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Does DW-to-LJ crossposting even still work?  I guess we'll find out.

Things got super-busy in alternately awesome and stressful ways (sometimes both at the same time), and even when I had surplus time to futz on the internet, blog-type fandom seemed a very awkward thing to get back into... I mean, it's been a while, and it's one thing to post many months of my life all at once, but trying to piece together what my many anonymous vague acquaintances have been up to in this time is another entirely.  But here I am.  I missed y'all, and anyways blogging is much cheaper than therapy.  ;)

So... what have I been up to.  I suppose bullet-points are the best way to keep it brief...Behold! Bullet points! )
So...yeah.  That's pretty much my life right now.  Same old hobbies are same and old (with more time than previous spent on airsoft, and LARP than before), now with added homebrewing (more on that some other time - there be mead in progress right now!) and power tools, etcetera, etcetera.  Basically, my life is pretty awesome right now... but the couple of ways in which it is not awesome really eat at me sometimes, and a big part of that is because I'm now a long way away from most of my cool artsy college friends, and Facebook just doesn't cut it sometimes.  Then I remembered that I missed you guys, too, and blogging is an excellent way to catch up with all sorts of folks, so here I am.  Hi.  I'll try to catch up with your stuff soon, work and project schedules willing...  :)
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Okay, so, in the time since my last post, I have:

Teal deer. Well, I don't HAVE a teal deer, just this post is one. Big, giant teal deer. ).

So was the last three days.  And now, if you'll excuse me, it is waaay past my bedtime...

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Dear Well-Intentioned Professor,

I appreciate your efforts to support small, local bookstores.  Admire them, even.  And, happily, the bookstore you've chosen to support is one I'm not allowed to enter without a chaperone, on account of how much money I can spend there.

But I pay a MANDATORY $395 Non-Allocable Segregated Fee every semester.  A considerable portion of this fee goes to paying for my rental textbooks.  Y'know, the ones that don't cost me a penny outside of what's automatically added to my tuition when I register for a full-time course load, no matter what my textbooks would have actually cost?  The ones which, if I remember university policy correctly, the bookstore is required to have a rental option on if the professor says the book is required for the class?

As you are doubtless a very intelligent person, you may have deduced that I am less than pleased by the email you sent out this afternoon, informing your students that there are FIVE required textbooks for your class, plus another three recommended texts, and that they are NOT carried by the university bookstore.  I am even less pleased upon discovering that, if the prices are even close to the price charged by this cool local bookseller (and they often are, where new items are concerned), the required textbooks alone will cost approximately $275, and adding on the recommended texts brings it up to $340.  That, by the way, is more than half of my current bank balance. 

Now, I am a very skilled bargain hunter.  I may be able to find cheaper.  But then again, I may not.  That really isn't the point.  My point this: 1) I have already paid for those required textbooks.  Which means you are making me pay for them twice.  Which means a small bit of justice to a local bookstore with a loyal clientele turns out to be a noticeable injustice to an unemployed student.

At the end of the day, I am perfectly fine - happy, even - to patronize a local bookseller over Barnes & Noble, especially if I pay roughly the same at either location.  But I cannot afford to pay $275 more just to go local, especially when I have, effectively, already paid for them through the university.


[Posted to the interwebs because, from what I can tell, I'm going to really really like this course and this professor - both as a person and as a teacher - and I namedropped one of his advisees to get permission to register for the class, and I'd feel really horrible if the first thing I dis was send him a really antagonistic email when he's very clearly trying to do the right thing.

This is maybe more distressing than it should be, because I never let my bank account go below $300 (mostly because I have to pay maintenance fees below that, but also in case there's an emergency), so in my head having $300 in the bank is the same as having $0 in the bank.  And after my rent check goes through I'll only have $609, which means that in my head these textbooks could sink me into negative numbers.  I think I'm going to send the book list to [personal profile] moss , because I'm too distressed and low-bloodsugary to start bargain hunting on my own right now.  I should send an email to the bookstore, see how much the books really are there.  Can't do it in person, even though it's only a few blocks away and would be faster, because I think if I had to look the proprietor of my favorite bookstore in the eye and tell him that I can't afford to give him my business, there's a chance I might burst into tears.  Which would seriously ruin my image.

Okay.  Time to calm down.  Dinner should have been hours ago.  I need to eat, have a beer, and watch some Supernatural.]

