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So the blergs have finally seized me... it's been waiting to happen for a long time now.  In that light, I appear to have gone and made New Year's resolutions... I NEVER do that.  I mean, I've made half-hearted lists because that's supposed to be the Thing that you Do around NYE, but never actually resolved to do anything.  So, here follows my grand Plan for the next year, with Background and Explanations... I hope someone other than my mom still reads this, 'cause I'm going to need cheerleaders:

Operation: Get Cerys' Life and Head on Straight

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Item 1: Get Off My Butt and Back Into Shape
This is only partly because my butt jiggles like I need a second bra for my backside whenever I run... I'm actually still a skinny bitch (5'7", about 140lbs, with a bone structure that hides any "extra" weight quite well), but I miss being bendy, and it sucks how easily winded I am.  Basically, I hate it when I'm out of shape.  It makes me feel weak.  Also, it occurs to me that maybe one of the reasons I was able to keep myself pretty upbeat at school, even when I was averaging 5 hours of sleep a night and forgetting to eat from stress, MIGHT have had something to do with how even on my laziest weekday, I still put a mile or two under my boots, and generally spent a couple hours a day in the dance studio, as well.  Endorphins are amazing things.

I've already talked about getting back into fencing, but that's not just easier said than done, but also only once a week.  A friend of mine started a Facebook group called "Simply walk into Mordor," because his goal is the just-shy-of-1,800-miles-in-185-days that Frodo pulled off, and he would like company (there's talk of holding parties when his mile count reaches specific landmarks)... I'd love to get in on that, although having missed the start of the journey on January 3rd due to illness will make motivating myself to start a bit tricky, as does the snow and ice everywhere.  But yeah, I've been looking at GPS run/walk tracking apps for my phone (aside: I have a new phone!  It is smart!  My mom got it for me as a Xmas present!  I <3 it.), and hopefully I can get started walking or eventually running somewhat seriously soon.

Item 2: UNPACK
This is one of the ones I haven't been able to bust up into neat little considerations... I got the essentials (most of my clothes, my books, etc.) unpacked ages ago, but everything else... I've been living half out of boxes for a year, so now everything is so disorganized that I have no idea what is where or how to begin.  I really need to just spread everything out and go through it, but I can't do that because I have pet rabbits (imagine three fluffy termites the size of small corgis), and the only rooms it's safe to spread my belongings out without them being destroyed are the ones packed too full of boxes to do anything in.  I guess I should just pick a corner and start there, but that approach hasn't really worked so well thus far...  Any suggestions?

Item 3: Keep up with the simple cleaning
Another one I've been trying at all year without success... You'd think it wouldn't be hard to put dishes in the dishwasher when they're dirty, or put bottles and cans in the recycling when I'm done with them, or vacuum once a week, but shit still keeps piling up to the point where cleaning it up is not only a few hours worth of work, but gets in the way of other projects I should be doing.  I guess all I can do is keep trying...

Item 4: Become a Theatre Professional
This is the big one, the one that needs things that are actually out of my control, the one that nobody actually tells you how to do even when you spend nearly six years training to do it.  I made some progress on this one yesterday... tiny progress.  I finished revising my resume yesterday.  :)  And I dug up my sketchbook with most of my portfolio materials in it (still need to find my disc of Producers photos, and figure out how and where to get pictures of a bunch of UWEC productions).  And I ponied up the $75 for an Early Career USITT (United States Institute of Theatre Technology) membership.  The world may be with me making this fly... this year's USITT conference is in Milwaukee this March, I'll buy a ticket for that in the next couple days.  So I should be able to get some professional feedback on my resume and portfolio there, and do some networking.  I suck at networking, but if I'm lucky, some sort of career opportunity will show itself at the conference... so that's phase one of this goal, with a deadline two moths out: get myself together and prepared enough that I can maybe impress a few people, and if I can't find myself a job there, I should be able to make a few connections and have a better idea of where to go afterwards.  The biggest potential hiccup is that because the conference is mostly during the week, if I don't have a functional automatic transmission vehicle by then, I'll need to get a hotel room for at least three, probably four nights, and the hotels hosting this thing run $130-plus per night.  Which could be a problem if I can't find friends who want to bunk up with me.

Okay, there it is.  The State of the Cerys.  I've spent nearly all day on this damned post.  So I should just call it good, and go fold some laundry or something.  Here goes nothing...

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For background on this crappy day, I introduce you to the fairly decent but quite exhausting week preceding:

It was the first week of class at UWEC, which went pretty well.  I also worked three eight-hour days at my temporary job (campus bookstore, rush week only) - two of those days were on days where I had a two-hour class right in the middle of the day (in other words, I worked from 8am to 7pm), and the other was on Friday, which would normally be my day off.

