is not awesome really eat at me sometimes, and a big part of that is because I'm now a long way away from most of my cool artsy college friends, and Facebook just doesn't cut it sometimes.  Then I remembered that I missed you guys, too, and blogging is an excellent way to catch up with all sorts of folks, so here I am.  Hi.  I'll try to catch up with your stuff soon, work and project schedules willing...  :)
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Homework, distraction, existential guilt over not posting, etcetera, etcetera.  Pretty sure you're all used to me disappearing by this point.  Been since the very end of August since I posted, and I think my reading dropped off... sometime in late October, maybe?  Long time, anyways.  I'll skip back to the beginning of the week with my reading, but other wise... what's up, Friends List?  Anything cool happen in my absence?

My life, at the moment, in roughly chronological order, in bullet points:
  • The Scottish Cinema class that caused the textbook freakout of my last couple posts?  Turned out to be one of the most mind-numbingly awful classes I've ever taken.
  • I can haz boyfriend.  We met playing airsoft/LARPing (at Freefall 2009 - he was Lieutenant, then as of last year Commander of the Alliance task force on-planet).  We were/are friends first, but after months of epic Facebook conversations and occasional hanging out at games (including the Labor Day weekend on-site pregame friend-date that resulted in both of us playing an all-day extreme sport on zero sleep the next day), we declared ourselves to be dating around Thanksgiving.  We live 3 1/2 hours apart and both have crazy schedules, so actual dates are very rare, unconventional, and rather long.  I'm quite fond of him. ;)
  • This semester, all but two of my classes (both one-credits) are required for graduation.  I am busy and stressed out and not doing all that well in them (except Stage Makeup).
  • Speaking of graduation, I need to decide whether I'm going to do the cap-and-gown commencement thing... I'm not sure about it, and it would require taking a day off working at the RenFaire, but then again I've never graduated from anything before, so...
  • I got that job working in the costume shop.  It's awesome, in a way that is occasionally quite miserable.  Like the build for a very awesome but cursed production of The Magic Flute at the beginning of the semester (creative differences between the costume designer and, um, everyone, fire in the theatre during set construction, costume designer getting fired the night before opening night when we still weren't finished with the build...).  I'm certain I'll eventually look back on even that with fondness (I'm certainly proud of my work on it), and on the whole it's just a really fun thing to get paid for.
  • I've also agreed to be the costume designer for a local community theatre's production of The Producers.  It should be awesome - the cast is great, and the director is my favorite theatre prof (the one that takes the university dance classes), but hoooo boy.  I honestly haven't finished doing the math yet, but I'm looking at around 120 costumes needed by the beginning of May.  I'm officially the only person even working on costumes for it.  I should be able to swing it (the theatre has quite a nice costume stock, and MOST of the characters are pretty conventional), but... yeah.  I should be starting my nervous breakdown shortly.
  • My stage makeup class just started its Scars, Wounds, and Sores unit and I need to research gruesome injuries for my makeup design.  I'm thinking industrial explosion, or maybe a helmetless motorcycle accident.
  • Did I mention that, after living a life of perpetual singleness, I have a boyfriend?  He's funny, and very smart, and super nerdy, and builds awesome things for funsies (he made me a Useless Machine for my birthday), yet lives in the life/body of a 34-year-old redneck mechanic with tattooed knuckles and a Lemmy, which somehow makes him more awesome.  (What?  I think he's cute...)  I haven't seen him since Valentine's Day, it sucks, and I miss him lots.
Yeah, that's pretty much the rundown.  Unless I've forgotten something.  Whatever, it's late, and I need to be Not Nocturnal by the end of spring break.  Now: Deadwood on the tv while I do some more Flist reading, or stream Avatar: the Last Airbender from Netflix?
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Okay, so, in the time since my last post, I have:

Teal deer. Well, I don't HAVE a teal deer, just this post is one. Big, giant teal deer. ).

So was the last three days.  And now, if you'll excuse me, it is waaay past my bedtime...

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Dear Well-Intentioned Professor,

I appreciate your efforts to support small, local bookstores.  Admire them, even.  And, happily, the bookstore you've chosen to support is one I'm not allowed to enter without a chaperone, on account of how much money I can spend there.

