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So, a while back, the ever-lovable sionnain asked her Flist for punk rock recs, and I decided to make a mix for her. It took much longer than I had expected, due to midterms and a frustrating resolution (that wouldn't use songs from the same album if I used an artist more than once) and the disturbing fact that I didn't have a lot of this stuff in a format I could use (bootlegs of library copies - I'll happily distribute things I've paid for, but I try to play nice and stop after the first generation) - thank Cthulhu for eMusic (legal, but very cheap, GREAT selection of independent labels). Also, I'm a freak who thinks that an album/mix is more than just a collection of songs, so I spent an absurd amount of time playing with the track order, trying to get a good flow from beginning to end. Not that they need to be listened to that way, it's just how I roll (except tracks 8 & 9, the exception to my "different albums" thing, because that's how they were recorded).

Aaand now, for your musical entertainment and edification, I present: CERYS' PUNK STARTER KIT MIX!!!! </circus barker voice> (Not to be confused Chex Mix, pancake mix, or spring salad mix, though can possibly be confused with Meow Mix.) )

In other news, I really need to check my profile more often.  I seem to have received a snowflake cookie from kittyzams and kwanzaa candles from Anonymous back in December and I only noticed just now.  Thank you, lovely gift-giving people!

Also, I win at burning the living hell out of myself in the course of everyday tasks.  Fried two knuckles on my left hand taking Tater Tots out of the oven.  (What?  I like Tater Tots... i just thought they were only harmful to your insides, not your outsides.)  Middle and ring fingers, right next to the scar from taking mince pies out of the oven two months ago.  (I seem to have a problem with ovens.)

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So there I was, just making popcorn with one of those gimicky '80s air-popper things (which [profile] moss6886 and I swear by), and playing Sid Meier's Civilization II.  It was almost finished popping, so, as you do with those things, I tipped the machine forward a bit so the already-popped bits could get out.  Guess what happened next?  The top came off and fell into the bowl, and the little butter-melting tray went flying.  At me.

My right knee is mostly okay, my jeans stopped the damage from getting too bad (of course, although my first reaction was "Ow!" I went into cleanup mode, and didn't get the pants off until Moss had come downstairs to help, so the burn is a little worse than it could have been).  But today would be the day I chose to wear the jeans that don't have a left knee, wouldn't it?  After much hopping around I found the Solarcaine (the really heavy-duty bright green stuff), and basted myself in the stuff.  I don't think the left is going to blister, but it's a close call. 

I mean, I've had more painful injuries, but this is just insulting.

Plus, even though the carpet is distinctly butter-scented and I may never be able to wear those pants again, not a single drop hit the popcorn.  I had to melt more.  So the popcorn is only warmish instead of hot.

And I'm really cold, because I can't put pants or blankets on without smudging up the Solarcaine.

On the upside I've got "Hercules and the Lost Kingdom" to watch, which should be very stupid but quite cheering (even if it doesn't have Iolaus).


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