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I was going to write a post about my extended weekend playing a Midwest Ostfront Airsoft game, but I decided this was far more important.

The Freefall 2 trailer is up!!!  Lookit!  Isn't it shiny?

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Hallooo!  I'm on vacation in Colorado (with internet!), which I may post about a bit later.  This also means I've finally found time (while quarantining myself in my room with a cold) to finish my AAR for the Freefall game!

So, without further fussing about, I give you... [ETA: Forgive the all-bold text...I accidentally bolded the text for the cut-tag, and apparently, that makes everything under the cut bold as well.  I can't figure out how to undo it.]

Title: Margaret Blake, Freefall 2
Author: Ship_Go_Boom/RavenWings_7
Fandom: Firefly
Summary: The events of the second annual Freefall Airsoft/LARP Game, held July 19th-20th 2008, as told from the perspective of my character, Margaret Blake.

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Before I get to the cool stuff and things, I must whinge briefly.

In other news, the RenFaire finished its run two weeks ago.  Which is sad.  The way the faire goes, five weekends (for a shyish person such as myself) is just enough time to start to get to know some very cool people, then we spend the next almost-year wandering back to being strangers.  Cumulative progress is made, though - I've found one rennie on Facebook, another on Livejournal (I think I'll stick to her always-entertaining work journal for now, rather than friend her personal journal, just 'cause I don't really know her that well), the folks who ended up at Freefall (both this year and last) I think qualify as friends ("People That I Like Whom I Have Encountered at More Than One Place" is just too cumbersome), and there are a few vendors that for various reasons I've talked to more than others (booth neighbors, favorite shopkeepers, future business collaborators) - overall, I think there are definitely a few people who have a chance of remembering my name next year.  Especially since I have an open invitation to attend the Guild of Modern Medievalism's monthly(?) gatherings during the year - which I'd love to go to (because I'll be living a tantalizing 11 miles away from them), but may have trouble arranging.  There's this whole thing to do with not having a car, and although I'll be in the same metropolitan area, I won't be in the same city - so no using the bus system.

The Freefall Game was a week ago, and Lo, it was AWESOME!  Even with a lot of standard-issue airsofters on the field, the feel of the event was definitely that of a LARP, not an airsoft game.  The a lot of the people I talked to said something about having only fired their weapon once the whole weekend, yet NOBODY made a single complaint about the event being boring.  There was just so much intrigue going on that nobody started a shootout - they were too busy pulling off heists and meeting with smugglers and all sorts of crazy stuff.  It's been really fun reading people's AARs and figuring out what actually happened  - nobody had a clue during the event!  I'll admit to having had just a tiny bit less fun than last year, but that wasn't a game issue, it was a character issue - I'd been contracted out as a bodyguard for an independent journalist, which kept me out of most of the heists, and most of the other players didn't seem to keen on harassing the press.  So I spent a lot of time standing around, trying to look stern. :)  Which was fun in its own way.  I'll post my AAR here as soon as I get Day Two finished, but until then, check out what the other guys had to say OVER HERE at the Airsoft Battle Zone Forums.

Finally, I moved the first wave of stuff into my new apartment.  Mostly small things, mostly for the kitchen - between the stuff we brought and the stuff we bought, over the course of two days the kitchen, bathroom, and the closet all look like someone might live in them.  The living room and bedroom are still pretty empty, that's next weekend's project.  But dudes - this place is seriously GORGEOUS.  I don't feel like screwing with picture uploads right now,  Ten-foot ceilings, spiral staircase (it's a two-story apartment :) ), HUGE windows (the blinds had to be custom made)... they just finished doing renovations, so the kitchen and bath have brand new ceramic tile floors, wood cabinets, appliances, plumbing... and they ripped up the slightly grotty old carpets and reconditioned the original hardwood floors.  Oh!  And there's a window seat upstairs, which I hadn't even noticed when I looked at the place in the spring....  Really, I think I should win a prize for finding the most awesome first apartment ever.  (Did I mention I'm only paying $460/month, all utilities - including high-speed internet and cable TV - included in the rent?)
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...What I am is another matter entirely.

