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Well, really I haz a break from cleaning in which I am sitting in the Throne of Handsewing/Blogging, surveying my domain, drinking coffee and writing two different blog posts at once.

Okay, since I wrote that first sentence, I finished the post on my work blog.  It's about half a rewrite of Monday's post, and half me waxing poetic about my sewing machines + a picture of my new business cards (and some muttering about blog and website maintenance).  ...EXCEPT THE WEBSITE LOGGED ME OUT AND IT DIDN'T POST OR SAVE.  ...Fuck.  It was a long post, too. I spent like two hours on it. :,(

::sigh:: Here's a link to the corset I almost bought: and the place we got the soap from: and the fancy writing box:
They have good stuff, you should ogle it.

Now, if you excuse me, I have a post to go reconstruct, I'll be back later with the rest of the post I meant to write here...
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So, a while back, the ever-lovable sionnain asked her Flist for punk rock recs, and I decided to make a mix for her. It took much longer than I had expected, due to midterms and a frustrating resolution (that wouldn't use songs from the same album if I used an artist more than once) and the disturbing fact that I didn't have a lot of this stuff in a format I could use (bootlegs of library copies - I'll happily distribute things I've paid for, but I try to play nice and stop after the first generation) - thank Cthulhu for eMusic (legal, but very cheap, GREAT selection of independent labels). Also, I'm a freak who thinks that an album/mix is more than just a collection of songs, so I spent an absurd amount of time playing with the track order, trying to get a good flow from beginning to end. Not that they need to be listened to that way, it's just how I roll (except tracks 8 & 9, the exception to my "different albums" thing, because that's how they were recorded).

Aaand now, for your musical entertainment and edification, I present: CERYS' PUNK STARTER KIT MIX!!!! </circus barker voice> (Not to be confused Chex Mix, pancake mix, or spring salad mix, though can possibly be confused with Meow Mix.) )

In other news, I really need to check my profile more often.  I seem to have received a snowflake cookie from kittyzams and kwanzaa candles from Anonymous back in December and I only noticed just now.  Thank you, lovely gift-giving people!

Also, I win at burning the living hell out of myself in the course of everyday tasks.  Fried two knuckles on my left hand taking Tater Tots out of the oven.  (What?  I like Tater Tots... i just thought they were only harmful to your insides, not your outsides.)  Middle and ring fingers, right next to the scar from taking mince pies out of the oven two months ago.  (I seem to have a problem with ovens.)

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Okay, it's been over a month since my last post.  I can't remember how long it's been since I checked my FList.  However long it's been, it'll have to wait another day - or at least until I finish this paper I'm supposed to be writing (which is already late.  Oops.).  But it's the last paper before finals!  Yay!  And Inherit the Wind has finished it's very short run, so I have my evenings back now.

I'll do another post in a few days, wherein I'll tell of various goings-on, but on what I'm doing tomorrow:

GLSEN Day of Silence, April 18, 2007: from the official website:
"The Day of Silence is an annual event held to bring attention to anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination in schools. Students and teachers nationwide will observe the day in silence to echo the silence that LGBT and ally students face everyday. In it's 11th year, the Day of Silence is one of the largest student-led actions in the country."

A largish portion of Students Opposed to Acts of Prejudice will be wearing t-shirts in observation of the day but are unable to forgo speaking due to previous commitments (others will just be wearing black).  I'll be doing the full-fledged vow-'o-silence thing, and I may goth up to make my silence more noticeable.

This should be interesting.

(Class discussion for English and Sociology will be painful.  My ideas are normally out there enough that I can't really trust others in the class to say them for me.)


Jan. 15th, 2007 01:43 pm
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Snowsnowsnow SNOW!! It's finally winter again!

And I've just realized that I've been lax in my pimping duties. Billy's website has been up for months now and I haven't linked it yet!