I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday (I think I had a fever on Friday), so I kind of goofed off, even though I had massive amounts of work to do - between having no time to do homework during the week (I can't start working at night - I can get caught up in a project and work into the night, but I can't start at night), and not being entirely moved in yet, I'm pretty much swamped.

So yesterday was okay - I emptied a few more boxes (okay, so I stacked the books on the shelf rather than actually putting them away, but it still decreased the overall mess), got my shoes & belts organized, and wandered over to the budget theatre to watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.  Which wasn't actually very good, but I loved it anyway, partly because I've been watching the Indy movies for so long that I can't actually remember not knowing what happens next, so it was really awesome to finally have a set of "the first time I saw Indiana Jones" memories.

It's kind of strange how the good day basically caused the crappy day.  After the movie, I came home, had dinner, and watched TV/played on the computer.  I had a bit of a headache, and couldn't get myself to be sleepy.  But that was okay, I was still in a good mood anyway, so I kept on with the TV-watching rather than doing the smart thing, which would have been to brush my teeth put on some quiet music, and go to bed anyway.  But no - I stayed up until 2.

I woke up at around 8:30 (not enough sleep for me), and resolved to get all my work done today in time to go to either the 3pm or 5pm showing of Kung Fu Panda.  Then I broke another cup while pouring my morning coffee - the second in as many days, the exact same way both times (vaguely cool morning + spectacularly hot coffee = badly cracked cup).  I pouted and tried to continue with my day, starting on my class readings in order of "whichever class comes first in the day."

I slogged through my Stagecraft books, which took forever because 1) 67 pages, 2) they're profoundly boring pages, and 3) I know most of this stuff already, so I have a hard time concentrating.  So I wandered upstairs to check my email and finish setting up my printer between pages of reading.  The internet is slow, my computer is cranky, and somewhere along the line (roughly when I finished reading in one Stagecraft book and was ready to move on to the next), say 11:30, I stopped reading and started focusing solely on getting the wireless connection for my printer working.  It wasn't cooperating.

I spent two hours fiddling with it - because my internet was slow, help pages and registering the printer and reseting my HP password ('cause I forgot it again) and stuff all took forever - and restarting my computer and fiddling some more.  During those two hours, I realized the following things:

I still had 5 pages of reading to due on Stagecraft alone.

I hadn't even started on my Russian homework, which I have to actually hand in tomorrow.

Nor had I started the three very long, very dense Library Science chapters which I have to write a paragraph on by Wednesday.

The garbage is starting to get smelly, and needs to be taken out.

I have a large pile of cardboard boxes pretty much blocking the way to the front door, which need to be broken down and taken to the recycling.

I have to wash a load of laundry, because I am out of jeans.

I also have laundry to put away, and I have to step over it to get to the bookshelf.

I cannot put laundry away until I've unloaded & put away the miscellaneous desk stuff from the plastic tote.

I can't put away the desk stuff until I've cleaned the 4-year accumulation of dust from said desk.

I can't clean the desk because I'm using it to try and get the printer working.

Furthermore, everything needs a sweeping, or a dusting, or a scrubbing (and has for a couple of weeks), but I can't do that either, because there's too much crap strewn around, being Not Put Away Yet.

I'm out of apples and lettuce and most of my veggies, and it's a longish walk to the farmer's market and it's raining.

I don't think I could do all of this in a day and a half, let alone an hour and a half.  I was just about ready to curl up in a corner and cry.  So I called my mom to see if she could help with the printer, at least.  She couldn't, but she told me to take a nap.  I didn't do that, but I had a cookie andstarted blogging, and looked at pictures of Dr. Evermor's Forevertron (a friend went there yesterday and posted the pics on Facebook), instead.  The cookie and the Forevertron pictures helped.

It's after three now.  So much for Kung Fu Panda.

I think I need another cookie.

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Seventeen days, six hours, one minute until finals are over....

Two English papers, one music paper, an exam, and a ten-minute presentation on a subject where most of the useful literature is written in a language I don't speak...

Seventeen days, five hours, fifty-eight minutes until finals are over...

Then I take a week-long nap and get to work on finishing the incompletes for my two history classes...

Seventeen days, five hours, fifty-four minutes until finals are over...

Tell me, God (and by "God" I mean my professors), how did a fun little 1-credit linking seminar turn into a painful upper-division independent study course in disguise?  Oh, right.  You asked your students what they wanted to be graded on, and we responded "One big project at the end of the semester should be fun!"  Why did no one hit us upside the head in a Gibbs-esque manner when we said that?

Seventeen days, five hours, forty-six minutes until finals are over...

