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I'm back.  I went to St. Louis for spring break, then I had to catch up on sleep and homework, but now I'm back.  With thoughts!

First thought, a question:

Okay, maybe it's because I've just started dipping my toes in the House fandom, but why is Chase always such a wuss in fic?  And in slash pairings, he's always at least a low-grade sub.  To this convention, I aim a great, big, WTF?  The guy's a canonical dabber in the S & M scene with dom leanings (1x20 "Love Hurts").  Why hasn't anyone taken this concept out for a run?

Second thought, an observation:

There appear to be three main motivators when it come to the impulse to write fanfic.  They are as follow.

1) The author is a serious or semi-serious writer (by nature or nurture), whose subconscious has been eaten by a show/book/movie to the point that plot bunnies spawn from 'verse canon instead of a strange mishmash of real life stuff.

2) The author has been lurking around fandom and wants to do what all the cool kids are doing give back in some way.

3) The author really, really needs to get laid and is displaying their fandom-based fantasies for all to see. (Clearly, this motivator is only applicable to non-gen fic.)

These motivators almost never appear one at a time, and are often combined with each other (1 primary/3 secondary and 3 primary/2 secondary are the most common mixes) and/or AU fiddling (from "crazy crackfic" to "mild alternate ending/scene curiosity" to "OMG they ruined the show! 'repairs'") / wish fulfillment.

Fandom is weird.

::<3's fandom::

<dom voice>Now, rec me some good House fic, worms.</dom voice>  Please?
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My dad and I just watched Graduation Day 1 & 2, and much to my surprise I didn't feel the urge to over-analyze Faith's "You should have been there, B," line (partly due to the excessive amount of woolgathering I've already done on the subject, partly due to the germies, which I'll get to in a bit.).

Instead, I find myself very pissed off at Angel.

Why, you ask?  Because of the not-saying-goodbye thing.  The great romantic gesture, which I had never minded before because I'm fond of such things.  But that's just it:  the great romantic gesture.  He's breaking up with Buffy so she can move on and have a husband and sunshine, and babies and yet more sunshine (well, I think there's more than a little don't-want-to-see-her-die involved, but the sunshine was the stated reason), and yet he refuses to say goodbye, to actually let her go.  Sure, she doesn't really mind, because goodbye would be painful and she doesn't really want him to leave anyways.  Goodbye means it's really over.  But they didn't have that ending.  Angel couldn't have come up with a better device to keep Buffy from moving on if he'd tried.

So a whole slew of problems eventually crop up in their lives (especially hers), because Angel was too cowardly to end their relationship.  Leaving?  He managed that.  Letting her leave?  Not so much.  Hence the pissed offedness.

Poor Buffy.  Her guys never say goodbye, do they?

In other news, germies.  Bleah.  I'd done really well so far.  Right when I thought that I'd made it through the semester without catching any notable diseases (there were some close calls, but I generally kept from showing full-blown symptoms), my immune system starts to give up the ghost.  Which is what I'm starting to look like, because the germs say I should be a papery tone, rather than my usual pinkish-tannish self.  They also say I should have a kinda sore throat, and itchy eyes, and stuffy nose, and a weird fevery thing going on.  Plus there's something strange happening with my eyelid.  It's kinda swollen and hurty in one corner and I hate it when something goes wrong with my eyes.  [profile] moss6886 thinks it may be an infected eyelash, which means I'll soon have pus going on, too.  Ick.

But ooh!  Ooh!  The vase with a dozen roses in it I got on Antigone opening night?  (Did I mention those?)  Well, first I had flower food, and then I was both busy and lazy.  So instead of throwing them out after a while, they got left in their vase.  It was cold enough that they went droop, dry & petrify instead of losing their petals.  They're still quite pretty, in a creepy kind of way (though the fur that the 1/8th of an inch of water is growing is not so pretty).  But imagine my surprise when I look at my windowsill this weekend to see...  New leaves!!  Not just leaves, but itty-bitty branches growing out of one of the dead roses!  I have a new rose bush growing in my room, as a reward for being lazy!  (I may never clean again...)
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Have you ever had one of those days when your alarm goes off, and you wake up and go "Noooo!  I don't want to go!"?  And then you realize that you just forgot to turn off said alarm the day before, and it's really Saturday morning?  Which makes you feel much more awake (relatively speaking) and like you should slither out of bed and go watch some cartoons?  That was how today started.  Only I didn't watch cartoons when I got up, I did homework instead.

But on the upside?  I found a balloon.  I was taking a break and wandering outside, when I saw it tangled in some weeds.  It's a shiny silver mylar one, with dark blue lettering saying "You simply are the best" on one side, and "CSI Customer Service Week" on the other.  It's still got some helium in it, as well, and floats a few inches above the ground when left alone.  This makes me happy.  I've got a balloon!

Not much else of note going on with me (besides my usual running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, now with late nights), but I felt like writing something anyways.  Plus it's been what, two weeks?  Since I communed with my keyboard in a blog-type way.  So.  How've ya been?

Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful Theatre professor?  He's such a geek (and his wife even more so).  As in, he too owns the entire BtVS series on DVD, and has watched Firefly and Serenity.  Plus occasional Star Trek references.  And here's the best part: for our second paper, we're supposed to write fanfic. 

New Battlestar Galactica last night!  Yay!

I finally got around to watching X3 on Thursday.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Most of the problems with it, in my mind, were the same problems I had with the first two, and the plot actually managed to surprise me in a couple places.  But, since in hindsight comics were/are my first fandom, I feel the urge to nitpick.  I shall alternate nits and squee so as not to sound too negative.

There may be more, but those are the important bits.  And I'm all sleepy now.  G'night.


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