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Title:  Notes from Highway 16
Author: ravenwings_7/[personal profile] ship_go_boom 
Fandom:  Hard Core Logo
Spoilers:  None, really.
Rating:  PG-13-ish
Length: 878
Summary:  An excerpt from John Oxenberger’s journal, written on the road between Saskatoon and Edmonton.
Author’s Note: Unbetaed, written a few weeks ago in a fit of procrastination, and posted now in honor of this fuckwittery.
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Hallooo!  I'm on vacation in Colorado (with internet!), which I may post about a bit later.  This also means I've finally found time (while quarantining myself in my room with a cold) to finish my AAR for the Freefall game!

So, without further fussing about, I give you... [ETA: Forgive the all-bold text...I accidentally bolded the text for the cut-tag, and apparently, that makes everything under the cut bold as well.  I can't figure out how to undo it.]

Title: Margaret Blake, Freefall 2
Author: Ship_Go_Boom/RavenWings_7
Fandom: Firefly
Summary: The events of the second annual Freefall Airsoft/LARP Game, held July 19th-20th 2008, as told from the perspective of my character, Margaret Blake.

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So I recently realized that I'm not so good at finishing writing projects.  Okay, I realized that a while ago, but I was looking through my fanfiction-in-progress folder and noticed that some of those bunnies I've forgotten to take care of are not too shabby looking.  I wish I knew how to finish them properly.  So I will list them, and describe them, and hope that gives me inspiration. 

I'm going to try to keep spoilers for each story to a minimum in the descriptions, but feel free to ask more questions about plot details and such about any one that interests you.  In fact, I encourage (and beg, and plead) you to do so - the more I discuss what I'm writing, the easier it is to write.

So, without further ado, my unfinished plot bunnies, organized by fandom:

Jossverse )

One interesting thing I've noticed in going over and actually analyzing my snippets of fic is that I'm a people-builder.  I might have more to say about people-building and how it manifests, but I'm not feeling so hot today, so I'll call this enough posting for one day.
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This is the character sheet that the Freefall event coordinator wrote.  It should help to decipher A Smuggler's Life for Me a bit, although Margaret Blake changed a bit from this to the character that's telling ASLfM, and as before if you want the full story go here.  I have a more specific character bio for Margaret in my head that I may write up when I finish with the AAR.

Smuggler Pilot - Margaret Blake
Gem Vendor - Christopher Dennett

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So last weekend I played the best game of anything ever. 

That's right, I'm talking about the Freefall Game again.

It was technically an Airsoft game, but it was really scenario-oriented and came across more like a LARP only less pretentious and more exciting.  We had a lot of people out who had never played Airsoft before, but happened to be a) actors, and b) Firefly fans, and just about everybody stayed in character the entire game, and it was SO COOL!!!  It was like living in the Firely 'verse for two days! 

The only downside is that the guy who was filming the event (I'll link to that if it ever hits the internets) was also playing the Alliance Commander, so none of the cool scheming that occurred onboard the Waxwing Bulk Transport got recorded.

Anyways, it's kind of a tradition among Airsofters to post an After Action Report (AAR) after an event (especially a scenario game) so the folks who couldn't be there can get all jealous and clear their schedule for next year.  It's just like a convention report, really.  Anyways, the event coordinator asked all of the more actory types to write their report in character, and since mine ended up reading like fanfic I thought some of you would be interested.  All of the AARs, as well as all of the character profiles, can be found here.

Title: A Smuggler's Life For Me, 1/2
Fandom: Firefly, Airsoft
Characters: OC's a-plenty, POV of Margaret Blake, smuggler pilot.
Timeline: Two years pre-Serenity
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,164
Authors Note: This'll make a whole lot more sense if you read the character sheets that the event coordinator wrote.  I'll C & P mine over here, and that should get you through, but if you want the full perspective you can go here (because it never hurts to ink to the same thing twice).

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You know how yesterday I said that a particular yellowjacket was cute?  Well, I think that some little wasp-type thing (only a little bigger than a sweat bee, but wasp-shaped and with a stinger to match) heard abut it and got offended.  The little bastard managed to land on the inside of my pants without me noticing when I put them on, and stung me at least four times before I could get them off again.  Ouch.  At least I'm not allergic.  Yet.  Between family history and the number of times I've gotten stung, it's pretty much a given that I'll start to react someday.

On the upside, my financial aid check showed up.  ::happy dance::  There are two ways to look at it: either I have paid for my laptop and come out fifty bucks richer, or I ignore the whole computer-expense thing and pretend I have easily enough money for gas, next semester's books, and to spare.  Either way, it's very difficult to resist the urge to celebrate by way of an item of JM (to readers at the Wood: if you need to ask, you may not be geeky enough for me to tell you) audio-visual goodness.  They're (as some may know) very expensive ($30 for DVD, $20 for CD,  either $45 or $30 for the first Dresden Files audio, plus shipping and handling - eek!).  I wish I was better at resisting, but everyone is squeeing so...  Somebody stop me?

[Poll #822750]

There are a couple other things I want to ask, but I either can't put my finger on exactly what they are or they fall into the category of My Own Problem (like what the frilly heck do I do with Xander?  The bunny hasn't told me).
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And here we have drabble number two, written for [profile] tkp, who wanted S1 Scoobies.  Sorry if it seems to feel more like a paragraph chopped out of some longer story, I practically had to beat myself upside the head with a hammer to keep it from turning into a 1,500-word character study (which is what happened to my previous attempt at drabbling, a year or so ago).

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Eureka!  Well, kind of.  Finished the first of two drabbles requested.  This one is for [personal profile] femmenerd, who wanted S7 or later Spike/Buffy/Faith.  Sorry, [profile] tkp, yours will be up shortly, but Femme's bunny bit harder.  Then it mutated (it turned more towards gutterbrain than innuendo).  Here it is:

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I'm bored so I decided to put my first ever fanfic up and see what happens. It's un-betaed and not very good, so I kind of hope no-one is reading yet.

Title: Safe and Sound
Fandom/Timeline: Stargate: SG-1 / tag for "Threads" and "Moebius"
Pairings: None
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: They're not mine, I'm just borrowing them. Don't sue.

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The End


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