But I pay a MANDATORY $395 Non-Allocable Segregated Fee every semester.  A considerable portion of this fee goes to paying for my rental textbooks.  Y'know, the ones that don't cost me a penny outside of what's automatically added to my tuition when I register for a full-time course load, no matter what my textbooks would have actually cost?  The ones which, if I remember university policy correctly, the bookstore is required to have a rental option on if the professor says the book is required for the class?

As you are doubtless a very intelligent person, you may have deduced that I am less than pleased by the email you sent out this afternoon, informing your students that there are FIVE required textbooks for your class, plus another three recommended texts, and that they are NOT carried by the university bookstore.  I am even less pleased upon discovering that, if the prices are even close to the price charged by this cool local bookseller (and they often are, where new items are concerned), the required textbooks alone will cost approximately $275, and adding on the recommended texts brings it up to $340.  That, by the way, is more than half of my current bank balance. 

Now, I am a very skilled bargain hunter.  I may be able to find cheaper.  But then again, I may not.  That really isn't the point.  My point this: 1) I have already paid for those required textbooks.  Which means you are making me pay for them twice.  Which means a small bit of justice to a local bookstore with a loyal clientele turns out to be a noticeable injustice to an unemployed student.

At the end of the day, I am perfectly fine - happy, even - to patronize a local bookseller over Barnes & Noble, especially if I pay roughly the same at either location.  But I cannot afford to pay $275 more just to go local, especially when I have, effectively, already paid for them through the university.


[Posted to the interwebs because, from what I can tell, I'm going to really really like this course and this professor - both as a person and as a teacher - and I namedropped one of his advisees to get permission to register for the class, and I'd feel really horrible if the first thing I dis was send him a really antagonistic email when he's very clearly trying to do the right thing.

This is maybe more distressing than it should be, because I never let my bank account go below $300 (mostly because I have to pay maintenance fees below that, but also in case there's an emergency), so in my head having $300 in the bank is the same as having $0 in the bank.  And after my rent check goes through I'll only have $609, which means that in my head these textbooks could sink me into negative numbers.  I think I'm going to send the book list to [personal profile] moss , because I'm too distressed and low-bloodsugary to start bargain hunting on my own right now.  I should send an email to the bookstore, see how much the books really are there.  Can't do it in person, even though it's only a few blocks away and would be faster, because I think if I had to look the proprietor of my favorite bookstore in the eye and tell him that I can't afford to give him my business, there's a chance I might burst into tears.  Which would seriously ruin my image.

Okay.  Time to calm down.  Dinner should have been hours ago.  I need to eat, have a beer, and watch some Supernatural.]

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Okay, I just realized that I totally forgot to thank everyone who filled out the polls for my anthropology of language class (found HERE and HERE)!  You guys are awesome!  I aced that assignment, too - 100% on the presentation, something like 95% on the paper (damn school, everything electronic and then you can't access it once the semester's done...)  I was going to close down the polls once I had the paper finished, but I decided to leave them open, just in case someone wanders through my old entries and feels like contributing to my enlightenment... maybe one day, years from now, it will turn into something with a large enough sample size to be semi-scientific...  :D

I have developed a horrible sudoku addiction.  Just thought you should know.  And I've been reading old Hyperbole And A Half posts.  In chronological order.  From the beginning.  I think it may be incurring some sort of psychosis.

My class schedule for the semester.  It goes like this: 
Monday: Statistics, 8am-8:50am.  Modern Dance I, 11am-12:20pm.  Archaeology of the Northeast Woodlands, 2pm-2:50.  Scottish Cinema, 3pm-6:30pm.  Repeat on Wednesday, only with an hour less Scottish Cinema, and fencing practice at 6pm. 
Tuesday:  Stats, 8am-8:50am (are you sensing a pattern?).  Ballet II, 9:30am-10:50am (haven't practiced nearly as much over the summer as I should have).  Jazz Dance I, 11am-12:20pm.  Change my clothes (or at least my shoes) and run clear the hell across campus, a journey of a about a quarter-mile, involving a trip down the longest craziest outdoor stairs ever, around a couple buildings and a construction site, and over a very windy and often icy footbridge.  Styles in Acting, 12:30pm-1:50pm.  Repeat on Thursday.
Friday: Archae again.  That's all.

