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I've taken to watching the Today Show in the morning (after the 6am local news).

Today's Pick City this morning is my town!  Better yet, I think the shot they used is my University campus (hard to say - top halves of brick buildings do look rather a lot alike).  I am irrationally pleased by this.

In other news, I've gone extra extra Bond-crazy recently.  It is going to take extreme willpower to stop myself from reading the novels instead of doing homework.  Also, I think that this year's Oscars were fairly awesome, I liked how they worked to make the tech awards seem relevant to the audience.

I'm working harder to keep up with my internet people.  I've actually been checking the Flist regularly for over a month now, and I plan to try and stop in and ramble about whatever when I feel the urge to do so, instead of muttering to myself "no, you have more important things to do right now" and then getting grumpy and playing some mindless internet game to un-grumpify myself, resulting in a headache and a lack of accomplishment on both fronts. 

So yay.  But now, homework.  :P
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Words to live by, those.  I uttered them immediately following an impressive full-body flinch... caused by a teeny-tiny little toad.  Yeah.  I suck.

I like toads, even.


In other news, the bunnies are trying to torture me.  I had one of those great character creation moments, where I got the basic framework of a character down, and then she practically walked off the page and told me what her name was.  You know that torture I mentioned?  Well, the bunnies threw me a curveball.  See, this character "told" me that her name was Deanna.

This is a Supernatural fic.

Yeah.  That'll work.

So I've been hitting my head with various blunt objects for the past few days trying to find a workable alternative.  At this point, I've decided just to call her Leanna, on merit of the one-letter difference being small enough that the name still fits, but different enough that no readers will go "Hey, wait a minute...".

Also, I have a writing question:  If I decide that My Dean has tinnitus and/or very mild hearing impairment, do I actually need to explain why?
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...freeing herself from the wreckage of her fourth semester of college.  Oh, the hardship she has endured, seeking these last months the few weeks of peace to found in winter break, knowing she must return to the battlefield come the end of January...

Does it count as anti-social if you're not even there to be social?  I only checked my FList once over the entire semester (still haven't checked IJ), sometime in November (the 9th or 10th, I think.  A couple weeks after my birthday, because I remember seeing a few entries dated October 26th, and I think LJ only lets you skip back a two weeks or twenty days or something like that...).  I've been missing my internet friends something fierce, though.  (Get this... I've been so busy, I still have fic tabs open from August.)

So, if something important happened to any of you between the beginning of September and the first couple of weeks in November, or between the first couple weeks of November and, um, now... drop me a comment, will you?  I'm pretty sure [profile] moss6886 would have told me if one of you had died or been horribly maimed or something, but you can never be sure.

Let's see... what have I been up to?  

I could come up with more things I've done, but even I'm getting bored with this post, you've probably closed the tab and gone on by now... 

In more fannish news, I've finally finished my re-read of the entire Harry Potter series (I'd stopped in book 5, right after the the escape of the twins, when homework started kicking my ass, and didn't start again until the weekend after finals).  As a result I now have not one, not two, but three HP fics in progress (I actually know all of what happens in the third one, so maybe I'll even be able to finish one of them!), but am still to scared to actually get into the fandom (although I did find [profile] googlebrat, I might have to friend her, and [profile] mistful is pretty good too...).

Also, I watched an episode of M*A*S*H a couple weeks ago and became an instant addict.  Good thing TVLand airs two episodes a day...
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A fly flew up my nose while I was driving home from school today.  It was very startling, as flies are pretty much nostril-sized. Fortunately, there was no oncoming traffic at the time.

(I haven't checked my flist since the semester started three weeks ago.  I hope nobody has died or been maimed or anything.  That would suck, and I'd feel like a heel for missing the post about it.)


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