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Well, El's new computer got built (even though his fancy new hard drive was a DOA lemon and we had to use the refurb he got for my old minitower - Newegg is pretty decent about customer service, so it shouldn't be a big deal) and mostly set up last night... I still need to get ZoneAlarm installed on it sometime today, and get files (photos, etc.) transferred over - that'll probably happen tonight.  But in the mean time, this means I have his old desktop to futz with over at my desk!

...To which I can only say that I feel like I'm conducting a delousing.  Only I keep finding different kinds of critter that I need to Google so I can determine whether they are beneficial or parasitic or just sort of skittering around being critters.

Seriously, the man has me beat hands down on hardware workings, and his foundational computer usage is solid (decent anitvirus software, albeit out of date, pretty good about sticking to trusted download sites and avoiding add-ons that a chock full of viruses), but good grief... software is clearly NOT his forte.  Freeware all over the place, mostly things like a half-dozen different programs that all do the same thing (A/V file converters, etc.), clearly all downloaded and installed at roughly the same time so he could find out which one worked the best, but then he never got around to uninstalling the crappy ones.

And the file structure... dear god, the file structure.  It's all fucked up, as if a vaguely intelligent ape just randomly clicked okay on every auto-install setting without any thought about wanting to maybe find out where those files are living later.  I mean, there are THREE Program Files folders.  Three.  One of them doesn't have anything in it except software for a printer that hasn't even been hooked up in a year.  HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN?  I had hoped to just corral the install files for the programs he'd want to install over on his computer, but if I can't find them, then he may be on his own.  Also, while I admire the utility of keeping his pr0n in a neatly labeled "Smut" folder, I am rather perplexed as to why it's floating around in the main directory rather than in the documents folder where it should be... <-wanna-be librarian problems :P


Jan. 12th, 2013 09:11 pm
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Note to self: Roundy's brand generic Froot Loops are a pale imitation of the real thing. 

Various fancy boxes from Newegg have been arriving all week, containing most of the bits for El's new computer (and a refurbished hard drive for my mini tower/future media server).  We attempted to cannibalize the video card and RAM out of his current computer so he could start installing stuff, but the RAM slots were incompatible... so he'll have to wait until a friend of ours can bring over gift parts on Wednesday before gaming mayhem can begin (WHY Kraids just happens to have four gigs of RAM and a high-performance video card just kicking around in his desk is beyond me, but I'm certainly not going to complain...).  And, by extension, my own gaming mayhem will most likely begin on Thursday, when I get El's hand-me-down computer to monkey with.  :)

My laptop stopped doing the glitchy sound things a couple weeks ago, so I'm just going to cross my fingers, back up regularly, and live with combination desktop + smartphone for a little while if it craps out.

After spending not-quite-entirely four days working, I've aaaaalmost gotten the bedroom unpacked and organized.  It's starting to look really nice.  Which is good.  I sometimes have a kind if a cognitive dissonance-type experience with this house, where I'll definitely feel like this place is Home, but at the same time feel sort of disjointed because there's still a distinct aura of "man's bachelor pad" about the place.  I'll probably post pictures when I'm done.  One more part-day of work, then it should be done, then I'm onto the sewing room.  Which is much much more tightly packed with crap, but with the bedroom cleared out, I'll at least be able to move a few boxes into there temporarily so I can have space to work.

Which reminds me, I have a LOT of sewing projects I need to get cracking on, too...

Aww... the bunnies have decided to stack themselves together like sardines for a nap.  <3 

Sleeping rabbits make me think I should crawl off to bed and read for a while... I think I'll go do that.

P.S.  Why, yes, I did start this entry over breakfast and then get distracted, why do you ask?  Was it the Froot Loops that gave me away?

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So, it appears the volume controls on my laptop have fried.  Poor Ballantine thinks that someone is continually tapping the "Volume Down" button, complete with annoying electronic clicky noise... I can turn the volume back up through the desktop interface, but it clicks right back down again.  In related news, the mute button still works.  :P (And no, nothing is touching the button.  That's the first thing I checked.)  This, coupled with the garbled alien Morse code it was blipping at me on... Monday? Maybe Friday, but I'm going with Monday... leads me to believe that this poor beast is dying.  Slowly and painfully dying.

