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Wednesday was Ian Fleming's 100th birthday (or would have been, had the man not partied himself into an early grave), and I didn't realize it until today.  For some reason, that makes me very sad.  Even though I've only read the first... seven? chapters of Casino Royale.  (Which I actually quite enjoyed and mean to finish - the writing style could be considered over-detailed and stilted, but for whatever reason it works in those books.)  Gotta say, the man hit his target (see opening quote).

The only reason I found out today is from this article from the CBC: "James Bond and the fantasy that is Britain's soul."  The article is almost interesting, but not quite.  If you weeded out the fluff (current pop culture & political comparisons, etc.), it might be a decent start to an English paper on the Bond novels as an inverse reflection of post-WWII Britain.  But mostly it's just a not-quite-boring article that happened to remind me of the coolness that is Bond, James Bond.

Rock on, 007.  (Can it be November soon?)
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So y'all are probably so bored of me ignoring the ol' Flist and popping up every other month to bitch/whine/freak out about homework, right? 'Cause I sure am. Bet you want to hear something fannish out of me for once, right? 'Course you do.

Well, you're just going to have to wait! I have gloating to do! (Don't worry, I have fannish musings for later in this broadcast. ;) )

Fair warning, I think I must have been in blog withdrawal or something, it took me a horribly long time to get to the point.

You know that presentation I was freaking out about the last two real posts? All was cool.

The grades for were emailed out yesterday.

Guess who got an A? ::points at self with thumbs::  Oh yeah.  Did I tell you I was awesome, or did I tell you I was awesome?  ;)

I wouldn't normally be quite so smug about getting a good grade, especially on a 1-credit class, but this semester has been a frakking nightmare, so I wouldn't have been totally surprised if I hadn't been able to pull myself together in time for finals, and blown my GPA all to Hell as a result.  Next time class registration rolls around, somebody please remind me that I have the reading speed of a narcoleptic snail and the writing speed to match, and therefore should NOT be taking ten credits worth of reading/research-heavy, paper/project-grade only classes?  Especially not if I'm planning on taking six MORE credits of other classes?  'Cause that's what I did this semester, and the end result was me 1) dropping Psychology 3/4's of the way through (ironically, I had an A in and liked the prof, I just needed the time to work on my other classes); and 2) taking incompletes on both of my History classes (which I'll get to work on finishing next week.  The rest of my finals were yesterday, and dammit, I will be taking a few days off!)

In all honesty, it wasn't just the course work that made this semester difficult, but most the other stuff turned out pretty cool.  A quick overview:

Err... you know, other than that and maybe some random amusements with friends & clubs, nothing in particular happened to me over the last few months.  And yet I still need a brain nap.

And finally something fannish!

And to close, I'm finally checking my Flist. Skip=900, baby! May 6th is as far as I can go, so drop a comment if there's anything earlier you want me to see. My hope is to, over the next few days, weed down the non-essentials enough so in the future when I have masses of homework I can still check up on y'all without getting procrastination guilt.


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This post is brought to you by Stayed Up Until Around 4am Reading Deathly Hallows, with special contribution by J.K. Rowling is an Evil Sorceress Who Plans to Turn Us All Into Sleep-Deprived Zombies and Take Over the World.

I'm putting my order for a cosmic favor in early: When the 7th movie finally comes out there needs to be a vid, featuring clips from all of the movies (especially the last few) cut together with clips of Rowling's appearances and interviews and what not...  Set to "I Can't Decide" by the Scissor Sisters.  Can somebody do that for me, O Great High Pubah of Teh Internets?

Carrying on (with the proviso that I loved all of it, no matter how much I pout), this will be easier in list format. 

Things That I Saw Coming Pre-Release:

Spoilers )

Things That I Saw Coming While Reading

Things That Made me Go "Wha?"

Other Favorite or Otherwise Notable Bits

This list of things may get updated later as I remember more.  I may even become semi-articulate!  (Which is rather a lot the ask of someone who only had two hours of sleep last night.) 

Speak to me, for I fear that any attempt to find a Harry Potter conversation already in progress may damage my grades due to severe time-wasting!  Please?  I wanna gossip!  I have bunnies!  (No, really!  They're little and cute and are about why Sirius ran away from his parents when he was sixteen.  There's a Muggle girl involved...)
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Yes, yes, I know it's been four weeks since I last posted promising an analysis of the "Alien" films.  I's been busy.

