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Before I get to the cool stuff and things, I must whinge briefly.

In other news, the RenFaire finished its run two weeks ago.  Which is sad.  The way the faire goes, five weekends (for a shyish person such as myself) is just enough time to start to get to know some very cool people, then we spend the next almost-year wandering back to being strangers.  Cumulative progress is made, though - I've found one rennie on Facebook, another on Livejournal (I think I'll stick to her always-entertaining work journal for now, rather than friend her personal journal, just 'cause I don't really know her that well), the folks who ended up at Freefall (both this year and last) I think qualify as friends ("People That I Like Whom I Have Encountered at More Than One Place" is just too cumbersome), and there are a few vendors that for various reasons I've talked to more than others (booth neighbors, favorite shopkeepers, future business collaborators) - overall, I think there are definitely a few people who have a chance of remembering my name next year.  Especially since I have an open invitation to attend the Guild of Modern Medievalism's monthly(?) gatherings during the year - which I'd love to go to (because I'll be living a tantalizing 11 miles away from them), but may have trouble arranging.  There's this whole thing to do with not having a car, and although I'll be in the same metropolitan area, I won't be in the same city - so no using the bus system.

The Freefall Game was a week ago, and Lo, it was AWESOME!  Even with a lot of standard-issue airsofters on the field, the feel of the event was definitely that of a LARP, not an airsoft game.  The a lot of the people I talked to said something about having only fired their weapon once the whole weekend, yet NOBODY made a single complaint about the event being boring.  There was just so much intrigue going on that nobody started a shootout - they were too busy pulling off heists and meeting with smugglers and all sorts of crazy stuff.  It's been really fun reading people's AARs and figuring out what actually happened  - nobody had a clue during the event!  I'll admit to having had just a tiny bit less fun than last year, but that wasn't a game issue, it was a character issue - I'd been contracted out as a bodyguard for an independent journalist, which kept me out of most of the heists, and most of the other players didn't seem to keen on harassing the press.  So I spent a lot of time standing around, trying to look stern. :)  Which was fun in its own way.  I'll post my AAR here as soon as I get Day Two finished, but until then, check out what the other guys had to say OVER HERE at the Airsoft Battle Zone Forums.

Finally, I moved the first wave of stuff into my new apartment.  Mostly small things, mostly for the kitchen - between the stuff we brought and the stuff we bought, over the course of two days the kitchen, bathroom, and the closet all look like someone might live in them.  The living room and bedroom are still pretty empty, that's next weekend's project.  But dudes - this place is seriously GORGEOUS.  I don't feel like screwing with picture uploads right now,  Ten-foot ceilings, spiral staircase (it's a two-story apartment :) ), HUGE windows (the blinds had to be custom made)... they just finished doing renovations, so the kitchen and bath have brand new ceramic tile floors, wood cabinets, appliances, plumbing... and they ripped up the slightly grotty old carpets and reconditioned the original hardwood floors.  Oh!  And there's a window seat upstairs, which I hadn't even noticed when I looked at the place in the spring....  Really, I think I should win a prize for finding the most awesome first apartment ever.  (Did I mention I'm only paying $460/month, all utilities - including high-speed internet and cable TV - included in the rent?)
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Zombie meme (sheeped from [profile] kita0610):

You are in a mall when the zombies attack. You have: one weapon, one song blasting on the speakers, and one famous person to fight alongside you.


1. I haven't read my zombie survival guide yet (I have one!  A friend gave it to me for Christmas!), so I'm not sure what the ideal weapon would be... but I think my choice would have to be a flamethrower of some sort.

2. Now, that depends - how long will I survive the attack?  'Cause if I make it for eighteen hours, I'd so want Wagner's Ring Cycle.  Then I'd be killing zombies and fulfilling a personal goal at the same time (not that killing zombies isn't a personal goal ;) ).  Of course, if I had to choose a five-minute-ish pop format song... Dude, SPN has infected my brain, all I can think of are classic rock songs.  Oh, let's own the cliche and go for "Don't Fear the Reaper."

3. MacGyver.  Come on, you had to ask?  He can make traps, more weapons, and probably whip up a nice dinner out of prefab rations from the sports store.

Dude, I say dude too much.  I had broken that habit for a while, but now I'm watching an evil addictive show where the main characters punctuate sentences with it.  On the upside, it's at least a versatile word.  You can conduct an entire conversation by saying nothing but different inflections of "dude."