Written down, it's less crazy than I expected.  Except for the Dread McPhee-Haas Post-Dance Run, which I think every dance student has to make for at least one semester.  It builds character.  Also, I have a bridge to sell you.

This schedule, of course, gets crazier if I end up getting a job in the costume shop, which I'm hopeful for, but it's a LONG way from guaranteed.  Basically, the previous costume designer* sent The New Guy a list of the people who were employed or wished to be employed in the costume shop, and he sent out an email to us on Friday, asking us to submit resumes & applications.  There are ten people on the list, plus anyone who decides to apply after the open house on Friday.  He's trying to structure the shop staff like in a professional theatre, so he's looking for: an Assistant Shop Manager, a Draper, two First Hands, and as many Stitchers as he can get out of the budget - which, given that we couldn't even hire an adjunct to pick up the slack when the department coordinator went on sabbatical (see **), probably won't be many.  So, chickens.  Hatching.  You know the drill.  But if I do get something, I will no longer be unemployed.  Admittedly, I will probably only be employed for about 6 hours a week (6 hours required for AShM and Draper, no stated weekly requirement for FH or Stitcher), and probably somewhere around minimum wage, but hey.  I did this shit for FUN last semester, getting paid is just gravy.

Anywho.  I have again failed to keep it short and spend less than an hour writing this post.  And I really need to have lunch & get my apartment cleaned up so I have space for textbooks and stuff.  Blerg.

*Who everybody agrees is made of awesome, and has gone back to grad school because she just has an MA in Theatre, rather than the MFA in Costume Design which is what the university needs in order to hire her as regular faculty rather than staff + adjunct instructor.  With luck, she should be back inside two years (sadly, this translates to "after I have not only graduated but moved parts unknown/Madison."  Dammit.)  **

** Yes, my footnote has a footnote.  That's because the queen of awesome isn't the only familiar face we're going to be missing.  The department coordinator is on sabbatical in Turkey, and the technical director (who has been with the university since he was an undergrad... in 1967...) has retired.  Without him, there is a serious risk that the entire department will fall apart.  If nothing else, we'll never be able to find anything, on top of being completely disillusioned by our lack of a grouchy, flannel-and-jeans-wearing, theatre tech Santa.

P.S.  Does anyone else ever get to the part of posting where you fill in the mood/location/music boxes and feel all weird about the fact you weren't listening to anything while writing?  And then have to put on some music just so you don't have to leave the box empty?

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Also, I was hungry, and salad was the only vaguely healthy thing that I could figure out haw to make in less than five minutes (as opposed to, say, a can of soup or something).  It was tasty, mostly because it had cilantro, pepperoni, portabello mushroom slices, and a considerable amount of Manchego cheese on top of it.

Right.  New leaves and stuff.

Leaf #1: Actually get up when my alarm goes off at 6am and be on campus and math-capable by in time for my 8am Statistics class.  (Every single person I've talked to who took, passed, and paid attention to a stats class has said they still used those skills.  Plus, it looks good on a grad school application.  So I guess I'm taking stats.)  This has mostly resulted in sleep-deprived discombobulation, but this morning (after forgetting to set my alarm) I managed to get up at seven and put real clothes on instead of lounging around in jammies until lunchtime, so there's a chance I may achieve this goal by  the time school starts.  Which is a week from today.  (And what kind of a nutjob starts a semester on the Thursday before Labor Day?  Could someone explain this logic?)

Leaf #2: Start posting regularly!  For various reasons, the biggest of which is that, despite how posting to LJ/DW is the first thing to go out the window when I'm busy or stressed or suddenly not busy or stressed, when I think back I've always been more focused when I'm posting regularly.  Also, I think I'm going to use blogging as part of my get-up-early ritual - just get up, drink my coffee, and hammer out a quick post about what I've been doing by 7am - which should reign in both my tendency towards massive brain-dump posts and my Facebook-related shiny object syndrome (which often threatens to make me late for class and really doesn't help me wake up).  Plus, I always feel like an introverted freak when I just lurk on the fringes and never interact then suddenly pop up hoping to talk to people.  Nevermind that I really AM an introverted freak (no, seriously - I could go weeks without speaking to another human in person, and be completely fine with that.  A little discombobulated when I finally try to reincorporate myself into humanity again, but fine), I still end up feeling kind of guilty, both for disappearing with no notice and for coming back and assuming you'd give a damn.

