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Okay, nine-hundred and twenty-seven.  That last page only had two entries on it.  I have fifty-three fifty tabs open - I got shiny object syndrome - including this one, none of which are email accounts or Facebook.  Haven't touched IJ yet.  But I have miscellaneous things to say, in bullet-point format for easy reading.

  • First to go in Flist trim were [community profile] who_daily, [profile] dailykitten, and [profile] ihasatardis.  (ihasatardis I'm still a member of, I just won't read it regularly.)
  • [personal profile] greygirlbeast's journal had a link to the coolest t-shirt ever, which is on sale for $12.99.  I do not care that it's a tie-in for a book I haven't read, I WANT IT!!  Fortunately, [profile] moss6886 agrees on the coolness and is letting me buy it for me using her credit card (good, because I do not have the money to pay for it myself).
  • [personal profile] sharpest_asp has more drabbles than God right now.  'Nuff said.
  • I've come to the realization that my fannish horizons have somehow expanded while I wasn't looking.  Used to be I'd go through the Flist and only open fic for Buffyverse, maybe some DC or Stargate, but now I've got my eyes open for Harry Potter, Smallville, Supernatural, Hard Core Logo... It makes fannishness very exhausting.
  • It's amazing how closely related my M*A*S*H fannishness is to my stress levels.  Last Tuesday, I would practically go into withdrawal if I turned on Hallmark's daily reruns a few minutes late - I'd stop doing homework at 4:00pm just because M*A*S*H was the only thing that could destress me.  By Thursday, I was all "yeah, it's a good show, but two hours a day?"  I didn't watch it all today.  This happened to a lessesrextent last semester, too.  It's weird.
  • I finally bought a school sweatshirt when I sold my books back on Monday (*grumble grumble* weren't renewing my two most expensive and least used books, only got $23.50 back... Bastards).  It has the lamest slogan ("PROPERTY OF / XXL / UW- MARSHFIELD/WOOD COUNTY"), but my favorite was more than double the price, and possibly out of stock.  So I was rather surprised when I decided to change into it while still on campus, and now feel the urge to just not stop wearing it until it's all worn out and disreputable.  Because it may have a stupid slogan, but it's a pretty maroon, and it's really comfy, and it's my school!  I'm going to miss classes at the Wood.  :(
  • I wish I had a DVR or something - tonight's American Idol was actually good enough I'd watch it again.  More accurately, listen again - the whole program was in great voice.  Except for George Michael.  It was a great night until then.  ::iz mean::
  • Speaking of AI, how cute was the Cook version of the Guitar Hero ad?  Nice legs, at that.  Plus the overall Cook coolness of the night (ZZ Top?  The boy's made it).
I had more things to mention when I started writing, but I forget.  Time to melt into the chair and fall asleep.  Night-night.  :)
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So y'all are probably so bored of me ignoring the ol' Flist and popping up every other month to bitch/whine/freak out about homework, right? 'Cause I sure am. Bet you want to hear something fannish out of me for once, right? 'Course you do.

Well, you're just going to have to wait! I have gloating to do! (Don't worry, I have fannish musings for later in this broadcast. ;) )

Fair warning, I think I must have been in blog withdrawal or something, it took me a horribly long time to get to the point.

You know that presentation I was freaking out about the last two real posts? All was cool.

The grades for were emailed out yesterday.

Guess who got an A? ::points at self with thumbs::  Oh yeah.  Did I tell you I was awesome, or did I tell you I was awesome?  ;)

I wouldn't normally be quite so smug about getting a good grade, especially on a 1-credit class, but this semester has been a frakking nightmare, so I wouldn't have been totally surprised if I hadn't been able to pull myself together in time for finals, and blown my GPA all to Hell as a result.  Next time class registration rolls around, somebody please remind me that I have the reading speed of a narcoleptic snail and the writing speed to match, and therefore should NOT be taking ten credits worth of reading/research-heavy, paper/project-grade only classes?  Especially not if I'm planning on taking six MORE credits of other classes?  'Cause that's what I did this semester, and the end result was me 1) dropping Psychology 3/4's of the way through (ironically, I had an A in and liked the prof, I just needed the time to work on my other classes); and 2) taking incompletes on both of my History classes (which I'll get to work on finishing next week.  The rest of my finals were yesterday, and dammit, I will be taking a few days off!)

In all honesty, it wasn't just the course work that made this semester difficult, but most the other stuff turned out pretty cool.  A quick overview:

Err... you know, other than that and maybe some random amusements with friends & clubs, nothing in particular happened to me over the last few months.  And yet I still need a brain nap.