There's a baby mouse scampering around on my living room floor.  This kind of confirms my theory that the big-eared mousie the cat brought in for us the other night (he was very offended when we told him we didn't eat mice) was the same critter that had been making elephantine journeys through our walls.  *sigh*  And now we have starving little mouselets running around looking for food.  I should probably put on some shoes and gloves and try to catch the little guy on the floor (he's really cute, btw), and put him outside.
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Okay, nine-hundred and twenty-seven.  That last page only had two entries on it.  I have fifty-three fifty tabs open - I got shiny object syndrome - including this one, none of which are email accounts or Facebook.  Haven't touched IJ yet.  But I have miscellaneous things to say, in bullet-point format for easy reading.

  • First to go in Flist trim were [community profile] who_daily, [profile] dailykitten, and [profile] ihasatardis.  (ihasatardis I'm still a member of, I just won't read it regularly.)
  • [personal profile] greygirlbeast's journal had a link to the coolest t-shirt ever, which is on sale for $12.99.  I do not care that it's a tie-in for a book I haven't read, I WANT IT!!  Fortunately, [profile] moss6886 agrees on the coolness and is letting me buy it for me using her credit card (good, because I do not have the money to pay for it myself).
  • [personal profile] sharpest_asp has more drabbles than God right now.  'Nuff said.
  • I've come to the realization that my fannish horizons have somehow expanded while I wasn't looking.  Used to be I'd go through the Flist and only open fic for Buffyverse, maybe some DC or Stargate, but now I've got my eyes open for Harry Potter, Smallville, Supernatural, Hard Core Logo... It makes fannishness very exhausting.
  • It's amazing how closely related my M*A*S*H fannishness is to my stress levels.  Last Tuesday, I would practically go into withdrawal if I turned on Hallmark's daily reruns a few minutes late - I'd stop doing homework at 4:00pm just because M*A*S*H was the only thing that could destress me.  By Thursday, I was all "yeah, it's a good show, but two hours a day?"  I didn't watch it all today.  This happened to a lessesrextent last semester, too.  It's weird.
  • I finally bought a school sweatshirt when I sold my books back on Monday (*grumble grumble* weren't renewing my two most expensive and least used books, only got $23.50 back... Bastards).  It has the lamest slogan ("PROPERTY OF / XXL / UW- MARSHFIELD/WOOD COUNTY"), but my favorite was more than double the price, and possibly out of stock.  So I was rather surprised when I decided to change into it while still on campus, and now feel the urge to just not stop wearing it until it's all worn out and disreputable.  Because it may have a stupid slogan, but it's a pretty maroon, and it's really comfy, and it's my school!  I'm going to miss classes at the Wood.  :(
  • I wish I had a DVR or something - tonight's American Idol was actually good enough I'd watch it again.  More accurately, listen again - the whole program was in great voice.  Except for George Michael.  It was a great night until then.  ::iz mean::
  • Speaking of AI, how cute was the Cook version of the Guitar Hero ad?  Nice legs, at that.  Plus the overall Cook coolness of the night (ZZ Top?  The boy's made it).
I had more things to mention when I started writing, but I forget.  Time to melt into the chair and fall asleep.  Night-night.  :)
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So y'all are probably so bored of me ignoring the ol' Flist and popping up every other month to bitch/whine/freak out about homework, right? 'Cause I sure am. Bet you want to hear something fannish out of me for once, right? 'Course you do.

Well, you're just going to have to wait! I have gloating to do! (Don't worry, I have fannish musings for later in this broadcast. ;) )

Fair warning, I think I must have been in blog withdrawal or something, it took me a horribly long time to get to the point.

You know that presentation I was freaking out about the last two real posts? All was cool.

The grades for were emailed out yesterday.

Guess who got an A? ::points at self with thumbs::  Oh yeah.  Did I tell you I was awesome, or did I tell you I was awesome?  ;)

I wouldn't normally be quite so smug about getting a good grade, especially on a 1-credit class, but this semester has been a frakking nightmare, so I wouldn't have been totally surprised if I hadn't been able to pull myself together in time for finals, and blown my GPA all to Hell as a result.  Next time class registration rolls around, somebody please remind me that I have the reading speed of a narcoleptic snail and the writing speed to match, and therefore should NOT be taking ten credits worth of reading/research-heavy, paper/project-grade only classes?  Especially not if I'm planning on taking six MORE credits of other classes?  'Cause that's what I did this semester, and the end result was me 1) dropping Psychology 3/4's of the way through (ironically, I had an A in and liked the prof, I just needed the time to work on my other classes); and 2) taking incompletes on both of my History classes (which I'll get to work on finishing next week.  The rest of my finals were yesterday, and dammit, I will be taking a few days off!)

