Aug. 5th, 2006 11:48 am
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It's a beautiful day.  By beuatiful, I mean that it's mildly overcast, but not so cloudy as to be oppressive.  Which means I am clad in jeans and a sweater!  The birds are singing harmoniously, for once.

We also have baby horses.  Nell Fenwick was born a couple weeks ago, and is psuedo-black with two white feet and a really lovely, even trotting gait (her feet lift way up, and her head barely moves at all).  The colt, as yet only known as Itsaboy or possibly Moo, was born sometime between 10pm and 4am last night.  He's cute and wobbly and tiny, and all splotchy (seriously, he looks like he's part cow).

By all reasoning, I should be in a great mood.  But am I?  Nooo.  I'm inexplicably tired, have a headache, and am completely unmotivated.  So instead of labelling renfaire pictures so I can get them uploaded, writing, making icons, getting moss to help fill out my MPN, or even making lunch that involves actual cooking, all of shich should be done, I'm trying to figure out what tv-based entertainment I should park myself in front of and making prefab noodles.

Should I go for:
Macbeth (BBC,1983 starring Nicol Williamson)
Othello (1990, Ian McKellan as Iago)
Baz Luhrman's La Boheme (1993 Australian run, not the one that toured the US)
Or should I drag Moss downstairs to watch some SG-1 DVDs, preferably something with Ba'al?

P.S.  Is it bad that I recognized Dan Payne in last night's SGA?
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Yesterday, that is. Although it looks to be quite nice today, as well. I got my hair trimmed, finally. I no longer look like a neglected topiary. Also, I'm remembering now why I like having the mohawk: wind-in-long-hair and wind-on-almost-bare-scalp are both among my favorite spring/summer related sensations. Guitar lesson went well, too. And on to the question...

...Is it bad that I don't mind being a fashion victim?

Take yesterday, for example. Chocolate brown pinwale corduroy broomstick skirt and bright red pseudo-backless top. Not bad so far, the shirt may gravitate towards party-girl but actually goes really well with the skirt. Things got scary when it came time to leave the house. Which is when shoes and jacket were added to the ensemble. Or, more to the point, the biker jacket and Doc Martens. The Docs were shoes, at that. All the clompyness of the boots with the added bonuses (bonae?) of ankle flexibility and having your little white socks show. I went through the day feeling good and pleased with my fashion choices, but in the back of my head were two questions, buzzing around: "Is this outfit more of an 'Identity Crisis' look, or a 'Total Geek' look?" and "Would the pink socks with red and purple lip prints have worked better, even if they had much higher tops?"

Dammit, I think Winamp just locked up my computer. I can't switch windows. Lets hope I can still post this...

ETA: Yep, serious(ly weird) computer lockage, although I'm not entirely certain what caused it. I couldn't move from one window or program to the other using the normal "click the toolbar" method, and had to use task manager. Then said toolbar went completely blank, right down to the little tray icons and start button (this was after posting). Still the only effect was having to use task manager to navigate. WTF?
And it was warm and dry enough for me to walk outside barefoot today. Yay!


Apr. 6th, 2006 11:23 am
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It appears to have been the theme for the last couple of days. Did anyone else notice that Goodman was about two seconds from joining the rest of the boys in a chorus of "Aaarr" when last night's Bones ended?

I <3 Pirates

As exhibited by Tuesday's movie-of-choice, Captain Blood. Which much to my surprise was a legitimately decent film. I mean it's an adventure movie from 1935, so there are clearly a few flaws, but they were mostly limited to excess swooning and some relatively minor plot holes. I watched it because it was Errol Flynn's first big movie. And, you know, pirates. One of which was Errol Flynn. And Basil Rathbone (what an excellent evil guy). And the Flynn/DeHaviland screen chemistry. Did I mention Errol Flynn?

...Is it bad that I have a crush on someone who's been dead for 50 years?

Ahem. Anywho, I also managed to download the trailer for Shadow Puppets. Looks cool (and anything with the voice of Tony Todd sounds cool). And it has JM, and other pretty people, wandering around in their underwear, which is always a plus.
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This has become a common phrase in my vocabulary of late, often used when shopping for clothes: "Is it bad that I'm thinking about trying this on?", usually in reference to something floral or velvet. Not to bore you with other examples, my latest use of this phrase:

Is it bad that I changed my entire desktop theme to match my new Winamp skin?

Admittedly, I had been thinking I needed a new theme anyways, but thinking you need a new theme is somewhat different than spending half an hour finding a color scheme that would match both the new wallpaper and the skin. I don't even use Winamp that often. And now because of it, I have a crazy person on my desktop. More specifically, Dana the Crazy Slayer from Damage, whom I got the wallpaper of at Obsession of the Moment (beautiful wallpapers, icons and other fan art there).


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