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Okay, I just realized that I totally forgot to thank everyone who filled out the polls for my anthropology of language class (found HERE and HERE)!  You guys are awesome!  I aced that assignment, too - 100% on the presentation, something like 95% on the paper (damn school, everything electronic and then you can't access it once the semester's done...)  I was going to close down the polls once I had the paper finished, but I decided to leave them open, just in case someone wanders through my old entries and feels like contributing to my enlightenment... maybe one day, years from now, it will turn into something with a large enough sample size to be semi-scientific...  :D

I have developed a horrible sudoku addiction.  Just thought you should know.  And I've been reading old Hyperbole And A Half posts.  In chronological order.  From the beginning.  I think it may be incurring some sort of psychosis.

My class schedule for the semester.  It goes like this: 
Monday: Statistics, 8am-8:50am.  Modern Dance I, 11am-12:20pm.  Archaeology of the Northeast Woodlands, 2pm-2:50.  Scottish Cinema, 3pm-6:30pm.  Repeat on Wednesday, only with an hour less Scottish Cinema, and fencing practice at 6pm. 
Tuesday:  Stats, 8am-8:50am (are you sensing a pattern?).  Ballet II, 9:30am-10:50am (haven't practiced nearly as much over the summer as I should have).  Jazz Dance I, 11am-12:20pm.  Change my clothes (or at least my shoes) and run clear the hell across campus, a journey of a about a quarter-mile, involving a trip down the longest craziest outdoor stairs ever, around a couple buildings and a construction site, and over a very windy and often icy footbridge.  Styles in Acting, 12:30pm-1:50pm.  Repeat on Thursday.
Friday: Archae again.  That's all.

Written down, it's less crazy than I expected.  Except for the Dread McPhee-Haas Post-Dance Run, which I think every dance student has to make for at least one semester.  It builds character.  Also, I have a bridge to sell you.

This schedule, of course, gets crazier if I end up getting a job in the costume shop, which I'm hopeful for, but it's a LONG way from guaranteed.  Basically, the previous costume designer* sent The New Guy a list of the people who were employed or wished to be employed in the costume shop, and he sent out an email to us on Friday, asking us to submit resumes & applications.  There are ten people on the list, plus anyone who decides to apply after the open house on Friday.  He's trying to structure the shop staff like in a professional theatre, so he's looking for: an Assistant Shop Manager, a Draper, two First Hands, and as many Stitchers as he can get out of the budget - which, given that we couldn't even hire an adjunct to pick up the slack when the department coordinator went on sabbatical (see **), probably won't be many.  So, chickens.  Hatching.  You know the drill.  But if I do get something, I will no longer be unemployed.  Admittedly, I will probably only be employed for about 6 hours a week (6 hours required for AShM and Draper, no stated weekly requirement for FH or Stitcher), and probably somewhere around minimum wage, but hey.  I did this shit for FUN last semester, getting paid is just gravy.

Anywho.  I have again failed to keep it short and spend less than an hour writing this post.  And I really need to have lunch & get my apartment cleaned up so I have space for textbooks and stuff.  Blerg.

*Who everybody agrees is made of awesome, and has gone back to grad school because she just has an MA in Theatre, rather than the MFA in Costume Design which is what the university needs in order to hire her as regular faculty rather than staff + adjunct instructor.  With luck, she should be back inside two years (sadly, this translates to "after I have not only graduated but moved parts unknown/Madison."  Dammit.)  **

** Yes, my footnote has a footnote.  That's because the queen of awesome isn't the only familiar face we're going to be missing.  The department coordinator is on sabbatical in Turkey, and the technical director (who has been with the university since he was an undergrad... in 1967...) has retired.  Without him, there is a serious risk that the entire department will fall apart.  If nothing else, we'll never be able to find anything, on top of being completely disillusioned by our lack of a grouchy, flannel-and-jeans-wearing, theatre tech Santa.

P.S.  Does anyone else ever get to the part of posting where you fill in the mood/location/music boxes and feel all weird about the fact you weren't listening to anything while writing?  And then have to put on some music just so you don't have to leave the box empty?

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First off, thank you so much to those who have already taken the survey in my previous entry (and if you haven't yet, will you pretty please take a couple minutes to do so?).  I know the phrasing is a little funky and it needed more questions and better answer options, which makes you all the more awesome.  You know what would make you even more awesome?  If you also filled out the follow-up survey.