Immune system in a state of nervous collapse.  Shoulder knot so bad I can't turn my head.  Only been out of bed two hours and already in need of a nap.

Seventeen days, five hours, thirty-nine minutes until finals are over...

I want M*A*S*H and ice cream.
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You know how we don't post about cool things that maybe-might-be happening so they don't get jinxed?

...It doesn't work.

To elaborate:

My coursework this semester has been partly based around a groups of connected classes, the common theme being the Holocaust: History, Music Literature & Appreciation, and 20th Century Literature, and a 1-credit linking course (I'm just taking History & Music - I don't think anyone in the 1-credit is nuts enough to take all three classes).  It's been cool, the courses have been interesting and well-taught, I like all the professors involved, my classmates are all smart and good humored - exactly the crowd I'd want to spend two weeks exploring Europe with.

That's right.  These courses also tied into a 3-credit Study Abroad trip to Germany & Poland in the beginning of the summer.

Which has now been canceled.

My considerable curse-word vocabulary fails.  ::flaps helplessly::

We'd had trouble getting people interested from the get-go, and even more trouble getting people who'd pony up the necessary cash - $3000, BTW (dude, I'm a Grand Master budget traveler, and I couldn't manage two weeks overseas for that much... airfare alone would wipe out a third of that).  It had gotten to the point that the trip was getting chopped up according to airline group rates: if we got nine students (or other community members), they could go with just Dr. K, the history prof (whose brainchild this thing was, and can almost function as a translator - semi-fluent in German and vaguely workable in Polish); if we got thirteen Other Dr. K could go (the Literature prof); and if we got the number we were supposed to have, seventeen, then we'd have the professorial compliment with dL bringing up the rear (Music guy - I can't remember if he's a Doctorate prof or not)

The deadline got pushed back a couple of weeks, and we almost had the nine - from what Dr K said this afternoon, we'd actually gotten them, but... apparently two people who had said they were in still hadn't put in their deposits.

Crap, crap, crap.  And I've been getting the travel bug something fierce, too.

So, I've resolved to do some other travel-y thing sometime in the near future.  Maybe not this year, 'cause of the whole transferring/getting an apartment/getting a job thing, but...  I'll keep an eye on other Study-Abroad-type-things (hm... I wonder if EC sponsors archaeological digs?), or if this trip gets run again next year or something, I'll opt in, since it's open to community members.  If that fails... well, I'll just have to troop off to Europe my own damn self.
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Do you ever have one of those moments where you have something to squee about, and you have something to mope about, and the two things just cancel each other out, leaving you completely blank emotion-wise?  That's me right now.[Poll #1020891][Poll #1020891][Poll #1020892][Poll #1020892]
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Or, in other words: OMG PANIC!!!

Had my first car accident.  Meep.  The car is unharmed, and I'm a bit rattled but I'll recover.

This is what comes of being up before dawn.  You get up, stumble around a bit, get all dressed up in your new lacy goth skirt, pack your makeup and book and fluffy blankie in the car, and hit the road after only a few sips of coffee because otherwise you'll be late for the bus for your field trip to St. Paul/Minneapolis.  Then, five-ten minutes away from your destination, you hit a deer carcass.  It figures that I'd hit an already-dead deer.  You'd think it'd be difficult for something to sneak up on you if it's dead.

But no.  It was that weird not-quite-sunrise time when it's just light enough to make your dims pretty useless, but still dark enough that you can't see a damned thing.  Of course, I was following somebody, so I didn't have my brights on, plus the carcass was just over the crest of a hill.  Theoretically, I should have been able to figure that there was something in the road when the car in front of me swerved, but they were driving along the right side of the lane, so it was less of a swerve and more of a wobble (which I disregarded, 'cause as far as I knew they had sneezed),  whereas I was on the left side, and it's amazing how much difference two feet can make...  So in the time between seeing that I was going to hit something and actually hitting it, I was able to go "Oh, shit!" and take my foot off the gas, but that's about it.  I was close enough that the choice was deer or ditch, at 60mph.  I managed to get over far enough that the front wheel went over a leg, which only made me wobble a bit, but the rear wheel went over the body of the departed critter.  To all intents and purposes I lost control of the vehicle, although I managed to stay on the road, at no point traveled backwards (sideways, yes, but not backwards), and came to a rather neat stop at the side of the road...  the wrong side. :/

So, as I said the car is unharmed but deeply offended due to the various bits of deer (and remains of whatever it had eaten last - yech) now stuck to the undercarriage and around the rear wheel well.  I'm exhausted but okay, and strangely proud of myself.  I managed to keep my panicking confined to the 20 minutes or so between calling [profile] moss6886 and the policeman showing up, which I feel is good.  Sample panic: "OMG I'm missing my field trip and I'VE BROKE MY MOM'S CAR!!11!!"  As it turns out, the strange grating noise wasn't to do with the car, but was probably just something stuck in the wheel (bone, I'm thinking).  I didn't even knock out the alignment.  ::is impressed::