And finally something fannish!

And to close, I'm finally checking my Flist. Skip=900, baby! May 6th is as far as I can go, so drop a comment if there's anything earlier you want me to see. My hope is to, over the next few days, weed down the non-essentials enough so in the future when I have masses of homework I can still check up on y'all without getting procrastination guilt.


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Ah, academic procrastination, how I've missed you!  On the up side, I'm checking the ol' FList (the whole not-doing-academic-procrastination thing tends to impede this doing the semester)... on the downside, I have an English paper due tomorrow, and it's, oh... call it two-thirds written.  I should be able to get it finished over lunch tomorrow.  Maybe.  Geek Central (the 2-4 tables in the campus common room where my scruffy band of shiny object seekers hang)  can be a bit loud, but that's where my peeps are at, yo!  I'm saving my sequestered-in-the-library act until finals.

I'm watching American Idol right now...  Is it just me, or is it really unfair that for the little opening number routine, all the girls got cute individual outfits chosen to go with their "look"... and the guys all wore identical suits? 

Speaking of Idol, how pretty is Australian Guy?  (No, I don't know their names yet.  Except Danny Noriega, but that's because of my extreme dislike of him.)  And I thought he was Jim Morrison-y before he sang Doors songs!  Cheery Dreadlock Boy is quite cute and pleasant-sounding, as well.

I'm liking The Sarah Connor Chronicles.  I think I'd like it more if I wasn't so addicted to the first to movies, mostly for casting reasons - ain't nobody as badass as Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor, and I thought the new Kyle from last episode's flashback/forward was downright skanky and un-Reeselike.  I like Derek and ex-fiance guy, though.

OMG!  Peter DeLuise is on Supernatural!

*ahem*  We've had free CW for the last few weeks, which has been fun.  The two eps of we've seen of Smallville were kickass - especially Black Canary.  Supernatural hasn't impressed me that much, but I think that I'm becoming addicted to it anyways on merit of the prettiness that is Dean.

I'm working on my Jericho fanmix again, and I've started a Deathstroke one as well.  On the subject, does anybody know where I can *cough* "acquire" a copy of Oasis' cover of "Heroes"?  For general listening purposes, Bowie is still best, but just doesn't work in the Jericho mix.

I could say more, but my battery has gone kaput, and I don't feel like running between my desk and the living room during commercials.  TTFN!
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Oooo.  I found out that [Poll #1036319]
I thought about doing multiple choice for the second question, but I couldn't think up any funny false answers. ;)
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I got my latest BMG order in the mail today.  It contained:

Marilyn Manson: Lest We Forget (The Best of)
Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow (Remastered)

But I haven't listened to those yet, because the third item in the package was Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar!  (What?)  I was beyond pleased to discover that the version BMG carries is the original 1970 concept album, which is far superior to any subsequent recordings [profile] moss6886 and I have found.  I mean, it has Ian Gillan from Deep Purple as Jesus!  And as an added bonus for BtVS fans: Judas is sung by Murray Head.  As in, Anthony Stewart Head's older brother.  I did not know this when I placed the order, but it's a very cool bonus (and he has a lovely voice).  I love this album.  I've listened to it twice already.


In other geekery news, my dad I just rewatched all four Alien movies in two nights.  I'll post my reactions (as much as someone who's been watching the things since she was 3 can react) tomorrow.  (I have them partially written already, but if I want to finish my Flist and go to bed at a reasonable hour, I think I should hold off for now.)
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I'm back.  I went to St. Louis for spring break, then I had to catch up on sleep and homework, but now I'm back.  With thoughts!

First thought, a question:

Okay, maybe it's because I've just started dipping my toes in the House fandom, but why is Chase always such a wuss in fic?  And in slash pairings, he's always at least a low-grade sub.  To this convention, I aim a great, big, WTF?  The guy's a canonical dabber in the S & M scene with dom leanings (1x20 "Love Hurts").  Why hasn't anyone taken this concept out for a run?

Second thought, an observation:

There appear to be three main motivators when it come to the impulse to write fanfic.  They are as follow.

1) The author is a serious or semi-serious writer (by nature or nurture), whose subconscious has been eaten by a show/book/movie to the point that plot bunnies spawn from 'verse canon instead of a strange mishmash of real life stuff.

2) The author has been lurking around fandom and wants to do what all the cool kids are doing give back in some way.

