Jan. 15th, 2007 01:43 pm
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Snowsnowsnow SNOW!! It's finally winter again!

And I've just realized that I've been lax in my pimping duties. Billy's website has been up for months now and I haven't linked it yet!

Billy Krause is a folk musician from my corner of the world. His work is amazing, with more than a little rock & blues to his folkishness (his live shows often feature killer Tom Waits covers), and he just released a new album entitled "Cool Dry Place."

In all honesty, Cool Dry Place doesn't quite live up to his live performances (it's still really good!). It's a little over-engineered, with a few too many instruments in play, and as such has lost some of the fire you get when it's just three guys with guitars. However, the bass player (Billy's 22-year-old daughter) is worth the listen if you can hear her, and the title track and "Twenty-One Grand" are great songs and stand up to being recorded ("Rumors of Armando" and "Old Dawgs" are my favorites live, but they've lost some of their charm).

His essential work is "Partly Folk, Partly Fiction," which features the beautiful song "Cutter," a song that has been one of my favorites in the whole wide world for a very long time. (Also "Miss Ruby" which has a sequel on CDP: "Ruby's Gone") "At the Bay" is worth considering, as well.

Yes, I did just pimp every album Billy has available on his website. That's because they're really, really good. Buy some! Fund his next album! I'll be back with more linkey bits if I can find some of the stuff he's done with other bands, as well.

Happy music!

ETA: The reason I linked to the specific albums is because there are sample tracks for each.  Listen!

ETA:  Oh!  The reason I'm doing the linky bits now is that three of his songs were played on the NPR program "Simply Folk" Sunday evening.  Does anyone here listen to that?
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Oh.  My.  God.  How did I forget?

How in Tartarus did I forget my love of Iolaus?  And Hercules?  And Autolycus and all the rest?  Oh, fandom, how I have neglected you! 

But fortunately, my love of Hercverse has been restored, resurrected even, by my love of Buffyverse.  Because I have spent the last three days reading a crossover between the two.  That actually works and is well written.  It even makes sense (which is high praise even for a non-crossover)!

When Hellmouths Collide by Kimberly Rector and Martha Wilson.
Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles get themselves sucked through a portal to another dimension.  You can figure out which one.  It is, of course, all Ethan's fault.  Set earlyish S3 for BtVS (post- Band Candy, but possibly pre-Revelations) / post-Just Passing Through AU for HtLJ (took me awhile to realize that - I'd just thought it was just post-Revelations, and I know its very confusing to have two series with the same ep name). 

WHC is actually the later part of a series of loosely-connected stories (the early ones being when the U becomes A) that I'm going to go back and read; they're not really required to get the story.  Actually it's detailed and well-voiced enough that you don't really need more than a passing familiarity with the TV series to get it ([profile] moss6886 likes it - she's actually the one who found it - and she's only seen a few eps).  There's also a sequel (AtS x-over) set during the end of There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb.

Go read!  It's good!  And, somewhat ironically, written by people who are fairly well-versed in actual Greek history and culture...

Must go hunt for icons & rerun schedules now... :D

ETA: In my hunt for icons, I discovered that [personal profile] marycrawford (one of the head honchos at Less Than Legendary Journeys - updates at [profile] ltlj), made a really hilarious vid to the Jennifer Saunders version of Holding Out for a Hero.  From the POV of the Widow Twanky.  It lives here.  Watch it.
Oh, and luckily for you, my unsuspecting Buffyverse fandom flist, there aren't any HtLJ reruns showing in the U.S. and I have other things I'd rather Netflix.  So theoretically this phase should pass quickly.  Theoretically.

ETA2: I had gotten the timeline for the HtLJ portion of WHC wrong; I had originally said it was post-Redemption, 'cause the Iolaus in the story is the good old swashbuckler, but the jester is around (just not in this story).


Apr. 10th, 2006 10:45 am
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Oh God. Being that Easter is almost upon us, I have changed my desktop theme to suit the season. That's right. I have changed from dark, gloomy greenish-gray with Dana the Crazy Slayer (and some Spike) to bright, radioactive lavender with a fluffy white bunny with eggs painted on it. It's scary.

Also, squeeing. Everyone knows how cliched the descriptions for Spike's eyes have become, right? Chips of ice, yadda yadda. Every possible description for Spike's eyes (or JM's for that matter) that I've encountered in fanfic, including some by authors that somehow don't realize they're blue, I've never encountered the term I gravitate to: sky-colored. The one term that encompasses all the various shades and tones of blue out there, and, IMO, a good narrative feel for the eyes of Spike, and it's the one I never see used (maybe I'm just oblivious and haven't noticed, but I don't think so). Until now. In [personal profile] rahirah's Necessary Evils part 25, about a third of the way through. I know this is a really silly thing to squee about, but... Squee! All hail Barb and her Verse!
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Which around here, means mud up to our ears. Actually, it could have been called Spring a couple of weeks ago, but I decided to wait on the official declaration until I transitioned from the Long-Tailed Hat of Warmth to the Floppy Hat of Doom. This transition was delayed somewhat by being sick with various ailments for the past... oh, call it two and a half weeks, making me a bit more inclined to warm fuzziness, clothing-wise. Multiple ailments, mind. Started with a wisdom tooth (which then mysteriously stopped growing again), continued with an extended upset-stomach disease, and then on to the weird eye-infection-type thing and the full-body cough, which I'm almost recovered from, just some residual congestion and a really sore (to the point of being legitimately referable to as painful) chest from all the coughing (mostly muscular, with a hair of shredded bronchial passages for good measure). There, now. Don't you feel healthier already? Sometimes I wonder if I even have an immune system.

Where did this post start out? Oh, right. Spring. It''s been raining. Which means that the grass is greening up, which means that I'll soon have to rake up the willow branches that have strewn themselves all across the yard over the winter, so then I can mow the previously mentioned grass. Yech. But It's too muddy yet, so I'll just enjoy the rain.

I have good things to read while I'm doing that, too. I just (finally!) started in on [personal profile] rahirah's A Raising In the Sun this afternoon (enjoying it quite a bit so far), I have a nice little pile of graphic novels and such from the library, and I just put away a pile of comics on Friday that I've resolved to read soon. Somehow my comics-reading has gone on hiatus for about a year now (and most of them hadn't been put truly away for longer, it was quite intimidating on the bag-and-box front. Bad comics care, I know), so I've got my work cut out for me. *sigh* Happiness is a pile of unread comic books.
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I hate cliffhangers. Especially good ones. As for other comments about my viewing choices of the night (and Wednesday, too)...

Ooh! And I have a rec, too! Done to Death by Anne Hedonia. It lives in the realm of my favorite non-canon pairing (I of course consider Spangel to be canon, or at least closer to it than non): Spike/Tara. This is a pairing I hardly ever read, however, because only rarely is it convincing, as I am generally of the opinion that they were too far gone on Buffy and Willow to have ever noticed each other (well, Spike obviously checked her out, but he does that to everybody). But this is convincing. It's an AU, set post-Seeing Red, where Spike doesn't take off to go soul-hunting, and Tara survives the gunshot wound, or maybe is revived by way of plain-jane modern technology, because Willow went on her rampage anyway.

Oog. Tired. Must sleep now.


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