Leaf #3:  Actually do those things I've working on or wanting to do but putting off because of homework.  This includes lots of things, small things like cleaning or making a proper dinner instead of just throwing something together, people things like attending meetings for the theatre groups on campus or going to airsoft games, project things like finishing my steampunk gear or finally fixing that chair I broke two years ago, skill things like remembering to practice my tai chi and harmonica and juggling and piano.  This is mostly for the same reason that I want to start posting again, because  even though the reason I'm not doing these things is, ostensibly, to devote more time to homework, it doesn't actually work that way.  I end up all twitchy, unable to escape the "I would rather be..." thought buzzing around my head, and getting about a quarter as much done as I should have with the time I had, and damned cranky about skipping out on whatever-it-was, to boot.  So I figure, if I let myself do a few projects, I will probably get a little less homework done, but I'll be less stressed and cranky and by extension maybe be better  equipped (read: less mentally exhausted) to learn what I'm supposed to be learning.  And if I'm really, really lucky, I'll eventually pare down the list of projects enough that I can bear making "be The Best Student Ever" one of my projects again, like it was back in freshman year, when I kicked the ass and took the name of EVERYTHING.  No, seriously - if I remember correctly, for every elective course I took freshman year, I was asked "Have you ever considered majoring in [English/Sociology/Math]?"  (My answers, by the way, were: "Yes, but I don't want to tackle a double major," "No, but I'm minoring in Anthropology," and a befuddled facial expression.)

I think that's enough leaves for now.  There may be more, but I think they're mostly additions and specifications to these three....  Plus, I'm trying to stop doing the massive brain dump posts.
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First off, thank you so much to those who have already taken the survey in my previous entry (and if you haven't yet, will you pretty please take a couple minutes to do so?).  I know the phrasing is a little funky and it needed more questions and better answer options, which makes you all the more awesome.  You know what would make you even more awesome?  If you also filled out the follow-up survey.

In other news, I am heatsick.  Or maybe I'm just sick (stuffy nose, sneezes, headache - I'd been thinking allergies), and it's making my ability to tolerate heat go haywire.  I get kind of woozy if I leave the fan for more than a couple minutes (even though it's cooler today than it's been all weekend).  It's making me wonder if I maybe should skip class today... I mean, class is good (and fun!), and so is three hours of air conditioning, but then there's the part where I have to walk three-quarters of a mile both ways, in my choice of either full sun and lots of pavement, or a longer walk with some shade and no breeze at all... and I could use the time to write these damn papers...  Anyhoo.  Whinge over.  Survey now?

(Follow the fake cut to the follow-up survey on LJ)

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To start things off, sorry for being so incredibly lurky after my brief flurry of being almost-fannishly-involved.  I'm here.  I'm reading, and y'all are still incredibly awesome, I just don't have the brain power to interact as much as I'd like (read: at all, even responding to the lovely lovey feedback left on my HCL snippet).  There were finals (blergh), immediately followed by six weekends of RenFaire (like, less than 18 hours after my last exam I was selling statues in a Scottish accent, and I'll post more about how awesome it was to have my old summer job back later), and a three-week three-credit Classical Mythology course (fun, although the prof had a remarkable talent for assigning papers and stuff about all of the least interesting aspects, and was the nitpickiest grader of papers I've ever encountered), and now I'm three weeks into a four-week anthropology course.  Which brings me to what this post is really about.

I am currently taking ANTH 315/515: Language in Culture and Society.  We're graded on two take-home written exams/papers, and one fieldwork assignment.  The fieldwork assignment is pretty basic:  Find a group of people and watch them for a couple of hours (maybe do some interviews or surveys), looking specifically at the way people use language within that group.  And I thought, hey, what better place to observe the use of language than an almost entirely language-based environment? 

So!  I don't have a concrete hypothesis yet (I only got the assignment sheet on Wednesday), but I plan to focus on the formation of identity in a text-based environment, perhaps with the angle of "LJ speech as perfomative speech."

