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Words to live by, those.  I uttered them immediately following an impressive full-body flinch... caused by a teeny-tiny little toad.  Yeah.  I suck.

I like toads, even.


In other news, the bunnies are trying to torture me.  I had one of those great character creation moments, where I got the basic framework of a character down, and then she practically walked off the page and told me what her name was.  You know that torture I mentioned?  Well, the bunnies threw me a curveball.  See, this character "told" me that her name was Deanna.

This is a Supernatural fic.

Yeah.  That'll work.

So I've been hitting my head with various blunt objects for the past few days trying to find a workable alternative.  At this point, I've decided just to call her Leanna, on merit of the one-letter difference being small enough that the name still fits, but different enough that no readers will go "Hey, wait a minute...".

Also, I have a writing question:  If I decide that My Dean has tinnitus and/or very mild hearing impairment, do I actually need to explain why?


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