In other news, I am heatsick.  Or maybe I'm just sick (stuffy nose, sneezes, headache - I'd been thinking allergies), and it's making my ability to tolerate heat go haywire.  I get kind of woozy if I leave the fan for more than a couple minutes (even though it's cooler today than it's been all weekend).  It's making me wonder if I maybe should skip class today... I mean, class is good (and fun!), and so is three hours of air conditioning, but then there's the part where I have to walk three-quarters of a mile both ways, in my choice of either full sun and lots of pavement, or a longer walk with some shade and no breeze at all... and I could use the time to write these damn papers...  Anyhoo.  Whinge over.  Survey now?

(Follow the fake cut to the follow-up survey on LJ)

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To start things off, sorry for being so incredibly lurky after my brief flurry of being almost-fannishly-involved.  I'm here.  I'm reading, and y'all are still incredibly awesome, I just don't have the brain power to interact as much as I'd like (read: at all, even responding to the lovely lovey feedback left on my HCL snippet).  There were finals (blergh), immediately followed by six weekends of RenFaire (like, less than 18 hours after my last exam I was selling statues in a Scottish accent, and I'll post more about how awesome it was to have my old summer job back later), and a three-week three-credit Classical Mythology course (fun, although the prof had a remarkable talent for assigning papers and stuff about all of the least interesting aspects, and was the nitpickiest grader of papers I've ever encountered), and now I'm three weeks into a four-week anthropology course.  Which brings me to what this post is really about.

I am currently taking ANTH 315/515: Language in Culture and Society.  We're graded on two take-home written exams/papers, and one fieldwork assignment.  The fieldwork assignment is pretty basic:  Find a group of people and watch them for a couple of hours (maybe do some interviews or surveys), looking specifically at the way people use language within that group.  And I thought, hey, what better place to observe the use of language than an almost entirely language-based environment? 

So!  I don't have a concrete hypothesis yet (I only got the assignment sheet on Wednesday), but I plan to focus on the formation of identity in a text-based environment, perhaps with the angle of "LJ speech as perfomative speech."

What I need from you: Please take the survey at the end of this post, and if you have anything at all to say on the subject, please leave a comment (whether it be expanding on your answer, pointing out something I may have forgotten to take into account, directing me towards other semi-reputable meta on the subject, or even just vague thinky thoughts - anything will help).  Link to the poll in your journal, if you will, the bigger sample size the better.  (Pretty please with the fancy topping of your choice?)  I will close the poll sometime around Wednesday (July 7) night or Thursday (July 8) morning.

What I'm going to do with this info:  I will use the statistical data and comments gathered by this poll to construct a theory on how the average LJ/DW-based fan uses language to construct their identity within the community.  I may quote (anonymously) from the comments on this entry.  I will also wander LJ, looking critically at how we use language in our interactions, in order to supplement the general gist I've gotten over the course of four-and-a-half years on LJ.  I solemnly swear that I will NOT quote, or provide detailed description of, anything written outside the comments to this entry without first gaining permission from all parties directly involved.  Finally, I will submit my written fieldwork report to the professor and give a five-minute summary of my findings on Thursday afternoon.  If there's enough interest, I may post the report here after I get my grade back.

Thank you very much for your participation in this little academic adventure.  And now, the actual survey:

(Follow the fake cut to the poll on LiveJournal)

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Firstly, thank you ever so much, lyrstzha, for the virtual milk & cookies and also the recycling goat.  <3  (Good grief, I do get behind, don't I?)

This is one of those days where I have to look back at my recent posts and figure out what I've actually posted and what I've just thought about posting.  My busy-ness has reached a sort of critical mass where I just sit down and go "Wait... what?"  Finals are next week, although on the upside, I don't have any tests on Monday or Tuesday, so I effectively have a four-day weekend (except not, because there's theatre stuff this weekend - more on that - and an office hours meeting with the physical anthropology class on Tuesday and returning textbooks and STUFF).  And next weekend is the RenFaire, and I need to get ready for that - most especially, I need to find someone to carpool with to and from the faire grounds... Actually, that's important enough it gets its own paragraph (LJ/DW peeps may feel free to ignore the following paragraph).

I NEED A RIDE, Y'ALL.  Do I have any Faire-working friends living near-ish Downtown/Student Ghetto EC?  If yes, do any of them/you have room in your car for a wayward gargoyle salesgirl?  Please?  I am smallish, quiet, fairly smiley, and willing to cover a portion of the fuel cost if need be.  Sorry for being a little last-minute in my request, my entire life is a little last-minute right now, in past faire years I've had access to the family cars, and my apartment is just enough out-of-the-way for my employer that I'm not about to ask him to swing by at holy-crap-o'clock in the morning while towing a trailer full of concrete statuary.  Thanks in advance!