3) The author really, really needs to get laid and is displaying their fandom-based fantasies for all to see. (Clearly, this motivator is only applicable to non-gen fic.)

These motivators almost never appear one at a time, and are often combined with each other (1 primary/3 secondary and 3 primary/2 secondary are the most common mixes) and/or AU fiddling (from "crazy crackfic" to "mild alternate ending/scene curiosity" to "OMG they ruined the show! 'repairs'") / wish fulfillment.

Fandom is weird.

::<3's fandom::

<dom voice>Now, rec me some good House fic, worms.</dom voice>  Please?
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I've finally gone and looked at NBC's offical Heroes website.

It's so cool!  I've spent the last few hours looking at interviews and little video clips (which is why my FList catch-up is still only at skip=150 with many many unread tabs)...  I'm not even halfway through, haven't even touched the episodes yet.  But I have ev0l paperwork to do, so I must tear myself away. :(

So I think I'll get started on episode commentary while filling out my FAFSA worksheet.  *g*

Not-so-ETA:  Okay I can't figure out the site navigation to find commentary for any episode before the last six.  :P  So I'll just have to watch the first episode without commentary (darn ;)).
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So, I woke up at 7am-ish, entirely more awake than I'd like to be.  After about twenty minutes of pretending to sleep, I remembered - hey, Doctor Who all day today.  So I clambered out of bed, motivated by that same impulse that drives small children to get up earlier on Saturdays than on any other day.  Figured I'd have time for breakfast, then I'd settle in for mind-numbing hours of TARDIS fun.

Dear BBC America,
If you are planning on airing your 7-hour Doctor Who marathon starting at 1pm on Saturday, fine.  Just don't advertise it as being "all day."  Thanks.
Disappointed Person Doing Homework

:P  It's like they canceled Saturday morning.  Big meanies.

On the upside, I'm almost finished with the first draft of my paper on Romeo and Juliet.  Not bad for having started it before I was halfway through my cup of coffee this morning.  Though it's a little harder to write as an academic paper, rather than as the post I was originally planning (something about staying on-topic and avoiding excessive sarcasm).  I think I'll still post it to LJ once I get my grade back. 

::sighs:: Only fifteen minutes until DW is actually on.  Somehow, goofing off in the afternoon seems less fun when you know you're just going to use the commercials to write page citations.

P.S.  Have I ever mentioned that Doctor Who has become the theme show for my outlook on the world?  Not my favorite show, just my theme show.  It's like a theme song, only a show.
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You know, a couple of weeks ago I was getting a little frustrated with Heroes and how spread out the story was becoming.  With all the characters developing as fast as they are it makes since that we're only getting a couple of characters per episode, but that means that every episode now is always at least one favorite character short.  I mean, it's been what, two or three weeks since we've seen DL and Micah?  But now I think that if that means we can do episodes like the one last night, I don't mind one bit.

INTERMISSION:  The snowplow is finally here.  We've been snowed in for four days (we went from no snow at  all Friday afternoon to knee-deep on our quarter-mile long driveway on Saturday morning).  My dad had to hitchhike to and from work yesterday (his boss to, a coworker from).

OMG the SNOWPLOW is STUCK halfway up the hill!  I don't know whether to be amused or alarmed.  I have an exam at 9am tomorrow, so I hope we get things cleared off soon. 

To make matters worse, we're supposed to get another round of the same starting tomorrow night.  I hope it holds off until Thursday - I have rehearsal Wednesday and I already missed the first read-through last night, but I don't want to be out after dark in that crap (the roads are horrible enough as it is).

::waits for next episode::
::hugs bespectacled woobie::
::waits some more::


Feb. 20th, 2007 02:21 pm
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New Dresden yay!

The Fool Moon audiobook arrived in the mail just now.  It's even got shiny new-edition packaging, as well (like a big DVD case, and the plastic looks way sturdier than the cases Storm Front came in which break whenever I glance in their direction).  I'm happy now.  I should do some math homework (that's how I justified this purchase; narrative doesn't disrupt my mathy thoughts as much as music does, and I get distracted easily if I listen to nothing at all).

On the subject, Sunday's Dresden Files TV was I think the first genuinely good episode (previous ones having been merely decent).  I love that they made his wand and staff be a drumstick and a hockey stick.  And the guy that's playing Bob continues to grow on me, though I still think that they should have left him in his skull so JM could be the Voice of Bob without having to move to Toronto.  I maintain that Harry was quite well cast, although I agree with moss6886 in that he looks quite a bit like my uncle Travis (which is occasionally distracting)...