What I need from you: Please take the survey at the end of this post, and if you have anything at all to say on the subject, please leave a comment (whether it be expanding on your answer, pointing out something I may have forgotten to take into account, directing me towards other semi-reputable meta on the subject, or even just vague thinky thoughts - anything will help).  Link to the poll in your journal, if you will, the bigger sample size the better.  (Pretty please with the fancy topping of your choice?)  I will close the poll sometime around Wednesday (July 7) night or Thursday (July 8) morning.

What I'm going to do with this info:  I will use the statistical data and comments gathered by this poll to construct a theory on how the average LJ/DW-based fan uses language to construct their identity within the community.  I may quote (anonymously) from the comments on this entry.  I will also wander LJ, looking critically at how we use language in our interactions, in order to supplement the general gist I've gotten over the course of four-and-a-half years on LJ.  I solemnly swear that I will NOT quote, or provide detailed description of, anything written outside the comments to this entry without first gaining permission from all parties directly involved.  Finally, I will submit my written fieldwork report to the professor and give a five-minute summary of my findings on Thursday afternoon.  If there's enough interest, I may post the report here after I get my grade back.

Thank you very much for your participation in this little academic adventure.  And now, the actual survey:

(Follow the fake cut to the poll on LiveJournal)

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Firstly, thank you ever so much, lyrstzha, for the virtual milk & cookies and also the recycling goat.  <3  (Good grief, I do get behind, don't I?)

This is one of those days where I have to look back at my recent posts and figure out what I've actually posted and what I've just thought about posting.  My busy-ness has reached a sort of critical mass where I just sit down and go "Wait... what?"  Finals are next week, although on the upside, I don't have any tests on Monday or Tuesday, so I effectively have a four-day weekend (except not, because there's theatre stuff this weekend - more on that - and an office hours meeting with the physical anthropology class on Tuesday and returning textbooks and STUFF).  And next weekend is the RenFaire, and I need to get ready for that - most especially, I need to find someone to carpool with to and from the faire grounds... Actually, that's important enough it gets its own paragraph (LJ/DW peeps may feel free to ignore the following paragraph).

I NEED A RIDE, Y'ALL.  Do I have any Faire-working friends living near-ish Downtown/Student Ghetto EC?  If yes, do any of them/you have room in your car for a wayward gargoyle salesgirl?  Please?  I am smallish, quiet, fairly smiley, and willing to cover a portion of the fuel cost if need be.  Sorry for being a little last-minute in my request, my entire life is a little last-minute right now, in past faire years I've had access to the family cars, and my apartment is just enough out-of-the-way for my employer that I'm not about to ask him to swing by at holy-crap-o'clock in the morning while towing a trailer full of concrete statuary.  Thanks in advance!

Moving on.  Theatre stuff:

The on-campus performance of Mischief Makers, the Touring Theatre class' play, is this afternoon.  Even if I didn't feel obligated to watch as much of the department's work as possible, I'd be going to see it, because I have a serious thing for trickster spirits/gods, and this one has two of my favorites (Raven AND Anansi, also Fox and Nyame, and could someone please explain to me how Anansi ended up in a children's play?)

Romeo & Juliet is AMAZING, I took [personal profile] moss  to see it as a late birthday/earlyish Mother's Day Thing, and I'm going to usher for it tonight (closing night ::sadface::).  Really, I should've ushered first, then watched it up close, because it was the first time I'd seen the frogs in action and I wasted the almost-front-row seat watching them, checking that they worked the way they were supposed to, and hoping Romeo's didn't come up with some new and exciting way to break (if the frogs are my babies - which they kind of are - then Romeo's dagger frog is the colicky one that refuses to sleep through the night). 

Anywho, the biggest testament to how awesome this production is only makes sense if you know my preexisting opinion of the play, which is this: R & J has some of the finest supporting characters you'll find anywhere, but it's very, very rare that I manage to become invested in the story of the eponymous characters.  Romeo and Juliet themselves?  Kinda blah on paper, and most actors I've seen can't overcome that.  But Tybalt?  Has that great combination of asshole and admirable that I can't resist in any character.  A bad actor can make Benvolio as bland as biscuits, but a good actor can bring out the ten different kinds of awesome hidden in the text.  And Mercutio, on the page and usually in performance to varying degrees, is one of my favorite fictional characters EVER.  Given who I just highlighted, do I really need to say where, exactly, I tend to stop paying attention to the play and start critiquing set and costume design?

