Jan. 15th, 2007 01:43 pm
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Snowsnowsnow SNOW!! It's finally winter again!

And I've just realized that I've been lax in my pimping duties. Billy's website has been up for months now and I haven't linked it yet!

Billy Krause is a folk musician from my corner of the world. His work is amazing, with more than a little rock & blues to his folkishness (his live shows often feature killer Tom Waits covers), and he just released a new album entitled "Cool Dry Place."

In all honesty, Cool Dry Place doesn't quite live up to his live performances (it's still really good!). It's a little over-engineered, with a few too many instruments in play, and as such has lost some of the fire you get when it's just three guys with guitars. However, the bass player (Billy's 22-year-old daughter) is worth the listen if you can hear her, and the title track and "Twenty-One Grand" are great songs and stand up to being recorded ("Rumors of Armando" and "Old Dawgs" are my favorites live, but they've lost some of their charm).

His essential work is "Partly Folk, Partly Fiction," which features the beautiful song "Cutter," a song that has been one of my favorites in the whole wide world for a very long time. (Also "Miss Ruby" which has a sequel on CDP: "Ruby's Gone") "At the Bay" is worth considering, as well.

Yes, I did just pimp every album Billy has available on his website. That's because they're really, really good. Buy some! Fund his next album! I'll be back with more linkey bits if I can find some of the stuff he's done with other bands, as well.

Happy music!

ETA: The reason I linked to the specific albums is because there are sample tracks for each.  Listen!

ETA:  Oh!  The reason I'm doing the linky bits now is that three of his songs were played on the NPR program "Simply Folk" Sunday evening.  Does anyone here listen to that?


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