In all honesty, it wasn't just the course work that made this semester difficult, but most the other stuff turned out pretty cool.  A quick overview:

Err... you know, other than that and maybe some random amusements with friends & clubs, nothing in particular happened to me over the last few months.  And yet I still need a brain nap.

And finally something fannish!

And to close, I'm finally checking my Flist. Skip=900, baby! May 6th is as far as I can go, so drop a comment if there's anything earlier you want me to see. My hope is to, over the next few days, weed down the non-essentials enough so in the future when I have masses of homework I can still check up on y'all without getting procrastination guilt.


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...I'll be finished by Thursday morning. 

So that big ol' project I mentioned in my last bout of panic is finally starting to develop some sort of structure, which is good.

The presentation itself is tomorrow night, which is bad.  I have to make a poster presentation, as well. 

The presentation is about German cabaret performers and their sociopolitical role during the rise of the Third Reich.  So far a have a few one- or two-paragraph bios on various Kabarett performers, a few more on Friedrich Hollaender and Mischa Spoliansky, and a couple photos and posters from the FH official site.  I should have had more ages ago, but must of the useful (and scholarly) information is either written in German, or contained in books way too long (not to mention unavailable) for me to get anything out of in time.

The mini-bios are going to help, but more searching needs to be done (both for more info and for images).  What would be really useful would be if I could find out who among the imprisoned and/or killed Kabarettists were not Jewish, which would really emphasize the cabaret's ability to threaten the Nazi regime....  Fingers crossed, maybe I'll find out.

However well the next few hours of research goes, I'm still going to take the razzle-dazzle approach, and hope that nobody asks me any questions.  Eep.
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Yeah, so... haven't checked my FList since a week and a half ago.  Doesn't look like it's going to happen until Monday at the earliest.  Still have about 30 or so tabs open from last time that I haven't read.  Send kittens.

Been taking a Science Fiction in Film & Literature 4-week course.  So I've been at school every weekday trying to keep up with homework (eight 2-pagers, two 5 -10 pagers).  Today was my last day of class for that, and my final paper is due by 7pm tomorrow.  It's the last 5 - 10 pager.  I have three pages written.  I write slow.  I'm currently considering the theory that if I get myself all set up in a productive posture tomorrow morning, I might actually get more written if I put on the Doctor Who (did y'all know that Wisconsin Public TV air DW at 10pm Fridays?) marathon the SciFi channel is running than if I left things quiet (this actually makes sense when you realize that normally when I take an "ouch!  Hurty brain!" break, I end up finding some other project or something and don't surface for an hour or so.  Which is not terribly conducive to paper-writing, and DW reruns might be just the thing to keep me attached to the computer, an won't be too distracting since they're all ones I've seen).  It's been a fun class, crazy amounts of writing notwithstanding.

Weekends have been spent at the Wisconsin Renaissance Faire.  Way huge amounts of fun, but it means I'm out of the house at 7am Saturday and don't get home until around 10pm Sunday.  Long couple of days, but damn, the grounds are so pretty, and there are really good acts (we have a new location this year, and it's right by the Royal Stage), and vendors, and our space has shade this year, and I'm getting PAID to be there!!  (Business has been really good - I work on a 10% commission, and last weekend brought in what I used to make in two weeks back when I had a real job.)  I've spent lots of money on lots of cool things (buffalo hide vambraces, four-cornered hat, various bits of pretty jewelry some of them involving freshwater pearls, adorable dragon statue, earthenware bowl with a pretty brown-with-coppery-shine glaze, incense oil in a really cool vial).  I've finally talked [profile] moss6886 and dad into coming out on Saturday, and I'll be arming them with my camera, so there should be pretty pictures to show you soon.

There are only two weekends left at faire.  It's sad.

We/I've been recovering from faire days at my friend/employer's house through the means of British comedy.  Blackadder to be specific.  The idea that House the misanthropic Vicodin addict and George the I have no words for George are both very clearly Hugh Laurie is making my brain malfunction.  It's an interesting sensation.

Oh, and Firefly fans check this out: the Freefall Game.  I know most of you neither play Airsoft nor live near central Wisconsin, but isn't it cool?  The guy I'm selling concrete for at the faire is the event organizer - I'm already signed up to play a smuggler, and we've recruited a bunch of the actors from the faire (OMG, we got the bellydancers to be Companions!)...  some of them haven't used Airsoft guns before so we're going to bring a few around to play with after faire closing on Saturday.  Whee!