And given that this production featured excellent (and I do mean belly-laughs-to-tears-in-the-course-of-one-scene EXCELLENT) performances for those three characters, you'd expect that to hold true here, right?  WRONG!  I stayed focused and invested in the play right through to the end, which was a new and different experience that really made my day.  :)

Finally, tomorrow is the annual Theatre Banquet.  It is a pot luck, so I am taking that as a challenge, an opportunity to prove that I am not pulling their legs when I say that I am a good cook.  Therefore: spanakopita.  WITHOUT phyllo dough.  Because I don't have a car, and my grocery options are limited.  Yes, I found a recipe for spanakopita with homemade crust.  It's in metric, so I will be budgeting all of Sunday for cooking.  (Damn, I still need to solve the transporting food to campus issue, as well...)

There's more (there's always more), but I need to separate myself from the computer soon if I want to make it to Mischief Makers.

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Title:  Notes from Highway 16
Author: ravenwings_7/[personal profile] ship_go_boom 
Fandom:  Hard Core Logo
Spoilers:  None, really.
Rating:  PG-13-ish
Length: 878
Summary:  An excerpt from John Oxenberger’s journal, written on the road between Saskatoon and Edmonton.
Author’s Note: Unbetaed, written a few weeks ago in a fit of procrastination, and posted now in honor of this fuckwittery.
Read more... )
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The Friday I planned:  Get up promptly, read The Piano Lesson, have a nice run in jogging class, kick ass in my afternoon classes, come home, shower, rehearse toned-down version of monologue, eat, put on neat clothes and just enough makeup to keep my eyes from disappearing on camera, return to campus, and kick yet more ass in my first film audition.

The Friday I actually had: Doze for an extra hour and a half after alarm went off, dash out of the house without reading or eating breakfast, attempt to run with shoes on* and reawaken nearly-healed shinsplints + mysterious left calf ouchies, realize I forgot to pack lunch and have to buy an overpriced sandwich, bluff my way through quiz on The Piano Lesson, get rained on (read: soaked) while walking to anthropology/forensic osteology class, get completely drenched upon leaving said class, decide to hide in the costume shop until the rain slacks off, discover that the latest rehearsal report (which I didn't get) included orders for yet another frog and to permanently attach Romeo's dagger scabbard to its frog, spend three and a half hours doing that, fend off low blood sugar with a cold vending machine Pop Tart, and go into my audition with greasy hair and scruffy clothes and not a speck of makeup to cover the dark circles under my eyes.

In other words, yesterday was less than excellent.  The only bright spots I can see from here are the portabella & foccatia sandwich I paid too much for at lunch (which had slightly soggy bread and a watery tomato on it), and the fact that the sky had cleared and I was at least dry by the time my sucky audition rolled around.  Actually, no, that's not quite true.  Despite how frustrating the rain and the not-getting-the-rehearsal-reports things were (just my luck that the three I don't get are, with one exception, the only ones in the entire rehearsal process so far to include information that directly pertained to me), I'm really glad to be involved in this production (which is going to be SO AMAZING I can't quite comprehend it), and it was very cool to have the trial-by-fire proof of how far my leatherworking skills have come in such a short time.  I mean, it took me forever and a day to finish those first few frogs, and now in the last two afternoons I've designed & built three frogs and modified a fourth.  That's pretty damn cool.

In other news, VolumeOne (the local arts magazine) posted pictures from the 24 Hour Project HERE, as well as video of one of the musical pieces from the project.  They're pretty spectacular, if you ask me.  (I'm in the foreground of picture #7, dragging a very large and not at all suspicious hand prop, and standing on the far left in the big group bow.)

Oh, and I was finally seduced by Twitter and MySpace.  Twitter is really very fun, which surprised me.  And I wasn't quite sure why I decided to get the MySpace account, but then I decided that impulse was made of win when the first (and so far only) friend requests I got were from Jen Gloeckner and Gruesome Boys.  O_O  I'm particularly pleased by Gruesome Boys - I hadn't heard of them before, but their music and overall style is COMPLETELY AWESOME, and I wouldn't have found out about them if they hadn't randomly decided to friend me on MySpace.