In other news, I just saw pirates three!  It was so cool!  I use the word cool advisedly, because I still think that the first one was the best, but...  the second and third are so cool!

Spoilers )

I have more thoughts, but I think I need to go to bed.


Apr. 29th, 2007 03:51 pm
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There are many things I should be doing right now.

Like doing script work on the play I'm in for acting class (The Roadhouse Cafe, written especially for the class).

Or reading Breakfast on Pluto for English class (which is really really good - I recommend it).

But as I seem to have hit the end-of-the-semester burnout, I am instead working on a mp3 mix, reading comics, and (of course) posting about said mixing and reading.

Speaking of mixing, I've just noticed that my musical tastes are not conducive to finding songs appropriately describing a mute sweetheart superhero who is exceptionally good at rolling with emotional punches.  And no, my cheesy lovesong collection doesn't work; he remains very much the bachelor for most of his early Titans run.  *grumble*  There's got to be something cheerful in the CD pile...  (Smiths?  Stone Roses?  Sting?  Something that doesn't start with S?)

Ooh!  [profile] moss6886 and I finally watched Casino Royale last night!  Gotta say... I think Daniel Craig may win for Best. Bond. Ever.  And the movie itself definitely wins (there were laws of physics.  And a plot.  I almost didn't recognize them ;)).  I'm a fan of all 007's (yes, even Timothy Dalton - he worked much better if you pretended he was just some other 00 agent and not Bond himself), but sometimes he just got a bit too smarmy for me (smooth, slutty, cold-blooded killer I like - smarmy guy not so much).  Plus, this James Bond is frequently naked.  Moreso than the girls (seriously - you never actually see a Bond girl with her clothes off in CR).  And Judi Dench's M wore flattering clothes and cursed a lot (<3's Judi Dench).
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Have you ever had one of those days when your alarm goes off, and you wake up and go "Noooo!  I don't want to go!"?  And then you realize that you just forgot to turn off said alarm the day before, and it's really Saturday morning?  Which makes you feel much more awake (relatively speaking) and like you should slither out of bed and go watch some cartoons?  That was how today started.  Only I didn't watch cartoons when I got up, I did homework instead.

But on the upside?  I found a balloon.  I was taking a break and wandering outside, when I saw it tangled in some weeds.  It's a shiny silver mylar one, with dark blue lettering saying "You simply are the best" on one side, and "CSI Customer Service Week" on the other.  It's still got some helium in it, as well, and floats a few inches above the ground when left alone.  This makes me happy.  I've got a balloon!

Not much else of note going on with me (besides my usual running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, now with late nights), but I felt like writing something anyways.  Plus it's been what, two weeks?  Since I communed with my keyboard in a blog-type way.  So.  How've ya been?

Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful Theatre professor?  He's such a geek (and his wife even more so).  As in, he too owns the entire BtVS series on DVD, and has watched Firefly and Serenity.  Plus occasional Star Trek references.  And here's the best part: for our second paper, we're supposed to write fanfic. 

New Battlestar Galactica last night!  Yay!

I finally got around to watching X3 on Thursday.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Most of the problems with it, in my mind, were the same problems I had with the first two, and the plot actually managed to surprise me in a couple places.  But, since in hindsight comics were/are my first fandom, I feel the urge to nitpick.  I shall alternate nits and squee so as not to sound too negative.

There may be more, but those are the important bits.  And I'm all sleepy now.  G'night.
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So, homework mostly done ("most" being the operative word), I find myself delaying the finish of said academic duties by watching a Blade: the Series marathon on SpikeTV. Which, by the way, is as bad as I thought it would be. Does that stop me from watching? Nope. Because bad TV is almost as good as good TV.

On the subject of questionable TV, I have been musing on the latest rumor about everyone's favorite superspy.  On the surface, I approve of this news.  It fits quite well with my previous perception that Bond will boink anything that moves.  I also approve of the resurgence of the term "Bond Girls" as the characters (female and male) are rather childish archetypes, and I've always felt the attempt to pretend otherwise by calling them "Bond Women" was far more offensive.  Oddly enough, my one objection to the brief article is to possibly the most innocuous thing in it: "the modern Bond will be more sensitive."  ::blinks::  No!  Honestly, how can Bond, James Bond be James Bond if you don't feel the almost irresistible urge to slap him at least once over the course of the movie? 

