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Does DW-to-LJ crossposting even still work?  I guess we'll find out.

Things got super-busy in alternately awesome and stressful ways (sometimes both at the same time), and even when I had surplus time to futz on the internet, blog-type fandom seemed a very awkward thing to get back into... I mean, it's been a while, and it's one thing to post many months of my life all at once, but trying to piece together what my many anonymous vague acquaintances have been up to in this time is another entirely.  But here I am.  I missed y'all, and anyways blogging is much cheaper than therapy.  ;)

So... what have I been up to.  I suppose bullet-points are the best way to keep it brief...Behold! Bullet points! )
So...yeah.  That's pretty much my life right now.  Same old hobbies are same and old (with more time than previous spent on airsoft, and LARP than before), now with added homebrewing (more on that some other time - there be mead in progress right now!) and power tools, etcetera, etcetera.  Basically, my life is pretty awesome right now... but the couple of ways in which it is not awesome really eat at me sometimes, and a big part of that is because I'm now a long way away from most of my cool artsy college friends, and Facebook just doesn't cut it sometimes.  Then I remembered that I missed you guys, too, and blogging is an excellent way to catch up with all sorts of folks, so here I am.  Hi.  I'll try to catch up with your stuff soon, work and project schedules willing...  :)
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Well, I have discovered that I'm miserably out of shape.  Or, not so much "discovered" as "was reminded very forcefully." 

The first reminder was yesterday, wherein my uncle and little cousin brought two of his horses over for a ride, and my dad and I decided it would be fun if we went too.  Understand that it's been at least four, five years since I've ridden, longer for my dad.  Much fun was had, the four of us out with our little herd of Arabians (May, Grace, Dreamer and Toyboy), although Grace kept trying to tell me that she was entirely too old for this (by trying to turn around and go home fairly frequently) and finding shortcuts (which resulted in me limboing in the eight inches of space between the saddle and a somewhat solid branch).  So I'm pretty sore from that.  Mostly muscle-sore, though I admit that my backside is rather bruised.  Arabian horses are often bouncy creatures, especially at walk or trot (except for Dreamer, who has an amazingly smooth gate).

Then today, we (dad & I) went and played in a scenario Airsoft game that a friend of ours was running.  Because we were playing specific roles within the game (smugglers/gunrunners), we got in for free.  (Side note:  love playing with the new generation Airsoft guns, but they're scarily realistic.  Especially some of the full-metal handguns,  as much fun as they are to play with, I so wouldn't want to meet a cop while carrying one.)  We had fun running around the field, which just so happened to feature a ridiculously steep hill.  Have you seen Disney's Sword in the Stone?  You know where the wolf chases Merlin and Wart up the hill, then they turn around and the wolf collapses?  It was kind of like that, I'm so out of shape.  It didn't help that I'm getting a cold (oddly enough the hills and the running cured my runny nose.  By giving me chest congestion.).  Plus the crouching.  I'm pretty sneaky on the battlefield, so there was a lot of crouching without moving (and I so would have taken out at least half that bunker on my own if I hadn't underestimated my sneakiness).  So I'm really sore - and very tired - from that, and I don't even have any good welts to show off.  Oh, well.  At least I got to impress a bunch of people with the RPG launcher skills (I was the only player who could use it).

Alright, that's enough typing, before I fall asleep.
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So there was this cute little frog on my window all day.  He was one of the funny grey-green mottledy tree frogs that can squish themselves really flat to look like lichen.  When I first saw him this morning, I thought it was a leaf or something.  But no.  Froggy.  Sitting on the outside sill-thingy on the window by my computer, leaning against the screen.

He was still there at about nine tonight.  He'd moved a bit over the course of the day, shifting to a shadier portion of the window, but mostly just sitting there.  I'd like to think he was keeping me company, but he was probably just sleeping (do frogs have eyelids?).  He was starting to move around more, and I made certain to introduce him to my dad before we went to watch AtS.

When I got back to my room, the froggy had gone.  I'd forgotten to take pictures. :(

Mayhaps I'm a bit stressed over the whole "college" thing.  Because sappy as I am, getting all teary over a frog hopping away without saying goodbye is a little extreme, even for me.


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