* The week before last, I forgot my running shoes, and my run went SO WELL that I kept with it for a while.  It was awesome, I was able to run without slowing to a walk for much longer than before, and my legs felt like they were getting more of a workout (before, my shins and left calf would hurt lots and I'd be busting a lung and exhausted, but the rest of my legs would still feel relatively fresh...  Which, overall, made for a very unsatisfying exercise experience).  But, since I will not always have a bouncy indoor track to run on, I decided to try shoes again, hoping that maybe I'd just turned a corner in my running fitness.  Um, no.  Not so much.

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So!  As of last entry, one week ago, I believe all I'd mentioned of the 24 Hour Project was that I was missing an airsoft game to participate.  I'd even forgotten to put a link to the website (not that I expect anybody on my Flist is close enough to Eau Claire to have attended, but every bit of promotion helps).  Said website has footage from all of last year's project (24 hours of single-angle coverage of work in the theatre space, compressed into 30 minutes, plus multi-angle coverage of the finished pieces), which is probably the best way to convey how the whole thing works.  Although, alternatively, these guys did a pretty good job.  Seriously, watch those guys.  They're funny.  And if you think they seem sleep-deprived and peculiar there, you should've seen them at about 10pm last night, when they'd all been up for over 36 hours (students, remember?  They went to class and then started working on the project).

So, I shall compensate with a blow-by-blow rundown.  Spoiler free, because the project was filmed and when the videos are released, I will link to them.

Seriously, blow-by-blow. Big ol' teal deer of a post. )

Not bad for my UWEC stage debut, huh?

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...Except I really don't have much to say.  I keep making blog-notes in my head, but by the time I have time to write them, I have forgotten them, or am far too sleepy to write them, or whatever.  And so the pattern continues today.

Let's see... I'm going to have to miss the second home-field MOA game in a row next weekend.  I forgot what weekend it was, and signed up for a theatre thing on the same day.  On the upside, it's a supremely awesome theatre thing, known as The 24 Hour Project.  Wherein all the craziest theatre students meet up for a smallish shindig at 7pm on Friday, and shortly thereafter, the writers wander off to do their thing.  They have until roughly dawn-ish to write a selection of short plays (one per writer), and then the actors (that's me) and directors and techies show up and start rehearsing said plays.  Curtain goes up on the finished product at 7pm Saturday.

Umm, what else...

There's more theatre yay with the R & J gear... I know what basic design I'm using, and I've got most of the specifics of Romeo's and ...I think Mercutio's frogs.  There's all manner of uncertainty yet, like I still need to figure the exact number of frogs required, and I don't know if any of the pertinent cast are lefties, and I'm just a little nervous about actually getting the construction underway, since that's when I'll figure out for sure if I can actually do this or not... yeep.  But it's a fun sort of yeep.

There's academic woe.  But it requires ranting, so due to the proximity of bedtime I won't go into it (in brief: craptastic prof + required course I'm not interested in = grr).  Well, some of it requires ranting, the rest requires bashing my head against the wall and panicking (or: so that's why I couldn't find graduate anthropology programs that specialize in Greek archaeology).  

And, although I've already failed spectacularly at the daily poem thing, it is still poetry month:

HOME by Viggo Mortensen

He's got a deep, abiding respect
Verging on idol worship
For where things end up.
There are unopened letters
In his refrigerator, a fake
Fingernail in his soapdish,
Shoes everyplace.
These things, and many more
Leavings, fragments, balancing
Reminders of a breeze
From a slammed door--
Configurations of sanctified loose ends--
Have become the living net
Above which he performs
The movements that make
The clock work.

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ONE OF BILLY'S GIRLS by Michael Turner

Had a girlfriend from Golden.
She was Miss Golden of something.
Came down to Vancouver
for the PNE pageant
and lost.
applied as a model,
but never got called.
Got a job a McDonald's,
then quit to go stripping.

I met her one summer
at the A-2 Cafe.
She was working the Five
right down the street.
Just the two of us talking,
laughing at dreams.
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I seem to have brought home some sort bug home from spring break.  My disease-catching skills know no bounds, apparently, as I spent break hiding in my parents' apartment, trying (and failing) to do homework.  'Course, I also didn't get as much sleep as I should have last night... figures.  Guess I really do need to exercise almost every day to keep my insomnia under control... and also stop doing homework after dinner.  Seriously, my wind-down time after homework (after anything, really, but especially homework) is insane.  I quit mucking around with pleather (more on that later) around 7pm, but still only five-and-a-half hours of sleep.  :P  So.  Called in, kinda-sorta napped, am now watching Quantum of Solace and mustering energy to do something productive with my inadvertent day off.

