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On a more sad than panicky note, Tuesday was my last day of guitar lessons.  I would have kept going, because I'm still going to have Tuesdays & Thursdays free, but going into Eau Claire takes at least three hours out of a day, and I think I'm going to need that time to study.  And sleep.  I had a good last lesson, he tabbed out Tom McRae's Human Remains for me, showed me the weird tuning (has a name, but I forgot it) that has every string but B tuned to an E, and we finished up Dust in the Wind.  He also reminded me that he is in on Saturdays, and if I ever expected to have half an hour to kill, I could call and set up a one-off lesson.  Which I might do at some point, but it's still sad.  I've made a lot of progress since I started in January.

To comfort myself in all this drearyness, I've uploaded my pictures from Gatecon 2005 to Photobucket (more there; link to main album in sidebar).

In other news, the two youngest members of the St. Louis contingent (three, if you count Beak the Dog) are up for a visit, which is cool (although we need to figure out how to get Muggs up here, I haven't seen him in over a year).  Nunny brought both of her guitars.  She always brings the one, because classically trained guitarist do NOT skip practice for ten days, even if they're thirteen.  I made e-mail puppy eyes to get her to take along the electric.  The cousins are here because my aunt and uncle are going to a philosophy conference in the Dominican Republic (and yes.  Their flight was yesterday.)

Oh, noes!

Jul. 20th, 2006 07:24 pm
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To start things off, a picture of my newly-prettified right hand.
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It is way, way too hot out, I'm bored out of my skull (that must be why my head hurts), and there is absolutely nothing going on on my flist.  Where is everybody?  Have they all gone to WriterCon?

Will there be anyone to look at my picspam?


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