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If I didn't have to go anywhere today, I'd actually find the gloomy overcast rainy weather to be quite relaxing.  However, as it currently stands, I have a half-mile walk in my immediate future.  Not a long walk, especially since I don't need my backpack today (I only have one class, Voice & Diction, on Tuesday & Thursday), but "being damp" is not how I prefer to spend classes.

Also, after a brief (a week or so) bout of cleanliness and being-able-to-eat-at-my-kitchen-table-for-the-first-time-since-November, my apartment is a mess again.  ::sigh::  One day, I'll be able to see my parents without acquiring a shitload of Miscellaneous Stuff from my room at the Farm.  God, I've got a lot of crap, and most of it is crap I want to keep.  I just wish I had the time and energy to put it all away....

Okay.  Time to make myself eat.  I'm not particularly hungry, but I know better than to go to voice class fueled by nothing but coffee and a banana.  :P
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You know, a couple of weeks ago I was getting a little frustrated with Heroes and how spread out the story was becoming.  With all the characters developing as fast as they are it makes since that we're only getting a couple of characters per episode, but that means that every episode now is always at least one favorite character short.  I mean, it's been what, two or three weeks since we've seen DL and Micah?  But now I think that if that means we can do episodes like the one last night, I don't mind one bit.

INTERMISSION:  The snowplow is finally here.  We've been snowed in for four days (we went from no snow at  all Friday afternoon to knee-deep on our quarter-mile long driveway on Saturday morning).  My dad had to hitchhike to and from work yesterday (his boss to, a coworker from).

OMG the SNOWPLOW is STUCK halfway up the hill!  I don't know whether to be amused or alarmed.  I have an exam at 9am tomorrow, so I hope we get things cleared off soon. 

To make matters worse, we're supposed to get another round of the same starting tomorrow night.  I hope it holds off until Thursday - I have rehearsal Wednesday and I already missed the first read-through last night, but I don't want to be out after dark in that crap (the roads are horrible enough as it is).

::waits for next episode::
::hugs bespectacled woobie::
::waits some more::


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