Oh!  We re-upgraded our satellite subscription, so now we have BBC America again.  This means more Doctor Who.  I am in a happy tv place.  :)

And that was an evil, evil cliffhanger they pulled on last night's Heroes.
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Things to do:

1)  Read FList.  This is a frightening proposition (skip=875, y'all.  And I think there's more I've missed, but that's as far as my FList page will take me.).

2)  Do homework.  Tell me, how does one keep up with English homework (100+ pages per class period.  Yeesh.)  and still have a life?

3)  Apply for various & sundry financial aid.  (FASFSA blah.  Will I even have time to apply for essay scholarships?)

4)  Decide whether or not to try to do the Student Ambassador thing (or, Can I be Miss Chatty Happy Girl on a semi-regular basis?).

5)  Decide whether or not to do the Cabaret for Cancer thing (or, Can I sing and how bad have my guitar skills gotten?).

6)  Finish replying to comments on my research post (thanks again, everyone!).

7)  Actually research & write the paper the post was about.

8)  Call HP tech support.  (My computer has forgotten it has a CD/DVD drive, I can't run system restore for some unknown reason, and there may be some other problems I haven't noticed yet...)

9)  Stop playing Sid Meier's Civilization II.  I just had to get re-addicted to the game that doesn't need a CD, didn't I?

10)  Do Tai Chi.  This has been on the to-do list for months, and I have completely failed to do it.

11)  Play Guitar.  Ditto.

12)  Recover from cold.

13)  Sleep.

14)  Transcribe my sociology notes (first exam a week from Monday.  Blah.).

15)  Submit stories/poetry to campus literary magazine.

16)  Figure out what classes to take this summer.

17)  Wish I could watch Smallville.

18)  Watch TOS Star Trek instead (does anyone else think that Trelaine from The Squire of Gothos was a baby Q?)

19)  Agonize over my newfound conformity (ie, I've started watching American Idol.  ::iz shamed::).

20)  Watch movies I haven't seen in ages (Hollywood Shuffle, Wrath of Khan, Casablanca...).

Yeah, so... I guess I should get on that.  Any minute now.

Let's see, what's happened since my last post...  I got cast in Inherit the Wind, which is cool.  Um... there are other things, I know there are.  But I can't remember them.
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There's a guy that regularly watches Friday Night Lights on his laptop in the lounge, within hearing range of the squishy couch I usually sit on.  He has just now started watching this week's Heroes.  I, of course, can only watch this show when the SciFi Channel reruns it on Friday.  Dammit.  I would go over and ask to join him in his viewing, but I have to go to class in less than half an hour.  So I am doing the mental equivalent of covering my ears and singing "lalalalala" to avoid being spoiled (concentrating on the Foosball game occurring directly behind my head helps). :(  I wish it was Friday.

I shall now talk about my weekend.  Normally I consider Tuesday the cutoff day for talking about weekends, but I've been busy, and it was a really great weekend.

For me, the weekend officially starts with Friday night, mostly due to the massive amounts of TV I watch on that night.  I must say that the Tenth Doctor is really growing on me.  I was trying to keep the Ninth as my favorite just out of sheer contraryness, but much to my dismay David Tennant plays him with all the things I like about the Christopher Eccelston version (he really is the same character, even with a different actor), plus he has hyperactive eyebrows and wears scruffy Converse with a snazzy suit/trenchcoat combo.  Plus, this week's episode had Anthony Stewart Head being quite evil, and Sarah Jane Smith & K-9.  It's weird how much I enjoyed the nostalgia of Sarah Jane's appearance.  I never watched any of the earlier Dr. Who incarnations, at least as far as I can remember, but that "Oh, wow!" sensation that comes with the return of favorite character still hit me.  Never mind that it was a very well-written and acted episode (loved the bickering with Rose!), you can expect those factors to make you understand that this character is an old friend of the Doctor, but actually feeling like an old TV-friend has shown up on screen?  That's very, very impressive.

BSG, Heroes, and the Night Stalker reruns (which I keep missing the first 15-20 minutes of, now that it's on at 5), in order from greatest to least on the coolness scale, continue to be excellent, but for some reason I've never felt compelled to post much on the content thereof.  Although I do think the new developments in Cylon download/reincarnation are interesting.