Billy Krause is a folk musician from my corner of the world. His work is amazing, with more than a little rock & blues to his folkishness (his live shows often feature killer Tom Waits covers), and he just released a new album entitled "Cool Dry Place."

In all honesty, Cool Dry Place doesn't quite live up to his live performances (it's still really good!). It's a little over-engineered, with a few too many instruments in play, and as such has lost some of the fire you get when it's just three guys with guitars. However, the bass player (Billy's 22-year-old daughter) is worth the listen if you can hear her, and the title track and "Twenty-One Grand" are great songs and stand up to being recorded ("Rumors of Armando" and "Old Dawgs" are my favorites live, but they've lost some of their charm).

His essential work is "Partly Folk, Partly Fiction," which features the beautiful song "Cutter," a song that has been one of my favorites in the whole wide world for a very long time. (Also "Miss Ruby" which has a sequel on CDP: "Ruby's Gone") "At the Bay" is worth considering, as well.

Yes, I did just pimp every album Billy has available on his website. That's because they're really, really good. Buy some! Fund his next album! I'll be back with more linkey bits if I can find some of the stuff he's done with other bands, as well.

Happy music!

ETA: The reason I linked to the specific albums is because there are sample tracks for each.  Listen!

ETA:  Oh!  The reason I'm doing the linky bits now is that three of his songs were played on the NPR program "Simply Folk" Sunday evening.  Does anyone here listen to that?
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It's all [personal profile] curiouswombat's fault.  It's got seals, a yeti, and his friend the penguin.  Whom he throws.

The Penguin Bounce Game!

My penguin just made 401.38.

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There's a guy that regularly watches Friday Night Lights on his laptop in the lounge, within hearing range of the squishy couch I usually sit on.  He has just now started watching this week's Heroes.  I, of course, can only watch this show when the SciFi Channel reruns it on Friday.  Dammit.  I would go over and ask to join him in his viewing, but I have to go to class in less than half an hour.  So I am doing the mental equivalent of covering my ears and singing "lalalalala" to avoid being spoiled (concentrating on the Foosball game occurring directly behind my head helps). :(  I wish it was Friday.

I shall now talk about my weekend.  Normally I consider Tuesday the cutoff day for talking about weekends, but I've been busy, and it was a really great weekend.

For me, the weekend officially starts with Friday night, mostly due to the massive amounts of TV I watch on that night.  I must say that the Tenth Doctor is really growing on me.  I was trying to keep the Ninth as my favorite just out of sheer contraryness, but much to my dismay David Tennant plays him with all the things I like about the Christopher Eccelston version (he really is the same character, even with a different actor), plus he has hyperactive eyebrows and wears scruffy Converse with a snazzy suit/trenchcoat combo.  Plus, this week's episode had Anthony Stewart Head being quite evil, and Sarah Jane Smith & K-9.  It's weird how much I enjoyed the nostalgia of Sarah Jane's appearance.  I never watched any of the earlier Dr. Who incarnations, at least as far as I can remember, but that "Oh, wow!" sensation that comes with the return of favorite character still hit me.  Never mind that it was a very well-written and acted episode (loved the bickering with Rose!), you can expect those factors to make you understand that this character is an old friend of the Doctor, but actually feeling like an old TV-friend has shown up on screen?  That's very, very impressive.

BSG, Heroes, and the Night Stalker reruns (which I keep missing the first 15-20 minutes of, now that it's on at 5), in order from greatest to least on the coolness scale, continue to be excellent, but for some reason I've never felt compelled to post much on the content thereof.  Although I do think the new developments in Cylon download/reincarnation are interesting.

Now, on to Saturday.  [profile] moss6886 and I went shopping.  Normally, shopping is not considered one of the fun things to happen on weekends.  We drive an hour, go to Sam's Club, the grocery store, etc., and it takes the entire bloody day.  The main reason I go is to keep her company, and maximize chattering time.  But this time?  Was different.  Because we were On a Mission.  As the school audience knows already, there is going to be an on-campus screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween, and I was without the proper clothing (and I use that term loosely). 

