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Homework, distraction, existential guilt over not posting, etcetera, etcetera.  Pretty sure you're all used to me disappearing by this point.  Been since the very end of August since I posted, and I think my reading dropped off... sometime in late October, maybe?  Long time, anyways.  I'll skip back to the beginning of the week with my reading, but other wise... what's up, Friends List?  Anything cool happen in my absence?

My life, at the moment, in roughly chronological order, in bullet points:
  • The Scottish Cinema class that caused the textbook freakout of my last couple posts?  Turned out to be one of the most mind-numbingly awful classes I've ever taken.
  • I can haz boyfriend.  We met playing airsoft/LARPing (at Freefall 2009 - he was Lieutenant, then as of last year Commander of the Alliance task force on-planet).  We were/are friends first, but after months of epic Facebook conversations and occasional hanging out at games (including the Labor Day weekend on-site pregame friend-date that resulted in both of us playing an all-day extreme sport on zero sleep the next day), we declared ourselves to be dating around Thanksgiving.  We live 3 1/2 hours apart and both have crazy schedules, so actual dates are very rare, unconventional, and rather long.  I'm quite fond of him. ;)
  • This semester, all but two of my classes (both one-credits) are required for graduation.  I am busy and stressed out and not doing all that well in them (except Stage Makeup).
  • Speaking of graduation, I need to decide whether I'm going to do the cap-and-gown commencement thing... I'm not sure about it, and it would require taking a day off working at the RenFaire, but then again I've never graduated from anything before, so...
  • I got that job working in the costume shop.  It's awesome, in a way that is occasionally quite miserable.  Like the build for a very awesome but cursed production of The Magic Flute at the beginning of the semester (creative differences between the costume designer and, um, everyone, fire in the theatre during set construction, costume designer getting fired the night before opening night when we still weren't finished with the build...).  I'm certain I'll eventually look back on even that with fondness (I'm certainly proud of my work on it), and on the whole it's just a really fun thing to get paid for.
  • I've also agreed to be the costume designer for a local community theatre's production of The Producers.  It should be awesome - the cast is great, and the director is my favorite theatre prof (the one that takes the university dance classes), but hoooo boy.  I honestly haven't finished doing the math yet, but I'm looking at around 120 costumes needed by the beginning of May.  I'm officially the only person even working on costumes for it.  I should be able to swing it (the theatre has quite a nice costume stock, and MOST of the characters are pretty conventional), but... yeah.  I should be starting my nervous breakdown shortly.
  • My stage makeup class just started its Scars, Wounds, and Sores unit and I need to research gruesome injuries for my makeup design.  I'm thinking industrial explosion, or maybe a helmetless motorcycle accident.
  • Did I mention that, after living a life of perpetual singleness, I have a boyfriend?  He's funny, and very smart, and super nerdy, and builds awesome things for funsies (he made me a Useless Machine for my birthday), yet lives in the life/body of a 34-year-old redneck mechanic with tattooed knuckles and a Lemmy, which somehow makes him more awesome.  (What?  I think he's cute...)  I haven't seen him since Valentine's Day, it sucks, and I miss him lots.
Yeah, that's pretty much the rundown.  Unless I've forgotten something.  Whatever, it's late, and I need to be Not Nocturnal by the end of spring break.  Now: Deadwood on the tv while I do some more Flist reading, or stream Avatar: the Last Airbender from Netflix?
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Firstly and most importantly, my computer's power cord is borked.  Not totally borked yet, but it will be soon.  I think the wire between the transformer and the computer itself has gotten kinked so badly that it won't conduct electricity properly.  So I have to execute some very complicated fiddly cord-draping maneuvers in order to make power get to my computer, and it's getting progressively worse (ie, yesterday I could make it work sometimes while I was sitting on the couch, but this morning it's only working when I'm at the table).  Don't know when I'll be able to get to BestBuy So... does anyone know a cheap, reliable online retailer that ships very very quickly and sells power cords compatible with an HP dv5000t?

In other news, today was the third day of the week (or, since the end of last semester) that I actually set my alarm and the autobrew (6am, baby).  It is also the first day that I actually got up after it went off.  Okay, so I wallowed for nearly 45 minutes, but the point is I didn't fall back to sleep.  Yay?  God, I hate mornings.  They're even worse on five hours of sleep - I just hope I can get adjusted back to daytime life this time.  Err... right, I wasn't here last semester.  Basically, I've been a night person since ever, and (intermittently) a low-grade insomniac since my late teens.  I took this to new heights last summer, when I saw 3 or 4am regularly and greeted the sunrise a few times.  Which is kind of fun when you're unemployed and in possession of a high-speed(ish) internet connection (why, yes, I did watch all of Harper's Island inside of a week, and all of Californication and Durham County in about two days each, not to mention the freakish pace at which I traversed my Netflix queue).  But.  Although I had mostly become a day-living creature by the time fall semester rolled around, once I started having to actually, you know, work at my coursework, insomnia took hold for reals.  I kept setting my alarm for 6am, I kept staying up until 2am, and my grades tanked.  So, yeah.  Expect me to be a little anal retentive about my sleep patterns for the next while.

Okay, it's time for me to stop procrastinating.  My goal is to be living in a clean apartment by Thursday evening, so I can have Friday as my day of rest (and maybe HCL meta-writing?) before the crazy starts.  Since posting/updating my To Do list was strangely motivating yesterday, you'll have to forgive me if I do it again:
  • Roll up & put away fabric & other sewing supplies
  • Finish rearranging shelves/putting books away
  • Sort through last semester's graded assignments & handouts - throw out or put away as needed
  • Sort through magazine backissues - throw out or put away as needed
  • Dispose of biohazards in refrigerator
  • Reorganize kitchen
  • Find space to store lumpy old couch cushion
  • Hang pictures
  • Do laundry.  Lots and lots of laundry.
  • Repot stone pine
  • Dust, sweep, & vacuum as needed
Alrighty then.  Once more into the breach.

P.S.  I think Dale Harrison may have borked my sound system yesterday.  I was listening to the Headstones yesterday, and somewhere during Smile and Wave, my woofer started making a nasty rattling noise along with the bass drum.  Sound quality is otherwise fine (including bass guitar - it's just the drum giving me trouble), but I had to turn the bass way down to keep my sound system from sounding like a disintegrating car.


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