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So I was going to do this big post this evening, pimping the RenFaire and Freefall and featuring nifty video clips...  But it will have to wait!  My journal has been hijacked by squee!


Our (okay, [profile] moss6886's) copy of The New Teen Titans #2 is here!  We've been looking for a copy we wouldn't have to remove limbs to get for years.

It's the only issue of the Marv Wolfman run on Titans that I haven't read.  At all.  As far as I can tell, the opening arc of NTT was never issued in trade-paperback.  If reputation holds true, this is the essential Titans issue.

This is the issue where Starfire regains consciousness after her crash-landing and introduces herself to the team by playing tonsil hockey with Dick Grayson.  This is the one and only issue where Grant Wilson appears as the Ravager outside of flashbacks.  This is Deathstroke: the Terminator's very first appearance in ANY comic.


Mom's reading it as we speak.  I get it next.

I'm listening to my unfinished Deathstroke fanmix in celebration.
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Ah, academic procrastination, how I've missed you!  On the up side, I'm checking the ol' FList (the whole not-doing-academic-procrastination thing tends to impede this doing the semester)... on the downside, I have an English paper due tomorrow, and it's, oh... call it two-thirds written.  I should be able to get it finished over lunch tomorrow.  Maybe.  Geek Central (the 2-4 tables in the campus common room where my scruffy band of shiny object seekers hang)  can be a bit loud, but that's where my peeps are at, yo!  I'm saving my sequestered-in-the-library act until finals.

I'm watching American Idol right now...  Is it just me, or is it really unfair that for the little opening number routine, all the girls got cute individual outfits chosen to go with their "look"... and the guys all wore identical suits? 

Speaking of Idol, how pretty is Australian Guy?  (No, I don't know their names yet.  Except Danny Noriega, but that's because of my extreme dislike of him.)  And I thought he was Jim Morrison-y before he sang Doors songs!  Cheery Dreadlock Boy is quite cute and pleasant-sounding, as well.

I'm liking The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I think I'd like it more if I wasn't so addicted to the first to movies, mostly for casting reasons - ain't nobody as badass as Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, and I thought the new Kyle from last episode's flashback/forward was downright skanky and un-Reeselike.  I like Derek and ex-fiance guy, though.

OMG!  Peter DeLuise is on Supernatural!

*ahem*  We've had free CW for the last few weeks, which has been fun.  The two eps of we've seen of Smallville were kickass - especially Black Canary.  Supernatural hasn't impressed me that much, but I think that I'm becoming addicted to it anyways on merit of the prettiness that is Dean.

I'm working on my Jericho fanmix again, and I've started a Deathstroke one as well.  On the subject, does anybody know where I can *cough* "acquire" a copy of Oasis' cover of "Heroes"?  For general listening purposes, Bowie is still best, but just doesn't work in the Jericho mix.

I could say more, but my battery has gone kaput, and I don't feel like running between my desk and the living room during commercials.  TTFN!
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Well, this is it. I've created my Catch-Up FList filter. I haven't checked up on LJ-land since shortly after Easter. The filter really only takes out the non-people journals (Whedonesque, crossover_news, etc.), but that makes all the difference since communities and news feeds tend to be way spammier than individuals.

Let's see, what been happening to me lately...

The Day of Silence went well. There were relatively few of us doing the protest thing (we were pretty last-minute as far as organization goes), but we were seen, questions were asked occasionally (which is kind of funny, considering the vow of silence) and as far as I'm aware nobody was threatened with bodily harm.

(Got to the end (beginning?) of FList. skip=275 with filter, which is good, but I can only get as far back as the 13th. Which means there's still about a week I'll have missed. Crap.)

I've gotten back into comics. I'd stopped reading Nightwing during the Bruce Wayne: Murderer arc, and drifted away from the rest of the current titles I'd been into (X-Men, Hellblazer, Fables) about two years ago. We never stopped getting the books, though, so I've got piles of back-issues just waiting to be read. Be afraid.

It started when [profile] moss6886  managed to find issues 1,3,4,5,7 & 8 of The New Teen Titans for cheap. Then we found put that the latest TT incarnation looks pretty good, so we (she) started subscribing to that, and got TPB's 1-4 & 6. Yep. It's good. Oh, One Year Later, you made me cry (the Titans are all screwed up and it's sad and the Brotherhood is more like a family than them and... and... *sniff*) but I love you so (Joey'sbackJoey'sbackJoey'sback!!!).

So, yeah. First I plan to reread all of our old Titans issues (a daunting task - that collection started before I was born and has very few gaps in it), then I'll go for the entirety of Nightwing... probably Hellblazer and Fables next, and I'll save X-men for last. I don't know that I'll do the full re-read of the X-books, that collection is almost as daunting as the TT, and I'm definitely in a DC mood.

As a consequence of the comic revival, I've started to dabble in the online Titans fandom (partly due to fannish interest, mostly due to me not wanting to take 20-year-old issues to school but still wanting my superheroes with me). I have come to a few realizations. One, there isn't enough about Jericho (and what there is isn't all that good). No surprise there, he'd been dead for ten years and he was never the most popular Wilson. Two, Genfic is very, very hard to find. Again, no surprise, because that's been the case for every fandom I've dipped my toes in (except for House, M.D.), but it's kind of problematic due to.... Three, I find most DCU/Titans slash to be icky and gross and just ew, and het almost as ew. Most canon pairings manage to lose the sibling vibes before they start macking on each other, but not so much in fanfic. I mean, there are a few that work for me, but they're pretty uncommon ones.

*sigh* Once more into the archive, dear Cerys, brain bleach at the ready. :/

I'm also working on a Jericho fanmix. It began eating my brain earlier today and I've already gotten it nearly half plotted out.

I could ramble on about other things (SOAP had a religious tolerance panel that was pretty cool), but it's getting late.
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So, for various reasons (mostly laziness/mild frustration) [profile] moss6886 and I haven't been reading comics for a couple years (Moss lasted a bit longer than that).  And this weekend she decided to catch up on Nightwing.  After doing so, she disclosed the following spoiler for some unkown other Batverse comic...


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