We didn't get home until 6pm (that's nine hours of Questing).

Then Sunday rolled along, and how did the day start?  Why, with a summons to party, of course!  Michael Perry (  Go!  He's funny, and just started his international book tour!) was doing a reading, signing, and music event at the Masonic Temple in Eau Claire (lovey proscenium theatre!), and a couple of our friends were being his band.  The call came from the wife of one of those friends, who had decided to invite many people over for dinner afterwards.  As we don't see said friends nearly often enough, I finished my Sociology paper (kind of) and we (me, my dad, and my grandmother) piled into the car to get there by two o'clock.  We got the new book (signed, and two days before the official release date) and his CD, and generally had a great time!

Yes, it has taken roughly 27 hours to write this entry.  What of it?

ETA:  Gah!  It's the 19th and I still haven't carved a pumpkin yet!  No!


Jul. 17th, 2006 01:02 pm
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My hand smells funny.  But it looks cool.  As yesterday was the last day of the faire, I celebrated by spending a lot.  Among the things I spent a lot (well, $25) on was a mendhi design on the back of my right hand.  It took about an hour to do, and I pretty much had to keep the hand immobile for the rest of the night.  It was definitely worth it.  I'll see if I can get [profile] moss6886 to take pictures of it tonight so I can spam you.  My wrist feels really weird now, because to do the henna I had to take of my medical alert bracelet (penicillin allergy).  This is only the fifth time I've taken it off in nearly six years of wearing it (three of the previous four had been to adjust the fit).

For those of you don't really care about my life as a part-time Rennie (ie, all of you), I'll shut up about it as soon as I finish the recaps and picspam for the last three weeks.  Unless I end up going to Shakopee just to check it out.  Then there's the vague possibility of the Knights of the Round Table one-weekend in a couple months.  And I may spam with historical clothing/architecture sites...  hmmm....

On an entirely different note, my older cousin is a goof.  I know this.  I should not be surprised to see more evidence to this effect.  But I have discovered that he has a friend with a camera.  And a YouTube account.  They made a movie trailer (HERE).  The Ninja PSA and Ninja Attack! clips are also funny in that YouTube inanity way,  but the trailer nearly caused me to die laughing.  Maybe it's funnier because I'm related to him (he's actually an intelligent and responsible being).
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Church of the Flying Spagetti Monster


* Flimsy moral standards.
* Every friday is a relgious holiday. If your work/school objects to that, demand your religious beliefs are respected and threaten to call the ACLU.
* Our heaven is WAY better. We've got a Stripper Factory AND a Beer Volcano.

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...but I just have to share.

Cherub: the Vampire with Bunny Slippers

Hee! I found this a few weeks ago DL'd the first three eps. There are two more up now, but I'm going to have to wait on them, 'cause I give Tom Waits a higher priority (have I mentioned that I have the Dial-Up from hell?). Hmm... I should check and see if they have a LJ feed, so I can grab them as they're posted.

Also? Not getting why so many people don't like Rich Text Editor. Maybe it's because I'm a newbie as far as HTML is concerned, but I love it. Works just like the MSWord toolbar.

Oh, wow...

Feb. 24th, 2006 03:05 pm
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This link courtesy of Neil Gaiman's blog:

*squeak!* Now all I need is ten grand, a large house, and a hardcover book. I'm thinking Poe or Stevenson...

::giggles and ponders literature::
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One of the funnier lists I've encountered in a while, over at [personal profile] eliade's journal.

The Search for a Metaphor for My Current Inability to Write

See, mom? These are the reasons why I cannot write more than a paragraph a week on Heaven and Earth. Especially the one with the cat. And the Mollusks. And I'm working as fast as I can, but between working four different stories at once and having my walking, talking, plot bunny (you) come up short on the good ideas, "fast as I can" is currently being outrun by turtles.



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