Now, on to Saturday.  [profile] moss6886 and I went shopping.  Normally, shopping is not considered one of the fun things to happen on weekends.  We drive an hour, go to Sam's Club, the grocery store, etc., and it takes the entire bloody day.  The main reason I go is to keep her company, and maximize chattering time.  But this time?  Was different.  Because we were On a Mission.  As the school audience knows already, there is going to be an on-campus screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween, and I was without the proper clothing (and I use that term loosely). 

We didn't get home until 6pm (that's nine hours of Questing).

Then Sunday rolled along, and how did the day start?  Why, with a summons to party, of course!  Michael Perry (  Go!  He's funny, and just started his international book tour!) was doing a reading, signing, and music event at the Masonic Temple in Eau Claire (lovey proscenium theatre!), and a couple of our friends were being his band.  The call came from the wife of one of those friends, who had decided to invite many people over for dinner afterwards.  As we don't see said friends nearly often enough, I finished my Sociology paper (kind of) and we (me, my dad, and my grandmother) piled into the car to get there by two o'clock.  We got the new book (signed, and two days before the official release date) and his CD, and generally had a great time!

Yes, it has taken roughly 27 hours to write this entry.  What of it?

ETA:  Gah!  It's the 19th and I still haven't carved a pumpkin yet!  No!
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Have you ever had one of those days when your alarm goes off, and you wake up and go "Noooo!  I don't want to go!"?  And then you realize that you just forgot to turn off said alarm the day before, and it's really Saturday morning?  Which makes you feel much more awake (relatively speaking) and like you should slither out of bed and go watch some cartoons?  That was how today started.  Only I didn't watch cartoons when I got up, I did homework instead.

But on the upside?  I found a balloon.  I was taking a break and wandering outside, when I saw it tangled in some weeds.  It's a shiny silver mylar one, with dark blue lettering saying "You simply are the best" on one side, and "CSI Customer Service Week" on the other.  It's still got some helium in it, as well, and floats a few inches above the ground when left alone.  This makes me happy.  I've got a balloon!

Not much else of note going on with me (besides my usual running around like a chicken with it's head cut off, now with late nights), but I felt like writing something anyways.  Plus it's been what, two weeks?  Since I communed with my keyboard in a blog-type way.  So.  How've ya been?

Have I mentioned that I have a wonderful Theatre professor?  He's such a geek (and his wife even more so).  As in, he too owns the entire BtVS series on DVD, and has watched Firefly and Serenity.  Plus occasional Star Trek references.  And here's the best part: for our second paper, we're supposed to write fanfic. 

New Battlestar Galactica last night!  Yay!

I finally got around to watching X3 on Thursday.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Most of the problems with it, in my mind, were the same problems I had with the first two, and the plot actually managed to surprise me in a couple places.  But, since in hindsight comics were/are my first fandom, I feel the urge to nitpick.  I shall alternate nits and squee so as not to sound too negative.

There may be more, but those are the important bits.  And I'm all sleepy now.  G'night.
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So yesterday [profile] moss6886 and I went laptop shopping.  After much shopping around at several locations, we decided that: touchpads are evil, Sonys suck with much suckiness (not to mention the extortionate price), Gateways are okay, and HPs are shiny cute little thingamabobs with happy-sounding speakers and pretty, pretty pictures.  Plus, many rebates and sales at the website.  As you may guess, we ordered one (a dv5000t, to be precise).  Officially, the build is supposed to be on the 28th, but since companies such as this are usually pretty conservative on that front, it might be in the mail as soon as Tuesday (that might be overly optimistic, however :P).  Squeeeeee!!!  (Moss is squeeing too, because she's the one that gets to do the initial technical fiddly stuff)

Rellies )

Now, onto my delayed TV reactions.

Eureka )

SG-1 )

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Well, I passed yesterday's driving test with flying colors and a cute DMV employee.  Yay!

In celebration, [profile] moss6886 and I went thrift shopping, where we found books, CDs, pewter cups (which are only useful at Faire or similar, but there they're necessities), cute Beanie Babies (I don't collect, but I do have a serious weakness, plus one of them was a little lion that I gave to my dad), cool clothes (but the little leather skirt was too small ::pout::), and miscellaneous jewelry.  Then we went to Pizza Hut for large Meat Lover's Pan (kind of a treat for us), and even after giving a few slices to the small cousins there was enough for snacking and breakfast (yum!).

When we got home, I was faced with questions: Do I have enough energy to post, and if so what icon do I use?  The answers to these were "maybe" and either "Snoopy Dance" or "::facegrass::," which posed a problem.  That problem being that neither of those icons were uploaded, and changing that state would involve getting rid of one or two of my other userpics.  The only possible solution was paid time.