Moving on.  Theatre stuff:

The on-campus performance of Mischief Makers, the Touring Theatre class' play, is this afternoon.  Even if I didn't feel obligated to watch as much of the department's work as possible, I'd be going to see it, because I have a serious thing for trickster spirits/gods, and this one has two of my favorites (Raven AND Anansi, also Fox and Nyame, and could someone please explain to me how Anansi ended up in a children's play?)

Romeo & Juliet is AMAZING, I took [personal profile] moss  to see it as a late birthday/earlyish Mother's Day Thing, and I'm going to usher for it tonight (closing night ::sadface::).  Really, I should've ushered first, then watched it up close, because it was the first time I'd seen the frogs in action and I wasted the almost-front-row seat watching them, checking that they worked the way they were supposed to, and hoping Romeo's didn't come up with some new and exciting way to break (if the frogs are my babies - which they kind of are - then Romeo's dagger frog is the colicky one that refuses to sleep through the night). 

Anywho, the biggest testament to how awesome this production is only makes sense if you know my preexisting opinion of the play, which is this: R & J has some of the finest supporting characters you'll find anywhere, but it's very, very rare that I manage to become invested in the story of the eponymous characters.  Romeo and Juliet themselves?  Kinda blah on paper, and most actors I've seen can't overcome that.  But Tybalt?  Has that great combination of asshole and admirable that I can't resist in any character.  A bad actor can make Benvolio as bland as biscuits, but a good actor can bring out the ten different kinds of awesome hidden in the text.  And Mercutio, on the page and usually in performance to varying degrees, is one of my favorite fictional characters EVER.  Given who I just highlighted, do I really need to say where, exactly, I tend to stop paying attention to the play and start critiquing set and costume design?

And given that this production featured excellent (and I do mean belly-laughs-to-tears-in-the-course-of-one-scene EXCELLENT) performances for those three characters, you'd expect that to hold true here, right?  WRONG!  I stayed focused and invested in the play right through to the end, which was a new and different experience that really made my day.  :)

Finally, tomorrow is the annual Theatre Banquet.  It is a pot luck, so I am taking that as a challenge, an opportunity to prove that I am not pulling their legs when I say that I am a good cook.  Therefore: spanakopita.  WITHOUT phyllo dough.  Because I don't have a car, and my grocery options are limited.  Yes, I found a recipe for spanakopita with homemade crust.  It's in metric, so I will be budgeting all of Sunday for cooking.  (Damn, I still need to solve the transporting food to campus issue, as well...)

There's more (there's always more), but I need to separate myself from the computer soon if I want to make it to Mischief Makers.

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Firstly, I can register for summer classes starting the 17th (gah!  This semester's barely started!)... and unlike last year, there are actually a lot (for summer) of courses I'd like to (or need to) take.  So, I seek opinions from the FList.

Cut for length )

Holy shit.  The audience clapping the time during Dube & Davison's short program.  Wow.  <3


Anywho.  Them be my thinky thots about my edumacation.  Reading this post over, they seem far more coherent than expected.  Especially since what I really mean by them is:

SOS.  Future impending.  Holding pattern losing integrity.  SOS.

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I was going to post a couple pictures of the view from my upstairs windows this morning, but they didn't turn out at all well, so I won't.  But it's very pretty outside today!  The trees are all covered with frost, and it's just a little bit foggy.  Plus I've been meaning to post my south-east view basically since I moved in - I live across the street from a rather large church, and if you sit on my bed my east window perfectly frames the church's GIGANTIC stained glass window.  Kickass view, especially at night (which is really the only time you can see the glass' colors, damned protective backing).  Well worth sacrificing the Sunday morning wallow (in the winter I can sometimes sleep until the 9:45 bells, but in the summer, when my windows are open?  No way I make it past the 8:30).

