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Oh, and I'm back.  Been back for nearly a week, actually.  And it's quite possible that you weren't aware I was gone in the first place.  Yeah, I went to Colorado with my dad (he went to a tai chi retreat, I just lurked about enjoying myself).  I should have the report of my adventures finished and posted soon (next time, I'm bringing the travel journal, whether or not I think I'll have internet).

I'll admit that the title of this post is a little melodramatic.  It's not actually the hair that's gone, it's the yarn that was braided into it.  (And I just realized that we never got any good pictures of it.  There were a couple from the Freefall game - which you can find here, BTW - and one from the trip, but none that really showed off the supreme coolness of it.)  Theoretically, it should have come out two weeks ago, but the braids were holding and it still looked good (if a bit ratty).  It was time though.  Little loops of hair were starting to escape the braids, and it was getting pretty matted.

But while it lasted, I quite enjoyed looking like the pseudo-Rastafarian bastard child of Drusilla and Raggedy Ann.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the remains of my hair now the yarn's gone.  I'm planning on drenching my head in leave-in conditioner and brushing it as well as I can tonight, then doing further damage assessment after a shower in the morning.  It's possible I'll lose several inches to split ends...

Oh!  I just remembered.  I need some advice.  In a fairly random fit of curiosity, I checked to see of one of the people I met in Colorado was on Facebook.  He is, but his profile is closed (the equivalent of friends-locked).  Do I friend him even though I don't know him all that well?


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