Oh, well.  I guess I had best return to my task, despite the strange sensation that I've just woken up and haven't had coffee yet (very strange, as I've been up for eight hours).  Bleah.  :P

ETA:  Oh yeah.  I've been hanging out on the north lawn (by the Fine Arts Building and the corresponding parking lot, with the big pine trees) between classes.  It's a really lovely, so I think that's where I'll be found for as long as the weather holds (which won't be long, as it's September and Wisconsin).  Mostly all I've been doing is eating lunch and fiddling with my computer, but the ground is nice and flat there, so I keep meaning to do a form or two (so out of practice it's not even funny).  Or maybe bringing my guitar out and playing a bit, since I seem to be having trouble remembering to practice on my off days.  Actually, that sounds like a good idea.  Hmm.
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Well, I passed yesterday's driving test with flying colors and a cute DMV employee.  Yay!

In celebration, [profile] moss6886 and I went thrift shopping, where we found books, CDs, pewter cups (which are only useful at Faire or similar, but there they're necessities), cute Beanie Babies (I don't collect, but I do have a serious weakness, plus one of them was a little lion that I gave to my dad), cool clothes (but the little leather skirt was too small ::pout::), and miscellaneous jewelry.  Then we went to Pizza Hut for large Meat Lover's Pan (kind of a treat for us), and even after giving a few slices to the small cousins there was enough for snacking and breakfast (yum!).

When we got home, I was faced with questions: Do I have enough energy to post, and if so what icon do I use?  The answers to these were "maybe" and either "Snoopy Dance" or "::facegrass::," which posed a problem.  That problem being that neither of those icons were uploaded, and changing that state would involve getting rid of one or two of my other userpics.  The only possible solution was paid time.

In an (unsuccessful) attempt to dissuade myself from spending more money, I decided that I didn't want to post and that I should instead rewatch Sid & Nancy.  I'd first watched it on Thursday (Netflix, I kept it because there were a couple screencaps I wanted to get), and my initial reaction was basically "yeah, pretty good, nice cinematography, can see why it kick-started Gary's career," and that's it.  But there are some bits that just won't leave me (in a good way).  After the rewatch, I've come to realize that I think I might love that movie.  I don't know if it's the acting or the visuals or the music or maybe the glorious trainwreck effect, but it just worked.  Although I did end up ogling Gary Oldman at some points, which is just... weird.  I mean, I love the guy to itty-bitty bits, but he's someone I don't find at all hot even if I enjoy looking at him (a few others like that are Adam Baldwin, Humphrey Bogart, and everyone of the family DeLuise).

I don't know what made me think of this, but... did any of you watch Andromeda?  I didn't think so.  Anyways, I did.  It was total crack (profoundly stupid at points, which made the really cool and intelligent bits that showed up occasionally all the more entertaining), and the fifth (final) season was the most cracked of them all.  Some good moments, but generally it sucked.  Except for one thing: the fandom implications.  Meaning that the fifth season was almost designed for crossover fic (it even eliminated timeline issues!).  I mean really, if Moya accidentally Starbursted into the Seefra system, I wouldn't have been surprised.  Teleportation spell gone horribly wrong?  Why not?  A Stargate on 4?  Sure.  Hell, the Colonial Fleet might make an FTL jump in, but that might be a little harder to work.

On a Stargate-y note, I feel I should mention that there aren't any whistling ducks in Northern Minnesota.  My theory is that the good General knows this, and was simply trying to drive Cameron insane.  That is all.

See?  See my new iconses?  Aren't they pretty?  They raise the dead!


Apr. 6th, 2006 11:23 am
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It appears to have been the theme for the last couple of days. Did anyone else notice that Goodman was about two seconds from joining the rest of the boys in a chorus of "Aaarr" when last night's Bones ended?

I <3 Pirates

As exhibited by Tuesday's movie-of-choice, Captain Blood. Which much to my surprise was a legitimately decent film. I mean it's an adventure movie from 1935, so there are clearly a few flaws, but they were mostly limited to excess swooning and some relatively minor plot holes. I watched it because it was Errol Flynn's first big movie. And, you know, pirates. One of which was Errol Flynn. And Basil Rathbone (what an excellent evil guy). And the Flynn/DeHaviland screen chemistry. Did I mention Errol Flynn?

...Is it bad that I have a crush on someone who's been dead for 50 years?

Ahem. Anywho, I also managed to download the trailer for Shadow Puppets. Looks cool (and anything with the voice of Tony Todd sounds cool). And it has JM, and other pretty people, wandering around in their underwear, which is always a plus.


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