Anyways, it's time to get my lazy ass in gear.  Classes start on Monday*, I have work on Saturday and Sunday, and my apartment still looks like Hurricane Finals just swept through.  So, my To Do list for today:
  • Put away clean clothes (more of an undertaking than you'd think)
  • Do laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry.
  • Roll up & put away fabric (& other sewing supplies)
  • Rearrange bookshelves/put away new books (halfway there - paperback fiction and antiques are finished, next up non-fiction and oversize)
  • Dispose of biohazards in refrigerator
  • Sort through magazine back-issues - throw away or put away as needed
  • Sort through last semester's handouts & graded assignments - throw away or put away as needed
  • Hang pictures
  • Reorganize kitchen
  • Mend throw pillow and favorite jeans
  • Dust, sweep, & vacuum as needed
  • Damage eardrums with rock & roll ;)
  • Fluff couch cushion
  • Find space to store lumpy old couch cushion
Items to be crossed out as completed (motivational tool: include item that can be crossed of before you even begin working).  Or added as discovered...  ::looks scared::

* This semester, I'm taking Advanced Acting, Modern Drama, Methods in Physical Anthropology (a class with an enrollment limit of 8 because there aren't enough human skeletons for more.  Squeee!  What?  I can be morbid and creepifying if I want.), North American Indians (anthropology), and Ballet I - I'll also be adding half-semester classes in Jogging (PE requirement - also I've been feeling out of shape) and Lifeguard Training (cakewalk - my certification lapsed a couple years ago, but I've known this stuff since I was 11, and I swim like a fish).
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I've taken to watching the Today Show in the morning (after the 6am local news).

Today's Pick City this morning is my town!  Better yet, I think the shot they used is my University campus (hard to say - top halves of brick buildings do look rather a lot alike).  I am irrationally pleased by this.

In other news, I've gone extra extra Bond-crazy recently.  It is going to take extreme willpower to stop myself from reading the novels instead of doing homework.  Also, I think that this year's Oscars were fairly awesome, I liked how they worked to make the tech awards seem relevant to the audience.

I'm working harder to keep up with my internet people.  I've actually been checking the Flist regularly for over a month now, and I plan to try and stop in and ramble about whatever when I feel the urge to do so, instead of muttering to myself "no, you have more important things to do right now" and then getting grumpy and playing some mindless internet game to un-grumpify myself, resulting in a headache and a lack of accomplishment on both fronts. 

So yay.  But now, homework.  :P
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Well, as usual, academia has kidnapped me away from journals both Live and Insane, and imprisoned me in a life that on occasion bears a startling resemblance to the works of Edward Gorey.  I appear to have survived the experience in one piece, however, and now have a little more than a month to dedicate to the noble art of slobbing about.  Even with that much time at my disposal, there's no way I'll be able to catch up with what you busy internet people have been doing.  I'll go back a few pages on the Flist, but I have my limits.  Drop me a comment if something important happened while I was gone, alright?

Other than getting reacquainted with the interwebz, my big project for winter break is going to be reminding myself that reading books is actually fun, which is something I forget when I'm buried under textbooks (this last semester was really horrible on that front - not a single narrative assigned, and particularly dull textbooks, too boot).  I've made a list of fun readables that I want to tackle:

The Borribles by Michael L'Arrabeiti (re-read)
The Borribles Go For Broke by Michael L'Arrabeiti (re-read)
The Borribles: Across the Dark Metropolis by Michael L'Arrabeiti (if I can find a copy for cheap)
The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman (+ sequels, if I like the first one)
The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum (+ sequels... I read the first three many years ago, but stopped there)

This list is, of course, highly changeable according to my whims (because whims are the whole point of vacation, aren't they?).  Any suggestions, questions, or raised eyebrows from the Flist?

Of course, I will have to take a few breaks here and there, so I can render my apartment livable again.  But that shouldn't be too hard, if I approach it in a relaxed state of mind.  

And of course, I'll also spend some time cooking, which in my more adventurous moods can turn into an all-day project... and I've been getting an urge to start a new sewing project... and start playing guitar again... and re-learn how to juggle... and if I'm really ambitious, there's Wednesday night fencing practice, which I really should get back to....  Relaxing is a very busy sort of pursuit, isn't it?
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So y'all are probably so bored of me ignoring the ol' Flist and popping up every other month to bitch/whine/freak out about homework, right? 'Cause I sure am. Bet you want to hear something fannish out of me for once, right? 'Course you do.

Well, you're just going to have to wait! I have gloating to do! (Don't worry, I have fannish musings for later in this broadcast. ;) )

Fair warning, I think I must have been in blog withdrawal or something, it took me a horribly long time to get to the point.

You know that presentation I was freaking out about the last two real posts? All was cool.