At the same time, my desktop has forgotten how to drive.  Click for rambling, in which I either sound like I sort of know what I'm doing with computers, or demonstrate that I really, really don't... )

Any thoughts, suggestions, or dirty limericks from the aether?

Oh, well... I suppose I should accomplish some stuff.  I had planned to pay the water bill and go to the bank, but... well, there's a small blizzard.  I don't care if these errands are within walking distance, I'm not going out there!  Maybe I'll do some more laundry...

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I am currently making my computer charge by draping the power cord over the top of my right foot (which is, itself, braced on the chair next to me).  Fortunately, [personal profile] moss noticed my distress and ordered a new cord for me (thank you, mom... ::grateful daughter face::) - I really hope it gets here soon.  Also to the good: my sound system seems to have unborked itself.  Apparently it was just angry?  Who knows.

Okay.  Last day of cleaning marathon (I hope).  Part of me is disappointed that I only crossed off two items yesterday, but sausaging fabric takes way longer than it has any right to, and the bookshelves thing was a truly epic (and dusty, damn allergies) task.  After that, the rest of these seem quite small in comparison.  Plus, I ended up doing a bunch of small cleaning-type tasks along the way on both days (just so I could get to everything I needed for the main tasks), and this has added up to make my apartment cleaner than it's been in months already.  So now I'm shooting for "cleaner than it's been since I moved in:"
  • Sort through last semester's graded assignments & handouts - throw out or put away as needed
  • Sort through magazine backissues - throw out or put away as needed
  • Dispose of biohazards in refrigerator
  • Reorganize kitchen
  • Find space to store lumpy old couch cushion
  • Hang pictures
  • Do laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry.
  • Repot stone pine
  • Dust, sweep, & vacuum as needed
Okay.  Time waits for no aardvark.
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Things to do:

1)  Read FList.  This is a frightening proposition (skip=875, y'all.  And I think there's more I've missed, but that's as far as my FList page will take me.).

2)  Do homework.  Tell me, how does one keep up with English homework (100+ pages per class period.  Yeesh.)  and still have a life?

3)  Apply for various & sundry financial aid.  (FASFSA blah.  Will I even have time to apply for essay scholarships?)

4)  Decide whether or not to try to do the Student Ambassador thing (or, Can I be Miss Chatty Happy Girl on a semi-regular basis?).

5)  Decide whether or not to do the Cabaret for Cancer thing (or, Can I sing and how bad have my guitar skills gotten?).

6)  Finish replying to comments on my research post (thanks again, everyone!).

7)  Actually research & write the paper the post was about.

8)  Call HP tech support.  (My computer has forgotten it has a CD/DVD drive, I can't run system restore for some unknown reason, and there may be some other problems I haven't noticed yet...)

9)  Stop playing Sid Meier's Civilization II.  I just had to get re-addicted to the game that doesn't need a CD, didn't I?

10)  Do Tai Chi.  This has been on the to-do list for months, and I have completely failed to do it.

11)  Play Guitar.  Ditto.

12)  Recover from cold.

13)  Sleep.

14)  Transcribe my sociology notes (first exam a week from Monday.  Blah.).

15)  Submit stories/poetry to campus literary magazine.

16)  Figure out what classes to take this summer.

17)  Wish I could watch Smallville.

18)  Watch TOS Star Trek instead (does anyone else think that Trelaine from The Squire of Gothos was a baby Q?)

19)  Agonize over my newfound conformity (ie, I've started watching American Idol.  ::iz shamed::).

20)  Watch movies I haven't seen in ages (Hollywood Shuffle, Wrath of Khan, Casablanca...).

Yeah, so... I guess I should get on that.  Any minute now.

Let's see, what's happened since my last post...  I got cast in Inherit the Wind, which is cool.  Um... there are other things, I know there are.  But I can't remember them.


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