In an (unsuccessful) attempt to dissuade myself from spending more money, I decided that I didn't want to post and that I should instead rewatch Sid & Nancy.  I'd first watched it on Thursday (Netflix, I kept it because there were a couple screencaps I wanted to get), and my initial reaction was basically "yeah, pretty good, nice cinematography, can see why it kick-started Gary's career," and that's it.  But there are some bits that just won't leave me (in a good way).  After the rewatch, I've come to realize that I think I might love that movie.  I don't know if it's the acting or the visuals or the music or maybe the glorious trainwreck effect, but it just worked.  Although I did end up ogling Gary Oldman at some points, which is just... weird.  I mean, I love the guy to itty-bitty bits, but he's someone I don't find at all hot even if I enjoy looking at him (a few others like that are Adam Baldwin, Humphrey Bogart, and everyone of the family DeLuise).

I don't know what made me think of this, but... did any of you watch Andromeda?  I didn't think so.  Anyways, I did.  It was total crack (profoundly stupid at points, which made the really cool and intelligent bits that showed up occasionally all the more entertaining), and the fifth (final) season was the most cracked of them all.  Some good moments, but generally it sucked.  Except for one thing: the fandom implications.  Meaning that the fifth season was almost designed for crossover fic (it even eliminated timeline issues!).  I mean really, if Moya accidentally Starbursted into the Seefra system, I wouldn't have been surprised.  Teleportation spell gone horribly wrong?  Why not?  A Stargate on 4?  Sure.  Hell, the Colonial Fleet might make an FTL jump in, but that might be a little harder to work.

On a Stargate-y note, I feel I should mention that there aren't any whistling ducks in Northern Minnesota.  My theory is that the good General knows this, and was simply trying to drive Cameron insane.  That is all.

See?  See my new iconses?  Aren't they pretty?  They raise the dead!
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Dude.  Tonight's SG-1 proved that you really can't have too much of a good thing.  Admittedly, there was no Daniel.  Which was sad.  But in consolation, there was Cliff Simon and his accent (South African, for those of you who wonder) several times over.  And hot tabletop Bhaal-on-Bhaal action.  Oh, and the plot and other characters were good, too.

Poor Vala.  Didn't even get to first base.


SGA was good, too.  I was glad to see a Ronon-centered episode, he'd been a bit background-y so far this season.  Can't say much for plot, as I'm not sure there was one.  There were good character moments for everyone (except Elizabeth), though.  I especially liked John getting all teary when he said the core Atlantis buch were like family, and Rodney & Carson bickering over who was better friends with Ronon.  Plus, Rodney on morphine.  Hee!

::drifts back to happy fun Bhaal place::

I'll be in my bunk.

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Was also pleased to discover that SciFi channel re-runs Eureka episodes Fridays at six, so I can watch without it interfering with House or movie-watching (I missed the pilot for that very reason).  They've started running Night Stalker on Fridays, as well, but I haven't decided whether that's something I want to follow or not.  I probably will, just because otherwise I'd have to find something else to do between Eureka and Stargate.


Jul. 14th, 2006 11:39 pm
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Oh my God!  They killed
Spoiler! )

And they have Connor Trinneer (as opposed to Brent Stait) back as Michael on SGA.  I adore the character, no matter who plays him, so it's great to see him back for at least two episodes this season (I've managed to remain spoiler-free, so if he dies in the second ep, please don't tell me).

I could probably conjure up more thoughts on the subject, but it's finally cool enough for me to sleep, and I need to get up early tomorrow.
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In which trivialities and twu wuv are reported.

I've been friended by someone I didn't friend first.  I feel like doing little Snoopy dances.  And the notion of figuring out a friending policy makes me feel quite popular.

Bones )

Twu Wuv )

To end this, I think that the internet has eaten my brain.  I've been slightly grumpy and unmotivated of late (an unfortunate reaction to fairly trivial RL stresses-with-deadlines like FAFSA verification and whatnot), so I've spent the last few days sitting in front of the computer almost non-stop.  This has in turn caused more grumpyness and that unique brand of constant headache caused by too much computer.  So I've resolved to get off my butt and do some cleaning, make my environment more hospitable, and listen to music very loudly.  If I do any reading it will be something actually printed.  My main point with this announcement is this: If I post or comment before 3:00 US Central Time tomorrow, please scold me.  I'm not supposed to be doing that.


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