The grades for were emailed out yesterday.

Guess who got an A? ::points at self with thumbs::  Oh yeah.  Did I tell you I was awesome, or did I tell you I was awesome?  ;)

I wouldn't normally be quite so smug about getting a good grade, especially on a 1-credit class, but this semester has been a frakking nightmare, so I wouldn't have been totally surprised if I hadn't been able to pull myself together in time for finals, and blown my GPA all to Hell as a result.  Next time class registration rolls around, somebody please remind me that I have the reading speed of a narcoleptic snail and the writing speed to match, and therefore should NOT be taking ten credits worth of reading/research-heavy, paper/project-grade only classes?  Especially not if I'm planning on taking six MORE credits of other classes?  'Cause that's what I did this semester, and the end result was me 1) dropping Psychology 3/4's of the way through (ironically, I had an A in and liked the prof, I just needed the time to work on my other classes); and 2) taking incompletes on both of my History classes (which I'll get to work on finishing next week.  The rest of my finals were yesterday, and dammit, I will be taking a few days off!)

In all honesty, it wasn't just the course work that made this semester difficult, but most the other stuff turned out pretty cool.  A quick overview:

Err... you know, other than that and maybe some random amusements with friends & clubs, nothing in particular happened to me over the last few months.  And yet I still need a brain nap.

And finally something fannish!

And to close, I'm finally checking my Flist. Skip=900, baby! May 6th is as far as I can go, so drop a comment if there's anything earlier you want me to see. My hope is to, over the next few days, weed down the non-essentials enough so in the future when I have masses of homework I can still check up on y'all without getting procrastination guilt.


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...I'll be finished by Thursday morning. 

So that big ol' project I mentioned in my last bout of panic is finally starting to develop some sort of structure, which is good.

The presentation itself is tomorrow night, which is bad.  I have to make a poster presentation, as well. 

The presentation is about German cabaret performers and their sociopolitical role during the rise of the Third Reich.  So far a have a few one- or two-paragraph bios on various Kabarett performers, a few more on Friedrich Hollaender and Mischa Spoliansky, and a couple photos and posters from the FH official site.  I should have had more ages ago, but must of the useful (and scholarly) information is either written in German, or contained in books way too long (not to mention unavailable) for me to get anything out of in time.

The mini-bios are going to help, but more searching needs to be done (both for more info and for images).  What would be really useful would be if I could find out who among the imprisoned and/or killed Kabarettists were not Jewish, which would really emphasize the cabaret's ability to threaten the Nazi regime....  Fingers crossed, maybe I'll find out.

However well the next few hours of research goes, I'm still going to take the razzle-dazzle approach, and hope that nobody asks me any questions.  Eep.
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Seventeen days, six hours, one minute until finals are over....

Two English papers, one music paper, an exam, and a ten-minute presentation on a subject where most of the useful literature is written in a language I don't speak...

Seventeen days, five hours, fifty-eight minutes until finals are over...

Then I take a week-long nap and get to work on finishing the incompletes for my two history classes...

Seventeen days, five hours, fifty-four minutes until finals are over...

Tell me, God (and by "God" I mean my professors), how did a fun little 1-credit linking seminar turn into a painful upper-division independent study course in disguise?  Oh, right.  You asked your students what they wanted to be graded on, and we responded "One big project at the end of the semester should be fun!"  Why did no one hit us upside the head in a Gibbs-esque manner when we said that?

Seventeen days, five hours, forty-six minutes until finals are over...

Immune system in a state of nervous collapse.  Shoulder knot so bad I can't turn my head.  Only been out of bed two hours and already in need of a nap.

Seventeen days, five hours, thirty-nine minutes until finals are over...

I want M*A*S*H and ice cream.
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You know how we don't post about cool things that maybe-might-be happening so they don't get jinxed?

...It doesn't work.

To elaborate:

My coursework this semester has been partly based around a groups of connected classes, the common theme being the Holocaust: History, Music Literature & Appreciation, and 20th Century Literature, and a 1-credit linking course (I'm just taking History & Music - I don't think anyone in the 1-credit is nuts enough to take all three classes).  It's been cool, the courses have been interesting and well-taught, I like all the professors involved, my classmates are all smart and good humored - exactly the crowd I'd want to spend two weeks exploring Europe with.

That's right.  These courses also tied into a 3-credit Study Abroad trip to Germany & Poland in the beginning of the summer.

Which has now been canceled.