But I'm missing the field trip!  We were/they are going to go to see Tales of Hoffman and the Weisman Art Museum.  ::pout::  I was really looking forward to that, and it was timed just right so I could pretend it was a birthday trip... :(

I want to watch scary movies (got Alien Quadrilogy boxed set for my birthday), but feel I should be working on the thrice-be-damned speech instead.  Bleah.  Upside?  At least this way I won't miss my TV night (a nice, fluffy, Dr. Who ep sound quite appealing at the moment...).

And what am I supposed to do with an eight-foot-tall inflatable palm tree lamp, anyways?
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Just wrote an entry.  Lost it.  Don't know how.  Said entry had to do with the various things not going well, foremost being nasty knotty hurty shoulders and a really bad headache, wanting to take a nap but being too busy (not to mention the inside of my head being too noisy), needing to research a speech I need to give on Monday, and all this (and all the other little unpleasantries) being far too much for one to deal with on one's birthday.

Birthday Blues and Academic Panic don't mix well.

It also had a lot to do with all the good things going on, in an effort to cheer myself up, like how it's my birthday and it's almost Halloween, I'm listening to my present to me (JM's Civilized Man).    I think I'll go take a nap, homework and impending egg-on-face notwithstanding.  Or maybe play guitar for a bit.  Or both.  And think happy thoughts.  Like how I'm wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and have gotten good enough at walking in stiletto heels that I might be able to do the Time Warp without breaking an ankle.

Just realized that with all the stressing all I've had to eat to today is a cookie and an apple.  This can't be helping.  Also, I think I got really dehydrated on Tuesday and haven't recovered yet.  Must go remedy this.  And think about presents.  With any luck I'll be cheery(ish) and not so ouchy by time for rehearsal.

ETA: Just found out that while I was writing this, [personal profile] romanyg gifted me with userpics!  She deserves many, many squishes.  Thank you!
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On a more sad than panicky note, Tuesday was my last day of guitar lessons.  I would have kept going, because I'm still going to have Tuesdays & Thursdays free, but going into Eau Claire takes at least three hours out of a day, and I think I'm going to need that time to study.  And sleep.  I had a good last lesson, he tabbed out Tom McRae's Human Remains for me, showed me the weird tuning (has a name, but I forgot it) that has every string but B tuned to an E, and we finished up Dust in the Wind.  He also reminded me that he is in on Saturdays, and if I ever expected to have half an hour to kill, I could call and set up a one-off lesson.  Which I might do at some point, but it's still sad.  I've made a lot of progress since I started in January.

To comfort myself in all this drearyness, I've uploaded my pictures from Gatecon 2005 to Photobucket (more there; link to main album in sidebar).

In other news, the two youngest members of the St. Louis contingent (three, if you count Beak the Dog) are up for a visit, which is cool (although we need to figure out how to get Muggs up here, I haven't seen him in over a year).  Nunny brought both of her guitars.  She always brings the one, because classically trained guitarist do NOT skip practice for ten days, even if they're thirteen.  I made e-mail puppy eyes to get her to take along the electric.  The cousins are here because my aunt and uncle are going to a philosophy conference in the Dominican Republic (and yes.  Their flight was yesterday.)
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So there was this cute little frog on my window all day.  He was one of the funny grey-green mottledy tree frogs that can squish themselves really flat to look like lichen.  When I first saw him this morning, I thought it was a leaf or something.  But no.  Froggy.  Sitting on the outside sill-thingy on the window by my computer, leaning against the screen.

He was still there at about nine tonight.  He'd moved a bit over the course of the day, shifting to a shadier portion of the window, but mostly just sitting there.  I'd like to think he was keeping me company, but he was probably just sleeping (do frogs have eyelids?).  He was starting to move around more, and I made certain to introduce him to my dad before we went to watch AtS.

When I got back to my room, the froggy had gone.  I'd forgotten to take pictures. :(

Mayhaps I'm a bit stressed over the whole "college" thing.  Because sappy as I am, getting all teary over a frog hopping away without saying goodbye is a little extreme, even for me.
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Well, the ACT's just kicked my ass.

Endless moping about my bad test day )
It really sucked. I've never done badly on any test before, other than math practice tests at home. I managed a 3510 (out of 4000) on my HSED, but I think I'll be really lucky to get a 20 the ACT. So now I feel really mopey and depressed about my future, or more to the point, what I perceive as a lack thereof.
I'm going to watch a Buffy episode with my seven year old cousin now. Maybe that will help.


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