That's right, it's that time of year again. What, you don't know? It's time for Freefall!

Freefall is a live-action role-playing game (I cannot use the term RPG, because to me that means "rocket-propelled grenade launcher." It should be known that my character owns and operates one.) with added Airsoft set in our favorite 'Verse, Joss Whedon's Firefly.

Freefall is the name of a little gos se town on a little gos se moon in the pigu-end of the 'Verse, until recently only known as little a gos se titanium mining operation. Until last year (two years after the Independents lost the war), when the discovery of a vein of a very rare and very shiny gemstone, an assassination, a miner's strike, and some black-market dealings gone wrong all smashed together into what looked like it might turn into a brand-new draft of the Independence War.

Things looked to be quieting down when the Waxwing took to the sky at the end of last year, but it seems they were just settling in for the long haul. The shape of things has changed down there some since, but the faces keep pretty much the same. Check out the full story (seriously full - the pre-game plot outlines, brief character sketches, and after-action reports combine to about 22,000 words) for some cool interconnected fanfic, or come out and play if you're feeling adventurous. The web address is

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The trailer for the Freefall documentary is up!  I'm in it!  I'm the one in the shiny burgundy satin suspenders and black hat.

Gotta say, I'm really impressed with the sound quality he got from the little camera he was using (the music was, if I'm not mistaken, recorded live from the bellydance performance).  Let's see, who else is in the trailer... The tall blonde and small dark dancers are respectively the Companion and the Magistrate's Daughter, the thin drummer is Crash the Pilot, the guy with the green bandanna around his neck is the Captain, the woman with the blue tank top is the Engineer, the tall guy in the vest is the bodyguard, the woman in the straw hat is the Shepard, and the cute black guy is the Doctor (I haven't written about some of these people yet).

In addition, all of the character sheets and AARs (as well as a slightly clearer version of the trailer) are also up at (I knew I should have gotten Day 2 finished before my trip!).
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This is the character sheet that the Freefall event coordinator wrote.  It should help to decipher A Smuggler's Life for Me a bit, although Margaret Blake changed a bit from this to the character that's telling ASLfM, and as before if you want the full story go here.  I have a more specific character bio for Margaret in my head that I may write up when I finish with the AAR.

Smuggler Pilot - Margaret Blake
Gem Vendor - Christopher Dennett

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So last weekend I played the best game of anything ever. 

That's right, I'm talking about the Freefall Game again.

It was technically an Airsoft game, but it was really scenario-oriented and came across more like a LARP only less pretentious and more exciting.  We had a lot of people out who had never played Airsoft before, but happened to be a) actors, and b) Firefly fans, and just about everybody stayed in character the entire game, and it was SO COOL!!!  It was like living in the Firely 'verse for two days! 

The only downside is that the guy who was filming the event (I'll link to that if it ever hits the internets) was also playing the Alliance Commander, so none of the cool scheming that occurred onboard the Waxwing Bulk Transport got recorded.

Anyways, it's kind of a tradition among Airsofters to post an After Action Report (AAR) after an event (especially a scenario game) so the folks who couldn't be there can get all jealous and clear their schedule for next year.  It's just like a convention report, really.  Anyways, the event coordinator asked all of the more actory types to write their report in character, and since mine ended up reading like fanfic I thought some of you would be interested.  All of the AARs, as well as all of the character profiles, can be found here.

Title: A Smuggler's Life For Me, 1/2
Fandom: Firefly, Airsoft
Characters: OC's a-plenty, POV of Margaret Blake, smuggler pilot.
Timeline: Two years pre-Serenity
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,164
Authors Note: This'll make a whole lot more sense if you read the character sheets that the event coordinator wrote.  I'll C & P mine over here, and that should get you through, but if you want the full perspective you can go here (because it never hurts to ink to the same thing twice).


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