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Firstly, thank you ever so much, lyrstzha, for the virtual milk & cookies and also the recycling goat.  <3  (Good grief, I do get behind, don't I?)

This is one of those days where I have to look back at my recent posts and figure out what I've actually posted and what I've just thought about posting.  My busy-ness has reached a sort of critical mass where I just sit down and go "Wait... what?"  Finals are next week, although on the upside, I don't have any tests on Monday or Tuesday, so I effectively have a four-day weekend (except not, because there's theatre stuff this weekend - more on that - and an office hours meeting with the physical anthropology class on Tuesday and returning textbooks and STUFF).  And next weekend is the RenFaire, and I need to get ready for that - most especially, I need to find someone to carpool with to and from the faire grounds... Actually, that's important enough it gets its own paragraph (LJ/DW peeps may feel free to ignore the following paragraph).

I NEED A RIDE, Y'ALL.  Do I have any Faire-working friends living near-ish Downtown/Student Ghetto EC?  If yes, do any of them/you have room in your car for a wayward gargoyle salesgirl?  Please?  I am smallish, quiet, fairly smiley, and willing to cover a portion of the fuel cost if need be.  Sorry for being a little last-minute in my request, my entire life is a little last-minute right now, in past faire years I've had access to the family cars, and my apartment is just enough out-of-the-way for my employer that I'm not about to ask him to swing by at holy-crap-o'clock in the morning while towing a trailer full of concrete statuary.  Thanks in advance!

Moving on.  Theatre stuff:

The on-campus performance of Mischief Makers, the Touring Theatre class' play, is this afternoon.  Even if I didn't feel obligated to watch as much of the department's work as possible, I'd be going to see it, because I have a serious thing for trickster spirits/gods, and this one has two of my favorites (Raven AND Anansi, also Fox and Nyame, and could someone please explain to me how Anansi ended up in a children's play?)

Romeo & Juliet is AMAZING, I took [personal profile] moss  to see it as a late birthday/earlyish Mother's Day Thing, and I'm going to usher for it tonight (closing night ::sadface::).  Really, I should've ushered first, then watched it up close, because it was the first time I'd seen the frogs in action and I wasted the almost-front-row seat watching them, checking that they worked the way they were supposed to, and hoping Romeo's didn't come up with some new and exciting way to break (if the frogs are my babies - which they kind of are - then Romeo's dagger frog is the colicky one that refuses to sleep through the night). 

Anywho, the biggest testament to how awesome this production is only makes sense if you know my preexisting opinion of the play, which is this: R & J has some of the finest supporting characters you'll find anywhere, but it's very, very rare that I manage to become invested in the story of the eponymous characters.  Romeo and Juliet themselves?  Kinda blah on paper, and most actors I've seen can't overcome that.  But Tybalt?  Has that great combination of asshole and admirable that I can't resist in any character.  A bad actor can make Benvolio as bland as biscuits, but a good actor can bring out the ten different kinds of awesome hidden in the text.  And Mercutio, on the page and usually in performance to varying degrees, is one of my favorite fictional characters EVER.  Given who I just highlighted, do I really need to say where, exactly, I tend to stop paying attention to the play and start critiquing set and costume design?

And given that this production featured excellent (and I do mean belly-laughs-to-tears-in-the-course-of-one-scene EXCELLENT) performances for those three characters, you'd expect that to hold true here, right?  WRONG!  I stayed focused and invested in the play right through to the end, which was a new and different experience that really made my day.  :)

Finally, tomorrow is the annual Theatre Banquet.  It is a pot luck, so I am taking that as a challenge, an opportunity to prove that I am not pulling their legs when I say that I am a good cook.  Therefore: spanakopita.  WITHOUT phyllo dough.  Because I don't have a car, and my grocery options are limited.  Yes, I found a recipe for spanakopita with homemade crust.  It's in metric, so I will be budgeting all of Sunday for cooking.  (Damn, I still need to solve the transporting food to campus issue, as well...)

There's more (there's always more), but I need to separate myself from the computer soon if I want to make it to Mischief Makers.

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Before I get to the cool stuff and things, I must whinge briefly.

In other news, the RenFaire finished its run two weeks ago.  Which is sad.  The way the faire goes, five weekends (for a shyish person such as myself) is just enough time to start to get to know some very cool people, then we spend the next almost-year wandering back to being strangers.  Cumulative progress is made, though - I've found one rennie on Facebook, another on Livejournal (I think I'll stick to her always-entertaining work journal for now, rather than friend her personal journal, just 'cause I don't really know her that well), the folks who ended up at Freefall (both this year and last) I think qualify as friends ("People That I Like Whom I Have Encountered at More Than One Place" is just too cumbersome), and there are a few vendors that for various reasons I've talked to more than others (booth neighbors, favorite shopkeepers, future business collaborators) - overall, I think there are definitely a few people who have a chance of remembering my name next year.  Especially since I have an open invitation to attend the Guild of Modern Medievalism's monthly(?) gatherings during the year - which I'd love to go to (because I'll be living a tantalizing 11 miles away from them), but may have trouble arranging.  There's this whole thing to do with not having a car, and although I'll be in the same metropolitan area, I won't be in the same city - so no using the bus system.

