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So my dad and I spent much of the last week looking for a new car.  We found a '98 Volkswagen Passat for $6690 that we like, decided to go with that.  There were some things that needed to be fixed on it, but the car still sounded good and rode nicely, plus the repairs were included in the price.  Our insurance company was going to stop paying for the rental we'd been driving ('05 Impala.  Chintzy P.O.S. with a mystical field that makes you drive like an asshole) on Saturday, so the dealer gave us a loaner to drive until the Passat is fixed.  The loaner is an '06 Toyota Corolla, which I drove home from Eau Claire, which was only my second solo drive, this one an hour long in the rain, and a little bit on the freeway!  In that hour I discovered something: I think I know what car I want when I grow up.  Well, actually I want a Mazda Miata, but I think I'd be afraid to take it out on our highways (they're so tiny!).  The only problem with the Corolla that I noticed was that it conducted noise really well; you could barely feel the bumps in the road, but you sure could hear them, and the rain sounded like imps tapdancing on the roof.

In other news, I got to meet my theatre professor on Friday.  Since I had more than one class with him, he e-mailed and invited me to stop by.  So my dad and I went out to the campus, he gave us a tour of the theatre department and we chatted a bit.  I found out when the auditions for the first production are (Sep. 19th-20th, Antigone), where the field trip is to (the entirety of the Theatre, Art, and Music departments - all 60 of us - are going to Minneapolis where we'll be seeing an opera and visiting the art museum), and generally what to expect in the school year. 

While there, I got the form to change my name on my student record.  I had filled out all my paperwork with my first and last names an middle initial, as you do, but since I go by my middle name "Cerys" and things could get rather confusing I decided to switch to my full name.

Oh! And the prof told us that there was a free double feature being put on this weekend (by three former students who had transfered on but wanted something to do on their summer vacation) in the black box.  The Dumb Waiter by Harold Pinter and Iphigenia in Orem by Neil LaBute; my dad and I (we've all been hit by a nasty cold/flu type thing, so [profile] moss6886 stayed home to curse the world) went to see today's matinee.  It was quite good, well worth the time, although at several points in the Dumb Waiter I couldn't help but think : "Well, it's good these Midwestern boys didn't attempt an English accent, but some of these lines sound just plain silly when said by an American..."

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Ooh!  Ooh!  I just remembered (although how could I forget?)!  We've got the Chosen Collection!  Every episode of Buffy ever and a bonus disc!  Squeee!  Officially, it's a Christmas present for all of us, but what's the point of Netflixing when you own them?  So we're using Angel as a pacer.  No Buffy until we've watched the coresponding Angle disc.  Unless we cheat.


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