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The Friday I planned:  Get up promptly, read The Piano Lesson, have a nice run in jogging class, kick ass in my afternoon classes, come home, shower, rehearse toned-down version of monologue, eat, put on neat clothes and just enough makeup to keep my eyes from disappearing on camera, return to campus, and kick yet more ass in my first film audition.

The Friday I actually had: Doze for an extra hour and a half after alarm went off, dash out of the house without reading or eating breakfast, attempt to run with shoes on* and reawaken nearly-healed shinsplints + mysterious left calf ouchies, realize I forgot to pack lunch and have to buy an overpriced sandwich, bluff my way through quiz on The Piano Lesson, get rained on (read: soaked) while walking to anthropology/forensic osteology class, get completely drenched upon leaving said class, decide to hide in the costume shop until the rain slacks off, discover that the latest rehearsal report (which I didn't get) included orders for yet another frog and to permanently attach Romeo's dagger scabbard to its frog, spend three and a half hours doing that, fend off low blood sugar with a cold vending machine Pop Tart, and go into my audition with greasy hair and scruffy clothes and not a speck of makeup to cover the dark circles under my eyes.

In other words, yesterday was less than excellent.  The only bright spots I can see from here are the portabella & foccatia sandwich I paid too much for at lunch (which had slightly soggy bread and a watery tomato on it), and the fact that the sky had cleared and I was at least dry by the time my sucky audition rolled around.  Actually, no, that's not quite true.  Despite how frustrating the rain and the not-getting-the-rehearsal-reports things were (just my luck that the three I don't get are, with one exception, the only ones in the entire rehearsal process so far to include information that directly pertained to me), I'm really glad to be involved in this production (which is going to be SO AMAZING I can't quite comprehend it), and it was very cool to have the trial-by-fire proof of how far my leatherworking skills have come in such a short time.  I mean, it took me forever and a day to finish those first few frogs, and now in the last two afternoons I've designed & built three frogs and modified a fourth.  That's pretty damn cool.

In other news, VolumeOne (the local arts magazine) posted pictures from the 24 Hour Project HERE, as well as video of one of the musical pieces from the project.  They're pretty spectacular, if you ask me.  (I'm in the foreground of picture #7, dragging a very large and not at all suspicious hand prop, and standing on the far left in the big group bow.)

Oh, and I was finally seduced by Twitter and MySpace.  Twitter is really very fun, which surprised me.  And I wasn't quite sure why I decided to get the MySpace account, but then I decided that impulse was made of win when the first (and so far only) friend requests I got were from Jen Gloeckner and Gruesome Boys.  O_O  I'm particularly pleased by Gruesome Boys - I hadn't heard of them before, but their music and overall style is COMPLETELY AWESOME, and I wouldn't have found out about them if they hadn't randomly decided to friend me on MySpace.

* The week before last, I forgot my running shoes, and my run went SO WELL that I kept with it for a while.  It was awesome, I was able to run without slowing to a walk for much longer than before, and my legs felt like they were getting more of a workout (before, my shins and left calf would hurt lots and I'd be busting a lung and exhausted, but the rest of my legs would still feel relatively fresh...  Which, overall, made for a very unsatisfying exercise experience).  But, since I will not always have a bouncy indoor track to run on, I decided to try shoes again, hoping that maybe I'd just turned a corner in my running fitness.  Um, no.  Not so much.


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