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Okay, it's been over a month since my last post.  I can't remember how long it's been since I checked my FList.  However long it's been, it'll have to wait another day - or at least until I finish this paper I'm supposed to be writing (which is already late.  Oops.).  But it's the last paper before finals!  Yay!  And Inherit the Wind has finished it's very short run, so I have my evenings back now.

I'll do another post in a few days, wherein I'll tell of various goings-on, but on what I'm doing tomorrow:

GLSEN Day of Silence, April 18, 2007: from the official website:
"The Day of Silence is an annual event held to bring attention to anti-LGBT bullying, harassment and discrimination in schools. Students and teachers nationwide will observe the day in silence to echo the silence that LGBT and ally students face everyday. In it's 11th year, the Day of Silence is one of the largest student-led actions in the country."

A largish portion of Students Opposed to Acts of Prejudice will be wearing t-shirts in observation of the day but are unable to forgo speaking due to previous commitments (others will just be wearing black).  I'll be doing the full-fledged vow-'o-silence thing, and I may goth up to make my silence more noticeable.

This should be interesting.

(Class discussion for English and Sociology will be painful.  My ideas are normally out there enough that I can't really trust others in the class to say them for me.)

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First things first, thank you very very much to everyone who commented on or linked to this post.  If I haven't responded to you, I promise I will soon (I feel the urge to be all thinky, and my being thinky is being disrupted by other bits of homework).

Secondly, last night I decided I deserved to sleep in this morning.  So it should be no surprise that I awoke at 5:30 feeling that weasels were trying to gnaw through my spine from the inside out.  Ah, cramps, how I've missed you this past month.  NOT.

And thirdly, are Literature classes are where all the normal people live?  Or am I just more weird than I thought I was?  Because I get this strange sensation that at least half the class thinks (very quietly) that I'm insane.  Or at least illegible.  Because beyond "Dear Lord, am I the only one that thinks this?" the other common sensation is "Didn't I just say that?"  ...I still think I'm enjoying the class, because I get to read stories for academic credit, but there's a level of awkwardness there that I didn't expect.

I'll be auditioning for Inherit the Wind on Tuesday (with a late enough appointment that I should be able to watch Smallville beforehand).  It occurs to me that I should actually read the thing first  ;).  So that's what my weekend will be devoted to.
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I don't want Halloween to be over....  ::pouts::

"People in ancient Greece had tattoos of Jesus, didn't they?" -- A chorus member, learning on Monday that his costume had short sleeves.

I'm pleased to report that I am suffering no ill effects from my collision, other than a tendency to get a little twitchy about things on the center line.  I seriously did a full-body flinch when a leaf blew across the road Monday night.  Then I felt silly.

Today was the last of midterms for me.  Good, right?  Erm... theoretically.  Things did not go well.  The mostly multiple choice half went okay, considering that I've been running around so much (and freaking out over my speech, which actually went quite well)  that I didn't have any time to study.  Which wasn't a big deal with the more general textbooky questions, but the couple play-specific ones....  And in-class written portions aren't my forte even on the best of days.  Don't know why, as I've been calling myself a writer for ten years.  I blocked.  It was bad.  I nearly had a Patented Cerys Academic Meltdown when 3:50 rolled around.  But I managed to pull myself together and scribble a paragraph (in the place of an essay).  Yeek.  The one upside is that I was given the night off from rehearsal and told to get some sleep (need that.  My life is not meant to be lived by someone who needs 8+ hours of sleep a night).  And this exam covers a relatively small portion of my grade, so I should be okay.

But I'm sick of being all emo.  On to the fabulousness of yesterday! There's something wrong with that sentence.  I don't know what.

All went well.  I got in to do decorations for the Farrago (the campus literary magazine) reading with plenty of time to spare, so I had a leisurely hour or so to stretch cobwebs on things (just one of little 67-cent packages covered the whole door and the podium.  I was impressed.), and fiddle with table arrangements.  The event went really well, we actually had an audience, and there were nine people (including myself) who read.  I did The Masque of the Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe, which was by far the longest piece (I was faced with the choice of either being the 13 gazillionth person to read the Raven, or go with something long and very pretty-sounding.  In hindsight, I could have something from my French fairy tales book - perhaps Blue Beard - but I was in a Poe mindset).  Everybody did really well with their readings, and lots of fun was had.  We're hoping to do this again.