My considerable curse-word vocabulary fails.  ::flaps helplessly::

We'd had trouble getting people interested from the get-go, and even more trouble getting people who'd pony up the necessary cash - $3000, BTW (dude, I'm a Grand Master budget traveler, and I couldn't manage two weeks overseas for that much... airfare alone would wipe out a third of that).  It had gotten to the point that the trip was getting chopped up according to airline group rates: if we got nine students (or other community members), they could go with just Dr. K, the history prof (whose brainchild this thing was, and can almost function as a translator - semi-fluent in German and vaguely workable in Polish); if we got thirteen Other Dr. K could go (the Literature prof); and if we got the number we were supposed to have, seventeen, then we'd have the professorial compliment with dL bringing up the rear (Music guy - I can't remember if he's a Doctorate prof or not)

The deadline got pushed back a couple of weeks, and we almost had the nine - from what Dr K said this afternoon, we'd actually gotten them, but... apparently two people who had said they were in still hadn't put in their deposits.

Crap, crap, crap.  And I've been getting the travel bug something fierce, too.

So, I've resolved to do some other travel-y thing sometime in the near future.  Maybe not this year, 'cause of the whole transferring/getting an apartment/getting a job thing, but...  I'll keep an eye on other Study-Abroad-type-things (hm... I wonder if EC sponsors archaeological digs?), or if this trip gets run again next year or something, I'll opt in, since it's open to community members.  If that fails... well, I'll just have to troop off to Europe my own damn self.
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Shite and buggeration!!!

So, I'm supposed to be writing a history paper on the early 16th century, using Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince and Thomas More's Utopia as primary sources (along with the textbook).  Cool, huh?

There's just one problem.

My copy of The Prince has gone on walkabout!!!!!

Did I mention that this paper is already late?

::bangs head on desk::

I'm attempting to console myself by listening to the Bowie-narrated version of Peter and the Wolf.  It's not helping.  (Don't suppose any of you are psychic and can tell me what version was my favoritest of favorite things to listen to when I was little?  I'm a young enough whippersnapper that it may have been the Patrick Stewart, but I'm not certain.)
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Ah, academic procrastination, how I've missed you!  On the up side, I'm checking the ol' FList (the whole not-doing-academic-procrastination thing tends to impede this doing the semester)... on the downside, I have an English paper due tomorrow, and it's, oh... call it two-thirds written.  I should be able to get it finished over lunch tomorrow.  Maybe.  Geek Central (the 2-4 tables in the campus common room where my scruffy band of shiny object seekers hang)  can be a bit loud, but that's where my peeps are at, yo!  I'm saving my sequestered-in-the-library act until finals.

I'm watching American Idol right now...  Is it just me, or is it really unfair that for the little opening number routine, all the girls got cute individual outfits chosen to go with their "look"... and the guys all wore identical suits? 

Speaking of Idol, how pretty is Australian Guy?  (No, I don't know their names yet.  Except Danny Noriega, but that's because of my extreme dislike of him.)  And I thought he was Jim Morrison-y before he sang Doors songs!  Cheery Dreadlock Boy is quite cute and pleasant-sounding, as well.

I'm liking The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I think I'd like it more if I wasn't so addicted to the first to movies, mostly for casting reasons - ain't nobody as badass as Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, and I thought the new Kyle from last episode's flashback/forward was downright skanky and un-Reeselike.  I like Derek and ex-fiance guy, though.

OMG!  Peter DeLuise is on Supernatural!

*ahem*  We've had free CW for the last few weeks, which has been fun.  The two eps of we've seen of Smallville were kickass - especially Black Canary.  Supernatural hasn't impressed me that much, but I think that I'm becoming addicted to it anyways on merit of the prettiness that is Dean.

I'm working on my Jericho fanmix again, and I've started a Deathstroke one as well.  On the subject, does anybody know where I can *cough* "acquire" a copy of Oasis' cover of "Heroes"?  For general listening purposes, Bowie is still best, but just doesn't work in the Jericho mix.

I could say more, but my battery has gone kaput, and I don't feel like running between my desk and the living room during commercials.  TTFN!
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...freeing herself from the wreckage of her fourth semester of college.  Oh, the hardship she has endured, seeking these last months the few weeks of peace to found in winter break, knowing she must return to the battlefield come the end of January...