::passes out::
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...One giant conforming act for Cerys.

I've joined Facebook.  Mostly because there are a few people I want to keep track of over the summer, and a couple others that are transferring out for the fall (damn you, two-year campus!  Making all the cool people leave after sophomore year!).  I figured FB would be the best bet for continuing communications, especially since most of these people are of the wave-and-say-hi in the halls type pseudo-friends that I probably wouldn't keep in touch with without a social-networking-type enabler (even if I could trust myself to actually write or call individuals, which... yeah.  Not happening.).

I'm about to begin my search for people to stalk.  I've already found my older cousin, which is cool.  Although I fear he may scare away some of the more sheltered Wisconsinites (The FireFox dictionary already has "Wisconsinite."  Why am I so pleased by this?) I may encounter at the Wood.

Something to consider is whether I want to set up a feed from LJ.  It would be slightly cool just for communication purposes, but I can't edit the FB version for excess geekery, and I think I'm a bit more verbose than the average on Facebook.  Plus I already have the campus blog thing (although as far as I can tell, faculty are more likely to read that than students...).  Maybe I should just put up a link to my LJ and let those who want to read, read.  Opinions?  Suggestions?

(And here I find that the Elusive Ex-Teammate is on Facebook.  She's friends with some other people I'm stalking.  Is it too creepy to send a friend request to someone I haven't spoken to in over five years?)
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Well, this is it. I've created my Catch-Up FList filter. I haven't checked up on LJ-land since shortly after Easter. The filter really only takes out the non-people journals (Whedonesque, crossover_news, etc.), but that makes all the difference since communities and news feeds tend to be way spammier than individuals.

Let's see, what been happening to me lately...

The Day of Silence went well. There were relatively few of us doing the protest thing (we were pretty last-minute as far as organization goes), but we were seen, questions were asked occasionally (which is kind of funny, considering the vow of silence) and as far as I'm aware nobody was threatened with bodily harm.

(Got to the end (beginning?) of FList. skip=275 with filter, which is good, but I can only get as far back as the 13th. Which means there's still about a week I'll have missed. Crap.)

I've gotten back into comics. I'd stopped reading Nightwing during the Bruce Wayne: Murderer arc, and drifted away from the rest of the current titles I'd been into (X-Men, Hellblazer, Fables) about two years ago. We never stopped getting the books, though, so I've got piles of back-issues just waiting to be read. Be afraid.

It started when [profile] moss6886  managed to find issues 1,3,4,5,7 & 8 of The New Teen Titans for cheap. Then we found put that the latest TT incarnation looks pretty good, so we (she) started subscribing to that, and got TPB's 1-4 & 6. Yep. It's good. Oh, One Year Later, you made me cry (the Titans are all screwed up and it's sad and the Brotherhood is more like a family than them and... and... *sniff*) but I love you so (Joey'sbackJoey'sbackJoey'sback!!!).

So, yeah. First I plan to reread all of our old Titans issues (a daunting task - that collection started before I was born and has very few gaps in it), then I'll go for the entirety of Nightwing... probably Hellblazer and Fables next, and I'll save X-men for last. I don't know that I'll do the full re-read of the X-books, that collection is almost as daunting as the TT, and I'm definitely in a DC mood.

As a consequence of the comic revival, I've started to dabble in the online Titans fandom (partly due to fannish interest, mostly due to me not wanting to take 20-year-old issues to school but still wanting my superheroes with me). I have come to a few realizations. One, there isn't enough about Jericho (and what there is isn't all that good). No surprise there, he'd been dead for ten years and he was never the most popular Wilson. Two, Genfic is very, very hard to find. Again, no surprise, because that's been the case for every fandom I've dipped my toes in (except for House, M.D.), but it's kind of problematic due to.... Three, I find most DCU/Titans slash to be icky and gross and just ew, and het almost as ew. Most canon pairings manage to lose the sibling vibes before they start macking on each other, but not so much in fanfic. I mean, there are a few that work for me, but they're pretty uncommon ones.

*sigh* Once more into the archive, dear Cerys, brain bleach at the ready. :/

I'm also working on a Jericho fanmix. It began eating my brain earlier today and I've already gotten it nearly half plotted out.

I could ramble on about other things (SOAP had a religious tolerance panel that was pretty cool), but it's getting late.


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