The Freefall Game was a week ago, and Lo, it was AWESOME!  Even with a lot of standard-issue airsofters on the field, the feel of the event was definitely that of a LARP, not an airsoft game.  The a lot of the people I talked to said something about having only fired their weapon once the whole weekend, yet NOBODY made a single complaint about the event being boring.  There was just so much intrigue going on that nobody started a shootout - they were too busy pulling off heists and meeting with smugglers and all sorts of crazy stuff.  It's been really fun reading people's AARs and figuring out what actually happened  - nobody had a clue during the event!  I'll admit to having had just a tiny bit less fun than last year, but that wasn't a game issue, it was a character issue - I'd been contracted out as a bodyguard for an independent journalist, which kept me out of most of the heists, and most of the other players didn't seem to keen on harassing the press.  So I spent a lot of time standing around, trying to look stern. :)  Which was fun in its own way.  I'll post my AAR here as soon as I get Day Two finished, but until then, check out what the other guys had to say OVER HERE at the Airsoft Battle Zone Forums.

Finally, I moved the first wave of stuff into my new apartment.  Mostly small things, mostly for the kitchen - between the stuff we brought and the stuff we bought, over the course of two days the kitchen, bathroom, and the closet all look like someone might live in them.  The living room and bedroom are still pretty empty, that's next weekend's project.  But dudes - this place is seriously GORGEOUS.  I don't feel like screwing with picture uploads right now,  Ten-foot ceilings, spiral staircase (it's a two-story apartment :) ), HUGE windows (the blinds had to be custom made)... they just finished doing renovations, so the kitchen and bath have brand new ceramic tile floors, wood cabinets, appliances, plumbing... and they ripped up the slightly grotty old carpets and reconditioned the original hardwood floors.  Oh!  And there's a window seat upstairs, which I hadn't even noticed when I looked at the place in the spring....  Really, I think I should win a prize for finding the most awesome first apartment ever.  (Did I mention I'm only paying $460/month, all utilities - including high-speed internet and cable TV - included in the rent?)
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Yeah, so... haven't checked my FList since a week and a half ago.  Doesn't look like it's going to happen until Monday at the earliest.  Still have about 30 or so tabs open from last time that I haven't read.  Send kittens.

Been taking a Science Fiction in Film & Literature 4-week course.  So I've been at school every weekday trying to keep up with homework (eight 2-pagers, two 5 -10 pagers).  Today was my last day of class for that, and my final paper is due by 7pm tomorrow.  It's the last 5 - 10 pager.  I have three pages written.  I write slow.  I'm currently considering the theory that if I get myself all set up in a productive posture tomorrow morning, I might actually get more written if I put on the Doctor Who (did y'all know that Wisconsin Public TV air DW at 10pm Fridays?) marathon the SciFi channel is running than if I left things quiet (this actually makes sense when you realize that normally when I take an "ouch!  Hurty brain!" break, I end up finding some other project or something and don't surface for an hour or so.  Which is not terribly conducive to paper-writing, and DW reruns might be just the thing to keep me attached to the computer, an won't be too distracting since they're all ones I've seen).  It's been a fun class, crazy amounts of writing notwithstanding.

Weekends have been spent at the Wisconsin Renaissance Faire.  Way huge amounts of fun, but it means I'm out of the house at 7am Saturday and don't get home until around 10pm Sunday.  Long couple of days, but damn, the grounds are so pretty, and there are really good acts (we have a new location this year, and it's right by the Royal Stage), and vendors, and our space has shade this year, and I'm getting PAID to be there!!  (Business has been really good - I work on a 10% commission, and last weekend brought in what I used to make in two weeks back when I had a real job.)  I've spent lots of money on lots of cool things (buffalo hide vambraces, four-cornered hat, various bits of pretty jewelry some of them involving freshwater pearls, adorable dragon statue, earthenware bowl with a pretty brown-with-coppery-shine glaze, incense oil in a really cool vial).  I've finally talked [profile] moss6886 and dad into coming out on Saturday, and I'll be arming them with my camera, so there should be pretty pictures to show you soon.

There are only two weekends left at faire.  It's sad.

We/I've been recovering from faire days at my friend/employer's house through the means of British comedy.  Blackadder to be specific.  The idea that House the misanthropic Vicodin addict and George the I have no words for George are both very clearly Hugh Laurie is making my brain malfunction.  It's an interesting sensation.

Oh, and Firefly fans check this out: the Freefall Game.  I know most of you neither play Airsoft nor live near central Wisconsin, but isn't it cool?  The guy I'm selling concrete for at the faire is the event organizer - I'm already signed up to play a smuggler, and we've recruited a bunch of the actors from the faire (OMG, we got the bellydancers to be Companions!)...  some of them haven't used Airsoft guns before so we're going to bring a few around to play with after faire closing on Saturday.  Whee!

::passes out::
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It is way, way too hot out, I'm bored out of my skull (that must be why my head hurts), and there is absolutely nothing going on on my flist.  Where is everybody?  Have they all gone to WriterCon?

Will there be anyone to look at my picspam?


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