Does it count as anti-social if you're not even there to be social?  I only checked my FList once over the entire semester (still haven't checked IJ), sometime in November (the 9th or 10th, I think.  A couple weeks after my birthday, because I remember seeing a few entries dated October 26th, and I think LJ only lets you skip back a two weeks or twenty days or something like that...).  I've been missing my internet friends something fierce, though.  (Get this... I've been so busy, I still have fic tabs open from August.)

So, if something important happened to any of you between the beginning of September and the first couple of weeks in November, or between the first couple weeks of November and, um, now... drop me a comment, will you?  I'm pretty sure [profile] moss6886 would have told me if one of you had died or been horribly maimed or something, but you can never be sure.

Let's see... what have I been up to?  

I could come up with more things I've done, but even I'm getting bored with this post, you've probably closed the tab and gone on by now... 

In more fannish news, I've finally finished my re-read of the entire Harry Potter series (I'd stopped in book 5, right after the the escape of the twins, when homework started kicking my ass, and didn't start again until the weekend after finals).  As a result I now have not one, not two, but three HP fics in progress (I actually know all of what happens in the third one, so maybe I'll even be able to finish one of them!), but am still to scared to actually get into the fandom (although I did find [profile] googlebrat, I might have to friend her, and [profile] mistful is pretty good too...).

Also, I watched an episode of M*A*S*H a couple weeks ago and became an instant addict.  Good thing TVLand airs two episodes a day...
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Do you ever have one of those moments where you have something to squee about, and you have something to mope about, and the two things just cancel each other out, leaving you completely blank emotion-wise?  That's me right now.[Poll #1020891][Poll #1020891][Poll #1020892][Poll #1020892]
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Yeah, so... haven't checked my FList since a week and a half ago.  Doesn't look like it's going to happen until Monday at the earliest.  Still have about 30 or so tabs open from last time that I haven't read.  Send kittens.

Been taking a Science Fiction in Film & Literature 4-week course.  So I've been at school every weekday trying to keep up with homework (eight 2-pagers, two 5 -10 pagers).  Today was my last day of class for that, and my final paper is due by 7pm tomorrow.  It's the last 5 - 10 pager.  I have three pages written.  I write slow.  I'm currently considering the theory that if I get myself all set up in a productive posture tomorrow morning, I might actually get more written if I put on the Doctor Who (did y'all know that Wisconsin Public TV air DW at 10pm Fridays?) marathon the SciFi channel is running than if I left things quiet (this actually makes sense when you realize that normally when I take an "ouch!  Hurty brain!" break, I end up finding some other project or something and don't surface for an hour or so.  Which is not terribly conducive to paper-writing, and DW reruns might be just the thing to keep me attached to the computer, an won't be too distracting since they're all ones I've seen).  It's been a fun class, crazy amounts of writing notwithstanding.

Weekends have been spent at the Wisconsin Renaissance Faire.  Way huge amounts of fun, but it means I'm out of the house at 7am Saturday and don't get home until around 10pm Sunday.  Long couple of days, but damn, the grounds are so pretty, and there are really good acts (we have a new location this year, and it's right by the Royal Stage), and vendors, and our space has shade this year, and I'm getting PAID to be there!!  (Business has been really good - I work on a 10% commission, and last weekend brought in what I used to make in two weeks back when I had a real job.)  I've spent lots of money on lots of cool things (buffalo hide vambraces, four-cornered hat, various bits of pretty jewelry some of them involving freshwater pearls, adorable dragon statue, earthenware bowl with a pretty brown-with-coppery-shine glaze, incense oil in a really cool vial).  I've finally talked [profile] moss6886 and dad into coming out on Saturday, and I'll be arming them with my camera, so there should be pretty pictures to show you soon.

There are only two weekends left at faire.  It's sad.

We/I've been recovering from faire days at my friend/employer's house through the means of British comedy.  Blackadder to be specific.  The idea that House the misanthropic Vicodin addict and George the I have no words for George are both very clearly Hugh Laurie is making my brain malfunction.  It's an interesting sensation.

Oh, and Firefly fans check this out: the Freefall Game.  I know most of you neither play Airsoft nor live near central Wisconsin, but isn't it cool?  The guy I'm selling concrete for at the faire is the event organizer - I'm already signed up to play a smuggler, and we've recruited a bunch of the actors from the faire (OMG, we got the bellydancers to be Companions!)...  some of them haven't used Airsoft guns before so we're going to bring a few around to play with after faire closing on Saturday.  Whee!

::passes out::


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