I made the trip home instead of lurking on campus, because I had homework to do, and I needed to paint my nails (painting your toenails and reading a sociology textbook at the same time is harder than it sounds, BTW).  Plus between his work and my school/rehearsal schedules, my dad has proven an elusive being, and I hadn't seen him since Sunday evening despite living in the same house.  So I took the opportunity to go home partly so I could have dinner with him and [profile] moss6886.  Actually, a not-microwaved dinner was also reason to spend the extra hour in the car.  And I got to make one last bid for them to come with (their response : "*whivel whivel* Worknight..."  Party poopers.).

Then there was the main event: Rocky Horror Picture Show!  I happily got all tarted up in the leather mini, cutaway jacket, and precious little else.  My not-so-dedicated slinky-walk practice over the past couple weeks paid off, as I was complimented early on how well I worked my 3" stiletto heels.  I'm not certain, but I think I may have had the second-most outrageous outfit there.  The most outrageous undoubtedly goes to Patrick, on merit of boots alone, with wings and makeup merely an added bonus.  (BTW, it was discovered that the women on campus really don't appear to care if there's a man in their bathroom.)  I am, unfortunately, short of pictures of the event.  I got about a dozen, but a lot of them are blurry (my camera will produce some of the most amazing pictures ever in the proper setting, but it's hit-or-miss when it comes to quick people pictures), and there aren't any of me in my ensemble 'cause I feel weird and narcissistic asking people to photograph me. 

We managed a crowd of about 40.  The movie itself was relatively sedate, largely because we didn't want to clean stuff up afterward in the theatre, but also because the percentage of people who had seen Rocky Horror before was small enough that we all sat in our seats not wanting to be the only one up and doing the Time Warp.  I think it was a success, though, and I had a great time.  Sad-that-the-night-is-over great, although given the way today went and the homework I had to finish, I'm kind of glad I didn't join the group that went to startle people at Perkins (although it would have been very entertaining).  But I don't want Halloween to be over!

It is nearing 1am.  Methinks I have failed in my assignment to get some sleep.  I blame Steve Nash (OMG he cut off his hair!).  I thought of blaming the entire NBA, then the Western Conference, but I narrowed it down to the Phoenix Suns, and then I realized that it was the Canadian boy's fault.  However, game over and won, it is time to go to bed.

Oh, and one more reason my sociology professor kicks ass: she forwarded me this.  It's Rocky Horror in 30 seconds.  By bunnies.
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Well, I have discovered that I'm miserably out of shape.  Or, not so much "discovered" as "was reminded very forcefully." 

The first reminder was yesterday, wherein my uncle and little cousin brought two of his horses over for a ride, and my dad and I decided it would be fun if we went too.  Understand that it's been at least four, five years since I've ridden, longer for my dad.  Much fun was had, the four of us out with our little herd of Arabians (May, Grace, Dreamer and Toyboy), although Grace kept trying to tell me that she was entirely too old for this (by trying to turn around and go home fairly frequently) and finding shortcuts (which resulted in me limboing in the eight inches of space between the saddle and a somewhat solid branch).  So I'm pretty sore from that.  Mostly muscle-sore, though I admit that my backside is rather bruised.  Arabian horses are often bouncy creatures, especially at walk or trot (except for Dreamer, who has an amazingly smooth gate).

Then today, we (dad & I) went and played in a scenario Airsoft game that a friend of ours was running.  Because we were playing specific roles within the game (smugglers/gunrunners), we got in for free.  (Side note:  love playing with the new generation Airsoft guns, but they're scarily realistic.  Especially some of the full-metal handguns,  as much fun as they are to play with, I so wouldn't want to meet a cop while carrying one.)  We had fun running around the field, which just so happened to feature a ridiculously steep hill.  Have you seen Disney's Sword in the Stone?  You know where the wolf chases Merlin and Wart up the hill, then they turn around and the wolf collapses?  It was kind of like that, I'm so out of shape.  It didn't help that I'm getting a cold (oddly enough the hills and the running cured my runny nose.  By giving me chest congestion.).  Plus the crouching.  I'm pretty sneaky on the battlefield, so there was a lot of crouching without moving (and I so would have taken out at least half that bunker on my own if I hadn't underestimated my sneakiness).  So I'm really sore - and very tired - from that, and I don't even have any good welts to show off.  Oh, well.  At least I got to impress a bunch of people with the RPG launcher skills (I was the only player who could use it).

Alright, that's enough typing, before I fall asleep.


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