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Am sitting in my new apartment, contemplating whether I want another sandwich.  (Well, they're actually prefab mircowaved flatbread panini's from Sam's club, and are just soft enough that I have to eat them with a fork, so I'm not certain they qualify as sandwiches.)  I am most definitely hungry, but it's already 1:30, and I want to have eaten dinner (which will be thin beef soup with crusty garlic-y bread) before my parents pick me up at 5:30-6:00. 

Hell with it.  I want more sammich.

Anywho, we brought another load of stuff out to my place yesterday, this one composed of all of my remaining furniture except for my cedar chest (and my bedframe, which I don't have yet), the amorphous contants of my desk, almost all of my clothes, and some bathroom stuff.  I spent the night so I could get stuff unpacked.  (I <3 my apartment.  It's awesome.)

I got all the furniture in place and the bathroom stuff unpacked yesterday, and got the clothes unpacked this morning.  Next step is to get my bags packed for our trip to Colorado before my parents show.  We're driving out to the Twin Cities and spending the night in a hotel tonight, because our flight is at something like 6:45.  :P

After I've finished packing, I'll either assemble the bookshelves we bought last weekend, or try to finally finish my AAR before I find myself somewhere potentially without internet.  I was going to watch M*A*S*H, but it appears I only have basic cable, rather than the expanded basic I thought I was getting (I seem to remember the landlord telling me that they were having catfights with the cable company - they might have had to downgrade in order to keep their apartment-building package deal).

I don't know for sure whether or not I'll have internet in Colorado, so you might not hear from me for about a week.  Ciao!


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