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So, a while back, the ever-lovable sionnain asked her Flist for punk rock recs, and I decided to make a mix for her. It took much longer than I had expected, due to midterms and a frustrating resolution (that wouldn't use songs from the same album if I used an artist more than once) and the disturbing fact that I didn't have a lot of this stuff in a format I could use (bootlegs of library copies - I'll happily distribute things I've paid for, but I try to play nice and stop after the first generation) - thank Cthulhu for eMusic (legal, but very cheap, GREAT selection of independent labels). Also, I'm a freak who thinks that an album/mix is more than just a collection of songs, so I spent an absurd amount of time playing with the track order, trying to get a good flow from beginning to end. Not that they need to be listened to that way, it's just how I roll (except tracks 8 & 9, the exception to my "different albums" thing, because that's how they were recorded).

Aaand now, for your musical entertainment and edification, I present: CERYS' PUNK STARTER KIT MIX!!!! </circus barker voice> (Not to be confused Chex Mix, pancake mix, or spring salad mix, though can possibly be confused with Meow Mix.) )

In other news, I really need to check my profile more often.  I seem to have received a snowflake cookie from kittyzams and kwanzaa candles from Anonymous back in December and I only noticed just now.  Thank you, lovely gift-giving people!

Also, I win at burning the living hell out of myself in the course of everyday tasks.  Fried two knuckles on my left hand taking Tater Tots out of the oven.  (What?  I like Tater Tots... i just thought they were only harmful to your insides, not your outsides.)  Middle and ring fingers, right next to the scar from taking mince pies out of the oven two months ago.  (I seem to have a problem with ovens.)

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So y'all are probably so bored of me ignoring the ol' Flist and popping up every other month to bitch/whine/freak out about homework, right? 'Cause I sure am. Bet you want to hear something fannish out of me for once, right? 'Course you do.

Well, you're just going to have to wait! I have gloating to do! (Don't worry, I have fannish musings for later in this broadcast. ;) )

Fair warning, I think I must have been in blog withdrawal or something, it took me a horribly long time to get to the point.

You know that presentation I was freaking out about the last two real posts? All was cool.

The grades for were emailed out yesterday.

Guess who got an A? ::points at self with thumbs::  Oh yeah.  Did I tell you I was awesome, or did I tell you I was awesome?  ;)

I wouldn't normally be quite so smug about getting a good grade, especially on a 1-credit class, but this semester has been a frakking nightmare, so I wouldn't have been totally surprised if I hadn't been able to pull myself together in time for finals, and blown my GPA all to Hell as a result.  Next time class registration rolls around, somebody please remind me that I have the reading speed of a narcoleptic snail and the writing speed to match, and therefore should NOT be taking ten credits worth of reading/research-heavy, paper/project-grade only classes?  Especially not if I'm planning on taking six MORE credits of other classes?  'Cause that's what I did this semester, and the end result was me 1) dropping Psychology 3/4's of the way through (ironically, I had an A in and liked the prof, I just needed the time to work on my other classes); and 2) taking incompletes on both of my History classes (which I'll get to work on finishing next week.  The rest of my finals were yesterday, and dammit, I will be taking a few days off!)

In all honesty, it wasn't just the course work that made this semester difficult, but most the other stuff turned out pretty cool.  A quick overview:

Err... you know, other than that and maybe some random amusements with friends & clubs, nothing in particular happened to me over the last few months.  And yet I still need a brain nap.

And finally something fannish!

And to close, I'm finally checking my Flist. Skip=900, baby! May 6th is as far as I can go, so drop a comment if there's anything earlier you want me to see. My hope is to, over the next few days, weed down the non-essentials enough so in the future when I have masses of homework I can still check up on y'all without getting procrastination guilt.


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Oooo.  I found out that [Poll #1036319]
I thought about doing multiple choice for the second question, but I couldn't think up any funny false answers. ;)
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I got my latest BMG order in the mail today.  It contained:

Marilyn Manson: Lest We Forget (The Best of)
Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow (Remastered)

But I haven't listened to those yet, because the third item in the package was Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar!  (What?)  I was beyond pleased to discover that the version BMG carries is the original 1970 concept album, which is far superior to any subsequent recordings [profile] moss6886 and I have found.  I mean, it has Ian Gillan from Deep Purple as Jesus!  And as an added bonus for BtVS fans: Judas is sung by Murray Head.  As in, Anthony Stewart Head's older brother.  I did not know this when I placed the order, but it's a very cool bonus (and he has a lovely voice).  I love this album.  I've listened to it twice already.


In other geekery news, my dad I just rewatched all four Alien movies in two nights.  I'll post my reactions (as much as someone who's been watching the things since she was 3 can react) tomorrow.  (I have them partially written already, but if I want to finish my Flist and go to bed at a reasonable hour, I think I should hold off for now.)


Jan. 15th, 2007 01:43 pm
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Snowsnowsnow SNOW!! It's finally winter again!

And I've just realized that I've been lax in my pimping duties. Billy's website has been up for months now and I haven't linked it yet!

Billy Krause is a folk musician from my corner of the world. His work is amazing, with more than a little rock & blues to his folkishness (his live shows often feature killer Tom Waits covers), and he just released a new album entitled "Cool Dry Place."

In all honesty, Cool Dry Place doesn't quite live up to his live performances (it's still really good!). It's a little over-engineered, with a few too many instruments in play, and as such has lost some of the fire you get when it's just three guys with guitars. However, the bass player (Billy's 22-year-old daughter) is worth the listen if you can hear her, and the title track and "Twenty-One Grand" are great songs and stand up to being recorded ("Rumors of Armando" and "Old Dawgs" are my favorites live, but they've lost some of their charm).

His essential work is "Partly Folk, Partly Fiction," which features the beautiful song "Cutter," a song that has been one of my favorites in the whole wide world for a very long time. (Also "Miss Ruby" which has a sequel on CDP: "Ruby's Gone") "At the Bay" is worth considering, as well.

Yes, I did just pimp every album Billy has available on his website. That's because they're really, really good. Buy some! Fund his next album! I'll be back with more linkey bits if I can find some of the stuff he's done with other bands, as well.

Happy music!

ETA: The reason I linked to the specific albums is because there are sample tracks for each.  Listen!

ETA:  Oh!  The reason I'm doing the linky bits now is that three of his songs were played on the NPR program "Simply Folk" Sunday evening.  Does anyone here listen to that?


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