Right, mucking about with pleather.  I'm designing the rapier frogs & belts for our campus' production of Romeo & Juliet.  EEEEEEE!  \o/  It's going to be so awesome!  I'm making pleather prototypes/mock-ups at home now, then once I get feedback from the director and the costume designer, I'll be in the shop doing for reals leatherworking.  :)

Also, I'm told that this is National Poetry Month, or something?  Well, given that, I did get a shiny old copy of the Complete Poems of Robert Frost (hardback, 1949 edition, 1964 printing) last weekend (for a dollar!!), and there was a paperclip on this page:


I'm going out to clean the pasture spring;
I'll only stop to rake the leaves away
(And wait to watch the water clear, I may)
I sha'n't be gone long.--You come too.

I'm going out to fetch the little calf
That's standing by the mother.  It's so young
It totters when she licks it with her tongue.
I sha'n't be gone long.--You come too.

The farm I was raised on, although cowless for all my lifetime, has a spring out in the woods by the pasture.  It gets all clogged up with leaves, and needs to be raked out around this time of year.  So I thought this was a good poem to find a random paperclip attached to.  :) 


Apr. 2nd, 2010 10:46 am
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Sometimes, I IMDb-stalk people.  I just checked Callum Keith Rennie's page, and there I found THIS.

Holy shit.  Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing?  Or is this some sort of hallucination?  A leftover April Fools' prank?  DOES ANYBODY ELSE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS?!?!

I know there've been HCL sequel rumors for ages, but it's a little different to see CKR and Julian Richings up there listed as "Billy" and "Bucky" again in a movie that's ALREADY IN POST-PRODUCTION OMG.

...Oh.  Em.  Gee...  Drifting over to Bruce MacDonald's page, I see that HCL 2  is ALSO listed as in post-production.


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So, a while back, the ever-lovable sionnain asked her Flist for punk rock recs, and I decided to make a mix for her. It took much longer than I had expected, due to midterms and a frustrating resolution (that wouldn't use songs from the same album if I used an artist more than once) and the disturbing fact that I didn't have a lot of this stuff in a format I could use (bootlegs of library copies - I'll happily distribute things I've paid for, but I try to play nice and stop after the first generation) - thank Cthulhu for eMusic (legal, but very cheap, GREAT selection of independent labels). Also, I'm a freak who thinks that an album/mix is more than just a collection of songs, so I spent an absurd amount of time playing with the track order, trying to get a good flow from beginning to end. Not that they need to be listened to that way, it's just how I roll (except tracks 8 & 9, the exception to my "different albums" thing, because that's how they were recorded).

Aaand now, for your musical entertainment and edification, I present: CERYS' PUNK STARTER KIT MIX!!!! </circus barker voice> (Not to be confused Chex Mix, pancake mix, or spring salad mix, though can possibly be confused with Meow Mix.) )

In other news, I really need to check my profile more often.  I seem to have received a snowflake cookie from kittyzams and kwanzaa candles from Anonymous back in December and I only noticed just now.  Thank you, lovely gift-giving people!

Also, I win at burning the living hell out of myself in the course of everyday tasks.  Fried two knuckles on my left hand taking Tater Tots out of the oven.  (What?  I like Tater Tots... i just thought they were only harmful to your insides, not your outsides.)  Middle and ring fingers, right next to the scar from taking mince pies out of the oven two months ago.  (I seem to have a problem with ovens.)

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Firstly, I can register for summer classes starting the 17th (gah!  This semester's barely started!)... and unlike last year, there are actually a lot (for summer) of courses I'd like to (or need to) take.  So, I seek opinions from the FList.

Cut for length )

Holy shit.  The audience clapping the time during Dube & Davison's short program.  Wow.  <3


Anywho.  Them be my thinky thots about my edumacation.  Reading this post over, they seem far more coherent than expected.  Especially since what I really mean by them is:

SOS.  Future impending.  Holding pattern losing integrity.  SOS.


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